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  1. Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2017

    You never know, but 11-4D doesn't look like a tsuna run to me. I know that was pre-Kisenosato, but I seem to remember that Terunofuji's 12-3D in the absence of Hakuhou and Harumafuji but in the presence of Kakuryuu, Kisenosato, Kotoshougiku and Goueidou was not treated as the start of a tsuna run, so this one looks extremely dubious.
  2. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    You two should join forces.
  3. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Not quite. However, there were 4 cases where makuuchi rikishi went kyujo during a basho while winless, then came back during the basho and didn't win any bouts, earning a total of 8 or more losses (including fusenpai): Ozeki Shionoumi goes 0-3, kyujos out, comes back on day 8 and loses 8 in a row, January 1951 Takanohana the father, then M12 Hanada, goes 0-1, kyujos out, comes back on day 7, loses 5 straight, then kyujos out a second time, March 1969 Wakanohana III, then komusubi Wakahanada, goes 0-5, kyujos out, comes back on day 11, loses 3 in a row, then kyujos out a second time, March 1992 Konishiki goes 0-3, goes home, goes out to fight on day 9, goes through the rest of the basho winless, September 1997. Interestingly enough, the first guy to do that was an ozeki, and the other three went on to become ozeki later in there careers. Yokozuna in Wakanohana's case, though he was a realllly strong ozeki yet a realllly disappointing yokozuna.
  4. Trivia bits

    Reposting this from page 4 of this thread, while we're on the topic.
  5. Arigatou schön! This is my first-ever sumo games yusho of any kind. I thought I would have to scrape for a KK after starting 0-2-3 but there you have it. Thanks Jakusotsu and Jejima for running the game, and I will honour your efforts by further gambarizing and doing my own style of torikumi guessing in the bashos to come.
  6. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    And suddenly the third ever 11-4 makuuchi yusho becomes a very real possibility. Props to Takakeishou for making the race interesting.
  7. Tochiouzan is our Kisenosato...
  8. 13. Kagayaki Since Gurowake seems to always make his picks earlier than me, and since I can't really play sumo games on weekdays before 10-11pm Greek time (9-10 German; 3-4 American Eastern), and since I'm ahead of him on tiebreakers in the yusho race as it stands (I believe), should I enter by PM/email for the last two days? And I don't know whether I can give you any kind of proof that I won't be reading Gurowake's picks on the day, but I can give you my word.
  9. Videos -Wacky Aki 2017- Promo and Days 1-15

    Amen. I once wrote a massive rant on this, but nowadays I just direct all the heathens to my forum signature.
  10. Sansho Speculation

    All right then, go back to the second-to-last time that happened. It was in Tochiazuma's 14-1 yusho in January 2006, after which followed that famous 10-year Japanese yusho drought. Tochiazuma suffered his only loss to M1 Miyabiyama, an ex-ozeki, might I add, on day 9. The shukun-sho was won by sekiwake Hakuhou. Miyabiyama beat ozekis KaioU, who kyujoed after going 3-5 in the 8 days he showed up in, and Chiyotaikai, who kyujoed out after going 4-3 in the days he did show up, as well as Tochiazuma. Miyabiyama finished 8-7. Meanwhile Hakuhou went 13-2 with a jun-yusho and beat sole yokozuna Asashouryuu and, on senshuuraku, ozeki Kotooushuu (10-5). Once again, I'm going to have to second ryafuji in that you have to look at the whole picture.
  11. Sansho Speculation

    Nagoya 2011. Ozeki Harumafuji clinched the yusho on day 14, when he beat Hakuhou to go 14-0 to Hakuhou's 12-2 (with everyone else being 11-3 or worse). On the last day Harumafuji lost to sekiwake Kisenosato to go 14-1Y. Kisenosato finished 10-5, but the shukun-sho went to his fellow sekiwake Kotoshougiku, who went 11-4 while handing the sole yokozuna Hakuhou his first loss on day 11 and also beat ozekis KaioU and Baruto. Like ryafuji said, you have to look at the narrative.
  12. Sumo Reference Updates

    Not sure if this is intentional, but if you click on the record of a rikishi on the "All yusho winners" page, you are redirected to day 16 of the basho in which he got that record, rather than the summary of his bouts, which is what one is likely looking for when clicking on a yusho winner's record.