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  1. Because I had a brain fart, I accidentally discovered that Hakuhou has fought the most bouts from the east side than anyone else.

    The gap between 1 and 2 (Chiyonofuji, 66 fewer bouts from the east than Hakuhou) is a little smaller than I expected, as Hakuhou also holds the record for basho ranked Y1e and in that case the gap between 1 and 2 is more than three years' worth.

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  2. Speaking of off-time activities, I still haven't given up my childhood dream quite yet, which is becoming a professional pool player. I was probably on track to achieve that by 2024ish until Covid set me about a year back- currently fighting to get back in form. I won a nice little 8-ball tournament today in Athens, suitably happy with myself.

    If I can turn pro for a year or two in future at some point and then go back to pursuing a "normal career", I'll be thrilled.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Tigerboy1966 said:

    You feel less silly when you're calling for them to come in from the yard. Bob, Peter, Jim, Maggie or Kate sound more sensible that Twinkle, Tinkerbell, Bossyboots or Peekaboo.

    Peter isn't going outdoors on his own anytime soon, I'm afraid: he was born with only one eye and he can't see out of the other.


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  4. You have to go back seventeen and a half years to Haru 04 to get a makuuchi banzuke without a current (Aki 21) makuuchi rikishi on it- but more than thirty years to get one that doesn't include a current makuuchi shikona. Can you figure out whose fault this is?



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  5. On 10/08/2021 at 00:47, Kintamayama said:

    Tonight I had to work. And you? 

    Since I didn't get an invite to this concert, I resorted to playing hockey on rollerskates and terrorise the local population. Tonight, I am fondly remembering the one I did attend as I examine my newest bruises.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Kaninoyama said:

    Yes, CBD oil as a pain reliever [...]

    Does this actually work? I thought the people who suggested this were blowing smoke up my arse..

    Anyway, as Jakusotsu et al. said, I'm not sad to see him go, but it isn't because he smoked weed.

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    23 hours ago, Jakusotsu said:

    I hope Kitanofuji did, so he didn't have to watch this ugly display of what sumo is not about.

    All his previous achievements notwithstanding, Hakuho lost another fan today.

    Posts like this (not singling you out!) got me thinking- I felt similarly cheated and disappointed after Hakuhou henka'd Harumafuji for a yusho decider, which I think was a kettei-sen but could have been a honwari day 15 bout.

    But then sumo moved on, Hakuhou remained in the picture and I slowly warmed up to him again. With his antics this time around, I doubt he'll be around for long enough to mend his reputation, and I honestly don't think I want him to.

    It's just a crying shame that these two days are going to be sitting on the top of the memory pile of such a brilliant rikishi.

  8. On 09/06/2021 at 17:31, Eikokurai said:

    Debatable, but also moot as a Yokozuna and an Ozeki wouldn’t ever meet on day one.* As you intimate, in the real world Hakuho needs to get through 14 days of competition first.

    *For academic purposes, it’s happened just the once in history, in Jan 1972:

    Didn't know that The Kyokai had been fixing Guess Kitanofuji's Aite that long ago.

  9. 1 hour ago, Seiyashi said:

    Now, to bring this topic back on track after a detour into becoming Hokuseiho's fan club, the next relevant record that Hokuseiho can match or even beat is going to be fastest progress to makuuchi from hatsu dohyo. The current record holder is Jokoryu, with 9 tournaments (counting maezumo); Hokuseiho is sitting at 7.

    Hokuseiho is likely to end up anywhere between J8-J13 with a 7-0 from Ms2. From that relatively low rank, only a zensho will send him to makuuchi immediately and have him as the new record holder with 8 basho. However, it's more reasonable that he gets two double-digit KKs in juryo and ties the record.

    FWIW I don't think he's going to go zensho, so he's probably at best tying the record but not beating it. That said, we shall see.

    I think whoever keeps track of the records should do well to consider that in only six of his seven basho was Hokuseihou actually allowed to fight.

  10. 8 hours ago, Pitinosato said:

    since Yesterday I understand why England always loses the penalties... (Eek...)

    they substituted 2 players especially for the penalties - and these 2 missed

    they gave the last (and often VERY important) shot to the youngest player on the pitch

    OK, with the subsitutes, really unlucky

    but how can you send a 19 year old "boy" to the deciding penalty ??????

    Apparently it was his first penalty kick for his senior career... madness.

  11. 9 minutes ago, Pitinosato said:

    The draw of Atenzans C-Team made the decision, with England 1 he scored again,

    Athenayama goal with England 1 was not enough

    So Atenzan wins the Euro 2020 Plate !!!

    Congratulations !

    I dedicate this victory to the random dice-rolling that gave me my third choice of representative team and therefore got me Italy as my C-team. Couldn't have done it without you.

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  12. 8 minutes ago, Sakura said:

    I've seen wins in sports that I care more about (e.g. Cricket) 

    Funny you should say that, after the last penalty when the English players were embracing each other I kept remembering Flintoff and Brett Lee in 2005, and missing that sport I care more about.

  13. 10 minutes ago, Chijanofuji said:

    Are you sure you didn't have your own Olde-Crystal-Ball (TM) when you asked him that question? ;-)

    My crystal ball, in this sport at least, is quite murky- I rarely watch it. I often listen to it these days though; I've been living within earshot of Panathinaikos' stadium for the past three years.

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  14. Asked Shounokuni, whom I've been texting during matches this tournament, if losing the Saucer final would be an acceptable price to pay to see England play in the final. "Yes", came the instant reply.

    "That's only because you're English", I said. "At least I've seen my national team win something before."


    Shounokuni hasn't replied yet.

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  15. 16 minutes ago, Pitinosato said:

    Does anybody know why we have so many Makushita Rikishi (not standing on the Kjuyo-List) who haven't/will not fight in ther first 4 Days !?? (i.e. Asabenkai)

    That's a SumoDB thing, I think- there's some posts about it in the relevant thread.

  16. I'm impressed with the maturity in Terunofuji's sumo today. He went back to his old double-outside power move in the end, but only after trying hard to get an inside grip and fight more conventionally. And obviously his old power-move worked.

    He knows it's an asset that on his day he can overpower *any*one, but he has learned that it's not wise to try and overpower *every*one.

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