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  1. haboki

    BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    Takarafuji should quit sumo and take up ballet. The way he prances backwards over the towara is really sweet.
  2. Yoshikaze obviously threw that one. He didn't give any effort at all at the edge.
  3. I'm just saying it looked like Aminishikis's foot touched out before Tochinoshin's. And no top knot was grabbed.
  4. I'm talking about whoever watch the replays and advise the judges what to decide when they have a mono-ii.
  5. They are former Yokozuna, Ozeki, and Maegashira. I'm sure they don't have your understanding of sumo, though. I assumed that but we don't know who they are. Do you have an opinion on the bad calls?
  6. Who are the genius judges doing the mono-ii replays. They got 2 wrong in a row.
  7. That was the most obvious throwing of a match I've ever seen. Hakuho never loses like that. The tenth anniversary will not be extended.
  8. Wow! What's gotten into Shohozan this tournament? He looks like a new man. And I like the goatee. I got the idea that facial hair was pretty much prohibited in Sumo. It looks good on Shohozan.
  9. I've never seen any rikishi so emotional about losing as Gagamaru just now. He really, really wanted to beat Ikioi. He was almost crying as he walked out.
  10. Hakuho has been promoted to Bullfighter-Yokozuna: a new, elevated position. Congrats!!!! A new era begins.
  11. Kisenosato couldn't beat his mini-me Toyonoshima. How disappointing and predictably inconsistent.
  12. A nice angle (TV) of Tochiozan pushing Kakuryu out showed the head judge with his head down, looking at the ground. He wasn't even watching the bout.
  13. Did Yoshikaze just uncover the old tome "How to Win at Sumo; Secret Tricks" or is he just amazingly inspired?
  14. haboki

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    I think Terunofujii has plenty of technique, and he has developed the right techniques to fully utilize his size/strength. And he often has an effective plan B technique too. As a case of his developed technique: he now seldom gets into poor positions like he did with Yoshikaze earlier in the basho. In the past, he frequently got into really poor positions and lost several bouts he should not have lost. This is not really happening lately. The 'kid' is truly incredible in how quickly he developed all this, and the right mental approach too. I think his concentration prior to bouts and his calmness in the heat of a bout is also learnt from experience. It was not always so easy for him and Fay will tell you of the Wakamisho and early sekitori days when at times things were more of a struggle for him. I think what really tops off his skill set is that he has no fear. He has said himself that he doesn't get nervous, at all, and he looks it. This is really powerful since it allows his mind to focus freely on what he needs to do. Rikishi who get nervous can only act on instinct and can't think themselves out of a bad situation like he does.
  15. haboki

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    Gagamaru's left hand never gets near the ground, but they never call it.