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  1. Flyric took them. Thanks for the interest..... : -)
  2. I've got all three boxes and ready to mail... I was going to put them on eBay... I you give me your address, I can tell what the postage would be and you can decide if you want to proceed.
  3. I've got 3 large posters available to someone who would appreciate them. You just pay for the shipping. First one I hear from gets 'em
  4. Genji

    Haru 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    Thank you so much for these videos! Our DVR failed to record day three (it's on at 2am in Texas) and this video saved the day!
  5. Genji

    Day 1 pics Hatsu 2016

    Well Aoiyama's are less.... perky. As an ex-con friend of mine said "That boy could make a lot of money in prison".
  6. Genji

    Day 1 pics Hatsu 2016

    Kagayaki may be a good sekitori... but he's the best candidate for breast reduction surgery for sure. Even my wife says "kakkowarui!".
  7. Does any know where I could view an old NHK program called "Sumo's Winning Ways: The Enigma of the 82 Kimarite" ? It used to be on Youtube, but got taken down.
  8. Genji

    Unable to edit profile info or avatar.

    of course... right after posting that... It now works fine :-P
  9. Genji

    Unable to edit profile info or avatar.

    I too have been unable to change the avatar pic. I have tried the Gravatar and URL links to .jpg, .prn, and .gif versions... no luck so far.....
  10. Genji

    Sumo fan in Texas

    Greetings all! Used to live in Fukuoka in the late 70's, early 80's. Now living in Texas again. We watch the bashos on cable, TVJapan, so we're one day behind. I have to be careful to avoid spoiler postings! We went to the haru basho at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in 2013... got to sit just 5 rows back from the dohyo (friend's a season ticket holder). Got to see Harumafuji lose.. and the zabuton were flying! ​ ​ ​ I have to use ctrl-backspace to get rid of this weird character that shows up with each ​ press of the return key..... if I happen to hit ctrl-enter... it submits the post!
  11. Genji

    Test posting...

    Just a test posting. これもテストです。