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  1. Sad to see him go. Still miss those back stretches.
  2. Can someone recommend me an alternative youtube channel in case Kintamayama can't make it? (on that note, a huge thanks to Kintamayama for doing these videos, they are integral parts of my morning in basho weeks!)
  3. So if Kotoshogiku really pulls this off, is he going to be yokozuna in May or kadoban? :-)
  4. I still can't believe that Kotoshogiku has a real chance to pull this off. I just don't see it happening. My imaginary money is on Harumafuji.
  5. Wait.. are you suggesting Hakuho would throw a yusho to save Terunofuji.. not from demotion.. not from kadoban... but from 7-7..?!
  6. That ran through my head too. Maybe it is too early in the morning for me, but could you please elaborate? Goeido might take his sekiwake position... If he lost today, Goeido remains ozeki and Yoshikaze could have still gone KK tomorrow.
  7. I always thought Terunofuji was lucky that he doesn't need to face Harumafuji. Now I think it's the opposite. Beautiful KK.
  8. Yoshikaze might have been beter off losing today...?
  9. Kurikara


    This will be the fourth basho where Tochinoshin wins his last four bouts. :-)
  10. If it's Giku, he certainly owes him one..
  11. Kurikara

    Rijicho Kitanoumi passes away

    Terrible news. Rest in peace!
  12. I saw that but I was sure I just misunderstood something..
  13. Kakuryu wins all his remaining matches. Playoffs with Shohozan... EDIT: starting tomorrow :-D
  14. Alright, that was worth it!
  15. I'm starting to buy in on the conspiracy theories.. What an easy win for Goeido.