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  1. Katooshu

    Terunofuji's health problems

    Ya, it remains to be seen how he deals with the top makushita guys, but he's making it look easy so far and that's about as good a sign as he can show at his current rank. He looked awful when he went 7-0 in jonidan and I thought he was finished, but he's looked progressively better moving back up the ranks, and now a return to sekitorihood seems realistic. I am wishing him the best!
  2. Katooshu

    Amazumo program videos

    The Nittaidai blog suggests that Hanada will be joining their team next year. http://blog.livedoor.jp/nittaidaisumo/archives/5098930.html
  3. Katooshu

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    I am a bit interested in Kotosusumu and would like to see more of his matches. 18 year old who joined this year out of high school with no sumo background and only went 3-3 in Mz, but doing pretty well now and last basho even beat high school yokozuna + Kokutai champion Kitanowaka (as well as the mighty Abezakura). Physically similar to stablemates Kotonowaka and Kototebakari. Obviously still early days on the banzuke of course. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=12527
  4. Katooshu

    BG record

    It is painful just to watch him move
  5. Katooshu

    Class of 2019

    Absolutely!! I've really enjoyed reading this. Very helpful to add context to the high school scene now that theyve graduated middle school as well.
  6. Katooshu

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    He assaulted someone before and got another chance, then he did it again. The daily 'problems' the article refers to perhaps suggests that there were other physical incidents and that it's generous to act like he's only slipped up twice.
  7. Katooshu

    New Takanofuji Scandal

    No doubt sumo has a rough culture to it behind the scenes, but still, is it that difficult to keep your fists to yourself? Out with him! And before he goes change his shikona back to the silly Takayoshitoshi for extra shame.
  8. Winning his third national tournament of the year is Kanazawa Gakuin's 180kg Kawabuchi, who beat a 2nd year teammate in the finals. Tottori Johoku won the first 3 national team competitions of 2019, but now it's Buntoku High School taking the yusho here and at the last 3 events.
  9. Kanazawa National Tournament Winner: Delgerbayar (Nippon Sports Science University; 3rd year) Runner-up: Mikiya Ishioka (Nihon University; 2nd year) 3rd: Taiki Nakamura (Nippon Sports Science University; 1st year) and Ibuki Sugaro (Takushoku University; 4th year) Nittaidai's Mongolian ace pulls down Ishioka and captures his 4th personal title and his 2nd of the year after winning the Usa Tournament. Since reaching the best 4 of the 2017 student championships he's consistently been among the top competitors on the college scene, and has a claim to being the top performing at the moment. Nichidai's Ishioka made the best 4 of the Interhigh and Kokutai in high school for Tottori Johoku back in 2017, and this was a breakout performance at the university level. Delgerbayar vs Ishioka Delgerbayar, Ishioka, Nakamura, and Sugaro East Japan Weight Class Championships This event happened over the weekend, and saw competition split into divisions ranging from a 65kg limit all the way up to open weight. Most notable are usually the results at the higher weights, where the top competitors generally compete. The top 8 finishers in each division qualify for the nationals to be held later this year. Winning the openweight was last year's student yokozuna Yota Kano of Chuo University, beating teammate Daisuke Tanaka in the finals. Finishing 3rd were Delgerbayar and yet another Chou team mamber--Toki Nishikawa (who won a college + corporate tournament earlier this year). The standout to me though was Nittaidai's Taiki Nakamura, who added the 135kg+ to the pair of other titles he's already won just halfway through his first year at university. Adding to that, he had 3rd place finishes at 3 other major competitions this year, and this might turn out to be the most successful freshman year going back at least a decade. Ishioka, who was runner-up in Kanazawa and beat Nakamura in that tournament to reach the finals, ended up 3rd in the up 135kg division. Winners (more results here ) 135kg+ and up Kano vs Tanaka openweight final West Japan Weight Class Championship I don't have all the results for this one, but I do know that Kindai's top 2 competitors, Koshiro Tanioka and Reo Yamaguchi, both won their divisions. Tanioka (after missing a few tournaments) won openweight, while Yamaguchi won up to 135kg. Like the East Japan tournament, the top 8 in each division will compete at the nationals later this year. Tanioka Yamaguchi
  10. Katooshu

    July's University Results

    As a follow-up, the national weight class tournament was held the other day. In the three heaviest classes we had Hitoshi Sawada (Nihon) winning openweight after finishing runner-up last year, Taiki Nakamura (Nittaidai) winning 135kg+ (his fourth title already in his first year!!), and Reo Yamaguchi of Kindai taking 135kg gold--which I think he may have done a previous year as well. The winner at 115kg is Nittaidai's Ryoma Ishizaki, who is a lookalike of his brother who is a 3rd year and one of the key members of the Nittaidai team. Nakamura is really standing out right now on the college scene, both figuratively and physically as you can see from the photo.
  11. Katooshu

    Banzuke for Aki 2019

    I'd like him to do well, but I'm expecting something like 1-6
  12. Katooshu

    Age limits

    And posting on the forum or watching Kinta's videos don't count as training...
  13. Katooshu

    Bilingual/Trilingual Rikishi?

    I've seen a few posters say that Ishiura speaks English.
  14. 180kg Kawabuchi of Kanazawa Gakuin won the individual competition, defeating Tottori Johoku's 170kg Mukainakano in the final. Kawabuchi also won the Kochi national tournament earlier in the year and a tournament to land a spot on the national team in October's world championship. Dawiniji lost to Kawabuchi in the semis after beating Hanada in the quarterfinals. I don't recognize the other losing semifinalist.... Not sure where high school yokozuna Okuwa finished, but runner-up Kusano lost to Hanada in the round of 16. Kawabuchi vs Mukainakano final Quarters and Semis
  15. 3rd place finish for Nittaidai freshman Nakamura. He's reached the semifinals or beyond at 6 of the 7 college tournaments he's competed in! That is some debut year... And for a collegiate sumo powerhouse, it feels like it's been a long time since someone from Nichidai has won an individual national openweight tournament. Last I recall is Nakashima becoming student yokozuna back in 2017, and since then we've had multiple winners from each of Nittaidai, Kindai, Toyo, and Chuo--but not one for Nichidai. They've had at least 5 different runners-up but can't seem to get all the way there...
  16. Katooshu

    Next Yokozuna??????

    Asa has been in makuuchi for 2 years, and while he has a yusho to his name he is still yet to KK above M8. I would expect someone with yokozuna aptitude, who came into sumo as a mature collegiate rikishi with a 160kg body and years of sumo experience, to be moving faster than that. I still need a lot of convincing for his case...
  17. When is the middle school yokozuna crowning tournament?
  18. Katooshu

    Osunaarashi scandal

    My first thought was that maybe he'll be representing Egypt at the world amateur championship later this year in Osaka, but not sure if that's bigger news than him having another MMA fight. Maybe giving Puroresu a shot? We'll see I guess...
  19. Katooshu

    Interhigh 2019

    Looked to me like it should've been a torinaoshi. The Tottori side was understandably upset.
  20. Katooshu

    Interhigh 2019

    Team Final (featuring an unsportsmanlike shove and a call that the Tottori Johoku team and coach did not like at all)
  21. Absolutely go for it. It doesn't seem out of place or strange at all to me, as spectators showing up at different points throughout events is a very common practice across sports (for major boxing cards the crowd is often dead until right before the last fight), and one that can be observed in sumo as well. Besides, for a once-in-a-lifetime sumo opportunity why let the possibility that you seem a bit out of place stop you? Is avoiding bit of awkwardness worth sacrificing a live ozumo experience that, from your description, may never be possible again?
  22. Katooshu

    July's University Results

    Ah, many thanks for that, I was wondering what happened to him. I suspected injury but was surprised when he didn't even appear in the background at events or in the Toyo blog. Hopefully he's back in decent form for the 3 major competitions later this year.
  23. Katooshu

    What rikishi do you miss the most?

    I've been following for only about 4 years now, so I don't go far back with anyone. I was a big Kise fan however, and when I see him now as an oyakata it seems so cruel that after years of being an iron man resistant to major injury, he would suffer a virtually career-ending injury almost as soon as it looked like he'd gotten over the blocks that had held him back for so long. I wish that he were still on the dohyo and performing well...
  24. Katooshu

    July's University Results

    And still no sign of Toyo's 2x university banzuke topping Shiroyama Seira since May. Not in competition, not in the background at events, not in Toyo's blog.......he competed in the first 3 events of the year then disappeared.
  25. Katooshu

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Nagoya 2019

    What's the demotion situation like for Kizakiumi with 7-8 at J13w?