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  1. Katooshu

    Amazumo program videos

    Nice 15 minute feature on college sumo's best team, Nippon Sports Science University. It seems as if it's been edited to make it appear that they beat rival Nihon University in the student championship final, rather than Kindai.
  2. Katooshu

    Who will break Terunofuji's current win streak?

    1 win straight baby! Who will break the new streak?
  3. Katooshu

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    Teru is channeling his inner Mitoryu with how easily he's being moved around this basho. This is the most unsteady and reactive he's been for a while...granted it's made for some fun albeit sloppy contests. At 6-1 he's still doing pretty good, but not sure this is his basho.
  4. Katooshu

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    Okinoumi starts 0-5, then beats the future yok Hosh and an ozeki, he's still got fight in him
  5. Katooshu

    Pokemon collabs with Sumo

    This one reminds me of Abi....
  6. Katooshu

    Rikishi Status - 2022 Hatsu Basho

    Anyone know what's up with Hitoshi from Oitekaze? Won the jonidan yusho, then absent for the last 2 basho. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=12704
  7. Katooshu

    Who will break Terunofuji's current win streak?

    Ura got both arms inside doing crouching Ura sumo, was holding onto Teru, and would've won by yorikiri there if anything. Very different from Abi's style. Though I would say Abi has a better shot than many on the list of beating Teru. When would an M6 be facing him in this basho? Onosho and Endo have done relatively well against Teru in the past, they could be worth a bet too. I chose Meisei because I think with his strong technique he is likely to at least get himself into a good position, and he's done that several times vs Teru. Finishing is another matter, but he did beat him recently.....so go Meisei.
  8. Katooshu

    Amazumo program videos

    They've been #1 over the last few years at least. I don't think Saitama Sakae has won a national team title since the Kokutai in 2018 (as Saitama prefecture, but essentially the SS team) and mostly they haven't even been in the semifinals. In that same time they've only had 1 individual winner in a national tournament as well.
  9. Katooshu

    Rikishi Status - 2022 Hatsu Basho

    Dang, that is some unfortunate luck for a promising youngster.
  10. Katooshu

    New kesho mawashi

    Love those new Teru ones
  11. Katooshu

    New recruits Hatsu 2022

    Iwakiri almost 40kg heavier than the last time he was listed on Nihon University's website (his 3rd year)
  12. Katooshu

    New recruits Hatsu 2022

    Iwakiri is rather poor and competed very rarely during his collegiate days
  13. Katooshu

    Video of Young Girls Training For Sumo

    The video is pretty much female competitors doing basic exercises, for those who can't see it. The coach in the preview shot and at 2:23 is former middle school yokozuna + high school yokozuna + amateur yokozuna + world champion Kato Koichi, who is most notable for ending the long winning streak a middle school Takanohana had put together. He's one of the best amateurs to never go pro, and even as a few years ago, in what must've been his late 40s, he was winning matches in the Kokutai as a rep for Shizuoka. He also competed in a few US tournaments and went undefeated. Best part of those was this picture getting snapped of him:
  14. I forget how young Takakeisho is sometimes.....still only 3 others in makuuchi younger (were only 2 last basho). Only 4 in juryo younger (one of them born a couple weeks later). Or maybe it's an indicator of a lack of depth in the generation younger than him.....
  15. Katooshu

    Awards for rikishi and oyakata

    He looks thrilled about it
  16. Katooshu

    Future prospects to keep an eye on

    A quick but rough way for recent graduates is to split them into those who started with tsukedashi status and those who didn't. Under the previous winner take all system, with a measly 3 spots available, TD vs non-TD wasn't as strong an indicator of who the top prospects were and who the less promising rikishi were. Top amateurs like Shodai, Hokutofuji, Yoshikaze, Takarafuji had to start at the bottom in this system despite consistently impressive results, and so too would have Asanoyama and Wakatakakage if they'd been around at that time. Over the college season quality shines through, but who wins any particular tournament involves a lot of chance too - which is why even now I don't think Ms15TD vs Sd100TD is a good way to compare talent levels. Although the rare Ms10TD that Mitakeumi and Endo had requires winning 2 major tournaments in the same year, and thus is a better indicator of a very promising rikishi. The introduction of the sandanme tsukedashi and its expansion to the top 8 competitors at the 3 major collegiate tournaments means there are fewer elite talents who miss out these days. It still happens though, and the quality among tsukidashi starters varies plenty too. That's where familiarity with the rikishi comes in handy - how they placed in general rather than just at the major 3 tournaments, injury history, and the old fashion eye test. And that all has its limitations too. Yamaguchi won nearly 20 college tournaments and looked pretty good doing it, while Shodai only won 3. Mitoryu dominated Asanoyama in college and became student + amateur yokozuna, while Asanoyama didn't win any major tournaments. It can be next to impossible to predict cases like this where the lesser collegiate rikishi became vastly superior as a pro. I'm rambling on, but another thing I've noticed is that winning the East Japan Championship (the biggest regional tournament in college sumo; does not grant tsukedashi qualification though) is very predictive of future sekitori status for those who later go pro. Kinbozan won it 2 years ago (and Tohakuryu in 2018), so watch out for him...
  17. Katooshu

    Training pics overview December 2021

    At first I thought the 2nd picture was Takanosho's reflection in a mirror
  18. Katooshu

    Training pics overview December 2021

    Random nice kimarite from the first session. Oshoma and Dewanoryu did pretty well. And does Oshoryu have discolouration around the eyes again? Maybe the shiners from November are just fading slowly...
  19. Katooshu

    70th All Japan sumo championships

    Ochiai is a bull. He handled some good collegiate and corporate rikishi like they were little kids, and it wasn't just about strength - he got superior positioning as well. It isn't much of a stretch to envision him making it to the best 4 or finals had he not run into Nakamura that early. I imagine that he's gotten huge attention from various stables and universities. Although I am a big fan of college sumo, he is the type of talent that I would like to see join ozumo straight away.
  20. Katooshu

    New recruits Hatsu 2022

    Some good quality in this group. Takeda is a sharp and quick oshi specialist, though a bit lacking in strength if someone gets hold of him, reminding me of Chiyonoumi. Tebakari the 2nd is awkwardly skillful (looks a bit clumsy at times) and has some flashy tricks up his sleeve; fans of high leg shiko will like him too and followers of Chris Sumo have probably seen him already. Both have been among the top amateurs in their age group in middle school and high school. By far the best in this group though is Tetsuya Ochiai, who just qualified for a Sd100TD as a high schooler and perhaps will join ozumo soon - we will see. Hanafusa's a bit small but fights hard and has gotten numerous good results, including winning arguably the most prestigious regional tournament (Kanto) and defeating each of the Saitama Sakae competitors above. Sue was a respectable collegiate rikishi, though was not among the upper tiers of competitors, and being a makushita mainstay seems more likely than sekitorihood. Between these four and the two foreigners, a fairly interesting group in which most of them have strong sumo backgrounds.
  21. Katooshu

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    If I were a crabby pants I'd be asking what they were doing out making new love interests during the pandemic. Placing illegal bets for Shiden and Hidenoumi I bet!
  22. 8 years to juryo and that's how Shiden's sekitori debut goes
  23. Katooshu

    Takaryu intai

    Going by forehead size, and eyelid and eyebrow shape, my guess would be Shokeima (did he wax his brows in his most recent photo?)
  24. Katooshu

    Takaryu intai

    It was painful just to watch him move with those legs.