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  1. Takakeisho simply pushes too hard and aggressively for Terunofuji to be so upright and slow in finding a grip.

    Down in juryo Tsurugisho has really plumped up, not far off joining the 200kg club now... 

    Down in makushita my favourite prospect , 19-year-old Kitanowaka,, starts 1-0 at Ms14, be prepared to see him as a sekitori next year!

  2. Love these threads! I notice their first basho was an inverse of their last (6-1/1-6, 4-3/3-4) but I imagine that is fairly common. Nothing else jumps out, but eyes much sharper than mine should spot something.


    Edit: Both also undefeated vs Hakuho in multiple bouts (2-0)!

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  3. 8 hours ago, Raishu said:

    (1) In a documentary about Kyokushuzan from the early 2000's, he mentioned that the okami-san was the key factor for the runaways to return to the heya. She also confirmed that. Reason to leave was the harsh training regime by Oshima oyakata. When she begged them to return with tears in her eyes, the Mongolians decided to follow ("We didn't want to make a woman cry"). If it's true or just a bit added drama ... who knows.

    (2) I guess, that's the documentary about Kyokutaisei.

    (2) Might also be a young fellow from Onoe, Iwasaki, who was noted to have run-off in a documentary that contrasted his life in sumo with Baruto's: 



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  4. Took a look at the keiko clip---he sure beat those low rankers easily enough, would've been interesting to see him vs someone more like Hokaho. I notice that Toma seems to have slimmed down, though didn't help him this basho!

    And that poor guy who had to lose to Enho about 20 times in a row (Laughing...)

  5. 5 hours ago, Amamaniac said:

    Before passing judgement on the Shikihide Okamisan, I recommend watching this video.  It gives an excellent look into the running of this stable.



    Interesting watch, and I recall seeing another feature about her and the heya, though these could very well be misleading and not represent what is really going on day-to-day. 

    Just going by Kinta's post, I get the impression that she is trying in earnest to step in a be good leader, and not that she's acting with malice. Of course there's very little info out so far...

  6. When he was in primary school he was pretty much unbeatable due to his size, and I believe one of the tournaments he won was the Hakuho Cup, which came with the privilege of the yokozuna presenting his winnings. They've had a connection and I think done heya visits since then, but Toma has been getting less and less effective as he's gotten older and the opposition has gotten stronger and more skilled.

    His trajectory from primary school star to highly beatable big ball is similar to Kiyonoumi's:  http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=12195. Toma is probably slightly better, but that's still not going very far.

    Hokuseiho is a promising new recruit though, and balances Toma out in dimension and potential.

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