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  1. Morningstar

    Yep, political, and best left in the dustbin

    If masculine values override basic tenants of decency, then good riddance! Also, supporting Sumo has nothing to do with not supporting abhorrent behavior. That you incorrectly mix them up says quiet a lot... The only place for violence is in the ring for a match or doing training while doing Sumo. Striking someone, because they pissed you off is not acceptable. Back in the old days you would be lucky if you were given permission to cut open you own belly for such behavior. Rikishi are expected to be on their best behavior at all times. To uphold the highest standards. And to carry themselves like the Bushi class they were part of (when Japan still had a formal class structure). Part of teaching Japanese Martial Arts is instilling this value in your students. We have dismissed students from our dojo for similar behavior in the past, and I expect we will be forced to do so in the future. This says nothing about anyone's masculinity, only that they have no self control and are an asshat.
  2. Morningstar

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    I pretty much agree fully with you. One thing I would like to add, is that violence/hazing/ect... of this nature, is not something that is unique to Sumo or even Asia. It is rather common in all organized sports. With maybe Golf being an exception. Maybe... In the last few years, I have helped counsel student athletes who have been both the victim and the aggressor in Football (American), Karate, Tennis, and Wrestling at the college and high school level. It get rather depressing to see the same shit happening over and over, especially from people who should know better. It is fortunately not as bad a a few decades ago, when if you were one of the Elite, you could get away with nearly anything.
  3. Morningstar

    Hakuhou injured-Kyushu crisis looms

    As he is now in the 1st Yokozuna spot, baring any other Yokozuna withdrawals, Hakuho should face the top ranked Ozeki on day 13. Traditionally (as in the last few basho I looked at), the top ranked fights the 3rd ranked on day 14 and the 2nd on day 15. So Hakuho goes 13-0-2 defeating Goeidou on day 13, withdraws due to has no-fucks-left-to-give-itis and takes the Yusho to match Wajima, and put another feather in his cap. </total Hakuho fan>
  4. Morningstar

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I fail to see how that was a henka. Ishiura made full contact, then pivoted to his left. Kotoyuki over committed, was off balance, and was simply unable to do basic Sumo. Much like Harumafuji's fames non-henka. Quite frankly, I much prefer this style to the jump out of your opponents way and avoid all contact true henka.
  5. Morningstar

    YDC convenes

    If he is smart, he will not come back till November at the earliest. September will see several new comers pushing hard to make their mark, Ozeki's trying to make a comeback, and Yokozona's trying to prove they are still up to the rank. I predict a proverbial blood bath.
  6. Morningstar

    Day 15 pics overview Nagoya 2018

    I came for the Fish and did not experience any disappointment.
  7. Morningstar

    Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Three months no contact, must be cleared by a Doctor before coming back would be the standard time out in MMA for a concussion. More if the damage is greater than minor.
  8. Morningstar

    Videos Natsu 2018 - Days 1-15

    I have no idea, but judging by the half bottle of Jim that was a full one a few hours ago, I may need to go to bed soon...
  9. Morningstar

    Videos Natsu 2018 - Days 1-15

    I am happy so many on the West side won, because we got many great views of a truly lovely Pink Kimono. Kintamayama software does that sometimes. It gets some bad data stuck in a register or memory table and the only way out of it is to flush the table/register. The easiest way is to reboot. But, other ways can work. Issues like that are why we use error correcting memory in our mission critical workstations and servers.
  10. Morningstar

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2018

    Two Yusho in a row will not even force a promotion as Chiyonoyama (was not promoted after his 2 wins in a row in autumn 49 and spring 50) demonstrates. He needed a third win to get promoted. This is because the only qualifications are the Strength, Skill, and Dignity to uphold the rank in the judgment of the promoting authority.
  11. Morningstar

    Diet members caucus demanding development in sumo

    I was thinking about this the other day, and thought that a "Stop Loss" policy would be a good idea for Rikishi who are certified by a neutral third party to be recovering from a significant Sumo related injury, to have a maximum rank loss of say 24 numerical ranks. Then on their return they are come back in a south or north rank and if they preform well are promoted back toward their old rank in an accelerated manner. something like each win above 8 counts for 1.75 wins or some such. So say someone at M8 suffers a injury during an exhibition bout at a regional show and misses 3 Basho. They would normally fall 45 ranks (15 + 15 + 15) putting them well into Makushita. If they are limited to only falling to J14 or so, then they have incentive to heal up properly and not come back before they are capable. Then on their return they win 13 bouts. So that should get them from J14 to M15 or so. The key is to have the outside party doing the evaluation so that cheating will be limited. Also, they will want to make the total number of Rikishi in each division a bit more flexible to account for Rikishi who may never return, and not hold back deserving Rikishi from advancing due to spots that are not competing due to injury.
  12. Morningstar

    Wakaichiro from Texas

    His mothers family lives in Nagasaki, and he has lived with them during the summer. He holds Japanese Nationality as well. So I would conclude that he has had far more exposer than most foreigners (which he does not count as for the limit of one per Heya) joining Sumo.
  13. Morningstar

    YDC Soken-Hatsu 2018

    Faxes have no man in the middle attack protections. They are a simple analog signal that is easily copied, altered and spoofed. There is Nothing secure about them. VoIP actually makes them slightly more secure, by digitizing the analog signal adding one minor additional step in the interception process.
  14. Morningstar

    YDC Soken-Hatsu 2018

    I work for one of the major travel web site in the backend systems. The insistence of faxes was actually a huge problem when we started a big push into the Japanese market. We eventually solved it by getting a third party specialist to set us up a Fax to Mail server, that lets our agents send and receive faxes like their are email. PCI hates faxes and almost failed us on an audit over them a few years a go. And, for record keeping, we need to have everything be easily stored in case the government(s) want to audit us. Faxes are just not acceptable for this. Also there are a few European markets that are the same way with small hotels and B&B's all insisting on everything be faxed to them.
  15. Morningstar

    YDC Soken-Hatsu 2018

    This is actually not true, faxes are trivial to intercept, read, and alter. They are the least secure method of transmitting sensitive data. One of the reasons PCI compliance forbids their use for transmitting credit card and account information.