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  1. I expect there would be a 4th Sekiwake's in the next tournament.
  2. It looks more to me, that Harumafuji had his hand stuck between the belly fat and the belt, and was trying to pull his hand out so he would not fall on top of Kisenosato
  3. Kintamayama, I am really loving the classical matches you have been adding. Thank you for all your hard work.
  4. Very doubtful. He would need a lot of demotions and not many promotables above him. What it will do, is set him up into the promotion zone for next Basho. So if he does well in May, he should make his Juryo debut in July.
  5. I am very surprised they do not have a doctor or other medical professional "ring side" just for these situations. That is pretty much a requirement for any Combat Sport these days.
  6. The right side is is the East ranks and the Left is West. Then from inner to outer top to bottom each Rikishi is shown by Rank.
  7. Shodai needs to win all of his remaining matches to ensure he is only demoted to Komusubi. There is so little chance of he maintains a Sekiwake rank, that only a physicist could measure it.
  8. I agree, 10 is not a guarantee. None the less, it is still a very strong case for promotion. And, as good a case for promotion as Mitakeumi has to a potential 3rd Komusubi spot if Takayasu is not promoted. It will all depend on how many more matches Shodai loses, and then if Kotoshogiku announces his retirement before the next Banzuki is made. If neither cooperate, then they will have some hard decisions to make. I favor opening extra slots in the lower titled ranks. They may take another stance. There is no sure way to tell, until they release the new rankings.
  9. I would think it was Ikioi of those two. He is the one that held off the top Ozeki and fought on and on well after he should have reasonably lost. Displaying an admirable Fighting Spirit.
  10. Takayasu is making a strong case for promoting him back to Sekiwake, with 10 wins so far and 2 days left. If he can get another win or two in, I do not see them not promoting him. This will have the added benefit of freeing up a Komusubi slot for Mitakeumi. The big question is how far will Shodai fall? If he wins all of his remaining matches, then they should only demote him one spot to Komusubi. So we have scenarios with 3 Sekiwake's, 3 Komusubi's , some over demotion/under promotions, or some combination there of. The easiest thing to happen, is for Shodai to lose another match or two, and Kotoshogiku to announce his retirement. I expect neither.
  11. Not necessarily. There are many scenarios where he is not promoted. For example: Kotoshogiku will take Shodai's Sekiwake slot. Then Shodai will take Tochinoshin's Komusubi slot as long as he does not lose more than once. Thus leaving no open spot for Mitakeumi.
  12. The lest they could do is put them in spoilers.
  13. Depends on the Perfume they used in making it. Pure bintsuke is pretty much odorless to humans. I have no idea about Sumo, but in Kabuki and Noh it is usually slightly sweet smelling.
  14. Works fine in the latest versions of Edge and IE as well.
  15. It took place over three days with one bout per person per day for the three non-Isegahama rikishi. So nine total bouts.