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  1. A stopped clock is right twice a day...
  2. Any chance I could be assigned a British flag? Thanks!
  3. 1. Asanoyama KK 2. Kizaki MK 3. Takemasa KK 4. Tamawashi 9 5. Kotokensei MK 6. Hakuyozan KK 7. Tsurubayashi KK 8. Chiyonoumi MK 9. Ikeru KK 10. Tsugaruumi MK 11. Ura MK 12. Abi KK TB: 13
  4. A B B A B B B A A B A A B B B B A A A A A
  5. Ninth with 62, very happy with that. A lot of half-rank swaps made the difference between ninth and a possible Yusho.
  6. I went the other way, drag those failures down! Hakuho Y Harumafuji Kisenosato Y Kakuryu Terunofuji O Goeido Takayasu O Tamawashi S Mitakeumi Yoshikaze K Kotoshogiku Shodai M1 Takakeisho Tochinoshin M2 Hokutofuji Ikioi M3 Ura Endo M4 Kagayaki Chiyoshoma M5 Tochiozan Ichinojo M6 Onosho Ishiura M7 Daieisho Aoiyama M8 Takanoiwa Tokushoryu M9 Chiyotairyu Okinoumi M10 Shohozan Daishomaru M11 Chiyonokuni Arawashi M12 Takarafuji Takekaze M13 Sokokurai Sadanoumi M14 Chiyomaru Nishigiki M15 Kotoyuki Gagamaru M16
  7. I found it quite easy, which is probably a bad sign.
  8. Still looking forward to these results. I assume that with a fifty point lead at day 14, and with the Yusho and Jun- in my squad I've won? Mostly awaiting what would be my best result ever!
  9. I'm in line for two yushos, including SalaryCap (as of yesterday). This is unprecedented for me, long may it continue!
  10. I apologise, I meant my update in good humour, your efforts as always are appreciated.
  11. I suspect the IPA had more of an effect that we realised!
  12. Kotoshogiku Tamawashi Tokushoryu
  13. But does she like rhubarb?
  14. If only I'd been awake to take advantage of it!
  15. And there were no durians growing in the rhubarb triangle where I'm from! I did try dried durian recently though, it was okay :)