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  1. Suwihuto


    Your videos are excellent, and I'm always rooting for an oshi-washi.
  2. Suwihuto

    Games Talk - Nagoya Basho 2022

    I suppose it's not an egregious problem as it also hits many others, but it's frustrating to have a central choice immediately hamstrung. At least if such an occurrence is seen as a reasonable risk in advance, it brings more opportunity to take another path.
  3. Suwihuto

    Games Talk - Nagoya Basho 2022

    So, a Yokozuna on one leg immediately, my games choices are suddenly feeling precarious.
  4. Suwihuto

    Game 21 for the Nagoya 2022 Basho

    Missed the call, sorry!
  5. I really struggled with this:
  6. Gah, there goes my chance of gaining unexpectedly from a good decision.
  7. Suwihuto

    Nagora's Rating System

    Looks like an interesting way to approach the problem. I do echo what's been said above, I'd be tempted to have a longer series feeding into each rating, and I'd also look to do something more about the divisional differences (which would be more relevant with a longer series too). Would it make sense to downrate (or uprate) results in different divisions? For example, a 1--0.8--0.6--0.4--0.2--0.1 relative scaling factor may help, meaning that a Juryo 15-0 would be treated as a 12-3 in Makuuchi. It should be easy enough to work out what factors make sense here, although the problem is never going to be entirely eliminated of course. Of course, a ~0.8 factor between each division, rather than the arbitrary sliding scale above, is likely more sensible to use too.
  8. This is horrible this time!
  9. Suwihuto

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Natsu 2022

    I don't know what the general procedure is in Juryo when there are multiple by-the-numbers promotions available, I presume it would simply go to Ryuden based on his higher rank; the yusho/dai-yushos maybe not relevant enough here? Also, giving it to Ryuden would avoid further complications based on the two 11-4s at J6.
  10. Suwihuto

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    I was sad to have missed the first week due to having been on holiday (but not that sad!). But, having arrived today, it still seems like we're very much awaiting the beginning of the new era. I thought that the Reiwa era would also signal a clear break in the Sumo world, but the demise of the Hakuho era is still not looking like it's going to get a satisfactory replacement for a while yet. These thoughts led me to look for recent discussions on the matter. Most hype relates to the next Ozeki, which speaks volumes. It feels like the current incumbents have risen into Sanyaku almost by default, and I don't mean that to denigrate their skills, but when you lose a Dai-Yokuzuna, there are a lot more wins available. If only someone could string a year of good results together without getting injured.
  11. Suwihuto

    GTB Natsu 2022- Results!!

    47 for me I think. Not too bad, my most obvious mistake was to drop Meisei too far, which didn't help me avoid a lot of zeroes towards the bottom of the division.
  12. Suwihuto

    Games Talk Haru 2022

    Resolutely terrible in everything I entered this basho (it's been too long), apart from being joint top score in RotoSumo. Must be reasonably rare for two people to have identical line-ups in that too.
  13. Of course I missed that Takayasu wouldn't lose rank, which throws everything else out below that point for me. However, I have a tendency to overpromote from Juryo to make sure full demotions are made, but this generally doesn't seem to be how things are done. Either way, maybe all the mistakes will balance each other...
  14. Suwihuto

    Hattorizakura (Shounanzakura)-intai

    After my long hiatus, he's the second person I looked for after checking on Hakuho.
  15. Suwihuto

    Hakuho retires

    I've had a year's break. Did I miss anything?