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    Fine Arts, poetry, good writing. I'm ignorant about sumo, but I love it.I watch it the way I look at painting and sculpture or listen to poetry and music.


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  1. Greetings

    Hello. Nice to meet you.
  2. Happy birthday McBugger

    Ah hah! Well that's it; you see! That's how it starts!
  3. Happy birthday McBugger

    You know what's going to happen to you, don't you.
  4. Happy Birthday Jakusotsu!

    Have a great one.
  5. Ladies' sumo from 2013 video

    Neither am I, but I believe it does.
  6. Ladies' sumo from 2013 video

    video with litttle tiddlers doing it one from AP in English with extra information about sumo channel with a lot of amasumo including women's 'Tekkan Amature Sumo Channel'
  7. Ladies' sumo from 2013 video

    on the same page as the video I posted (the uploader hasn't got any other sumo videos on his/her channel) 3 videos by other uploaders "onna rikishi"? one of the experts would know this one's in English and and
  8. I found it on my homepage on YouTube 36:30 minutes. Some great bouts. Uploaded in April 2013
  9. First video (8:56) Purification of dohyo ceremony. Second video (14:49) bouts and what looks like comic keiko. Same event.
  10. TOEIC

    Exactly. Nice to meet you.
  11. New member - Howdy!

    Greetings. Nice to meet you.
  12. Well hello there!

    Nice to meet you. Welcome.
  13. Sumo Art

    I should have looked more closely. Next time send me a PM and I'll just edit the post, as I have done;
  14. Sumo Art
  15. Sumo Art

    ... but is it art? Six more in the series here Enjoy