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  1. PhorCillic

    Virtual Sumo

    My game in final phase will be more an expansion of original Virtual Sumo concept. :P Currently (in Alpha Phase) my main task is to get the matchmaking and banzuke as close to Ozumo as possible - and we (I as a main programmer and people as testers + idea givers) are closing to achieve that each basho. In Beta Phase there will be focus on match system. Stats, Skills and Match tactics will be introduced, Currency will 'evolve' a little etc. I know it may be a long process, but I am ready to do that. And show Seigatakaitai the Full game, as I promised him in our email exchange. :)
  2. PhorCillic

    Virtual Sumo

    I occasionally play, but without any higher achievements. Highest rank, J4e D: But I had a nice chat with the creator (Seigatakaitai) about the source code. I will use it as a huge help in improving my own game. :)
  3. PhorCillic

    Sumo anime and manga

    "The problem" with Matsutaro is, if you want to know what happened next after ending of anime, you need to know Japanese. :P
  4. PhorCillic

    Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M2W Aoiyama) - January 2016

    I wont vote for Shohozan. That could mean a jun-yusho, but it's not a good attitude targeting a runner-up position. Senshuuraku: Myogiryu.
  5. PhorCillic

    A new member from Hungary

    Hello and Welcome both in Forum and into Games. :) For "Guessing" games, GKA is the best one I know. If you want to check "how it would to be an oyakata", then my game (Rikishi game) may help. :)
  6. PhorCillic

    Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M2W Aoiyama) - January 2016

    I see both 13th and 14th days here... xD Well... Next day: Shohozan.
  7. PhorCillic

    Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M2W Aoiyama) - January 2016

    12. Hakkiyoi Ikioi oozumoo~
  8. PhorCillic

    Chaingang wipe-out!

    Hmmm.. someone could explain the Chaingang game to me? Looks like nice wiping. :D
  9. PhorCillic

    Finally sekitori! :-D

    I'll be a sekitori soon. But achieving that rank after w whole year may be long for some people xd
  10. PhorCillic

    Sumo anime and manga

    Anime fans thought about that. You may find english version on Crunchyroll (official I guess) or fansites (for example KissAnime)
  11. PhorCillic

    Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M2W Aoiyama) - January 2016

    3. Dunnonofuji... XD Well, let's try with Terunofuji.
  12. PhorCillic

    Rikishi extra activities

    3rd part (Gagamaru) destroyed me. XD
  13. PhorCillic

    Fantasy Metasumo 2016

    Hmmm... I dunno who to take, but I want to try. Let's go with the Rikishi Game players/testers list :) 1-5 - Gurowake. The One and Only. 6-10 - Kuroimori - But had a dillema (Randomitsuki) 11-20 - Ganzohnesushi 21-40 - Tenshinhan - The highest of three players (Senkoho, Jejima) 41-80 - Mischashimaru - "You earned it" :) (also Torafujii in that group) 81-120 - Jakusotsu - Out of 2 guys, Jakusotsu is more active (also wolfgangho here) ...and that's all. But I still have some free places. So... 121-200 - KikoCookie 200+ - Sokkenaiyama
  14. PhorCillic

    Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M2W Aoiyama) - January 2016

    1. Goeido 2. Yoshikaze
  15. PhorCillic

    Left handed musicians?

    Well, singing on YouTube and having a short episode in "Poland Got Talent 2015" makes me thinking I consider myself as a musician. and... well, I am left-handed. And... yes, my parents didn't give anything about "which hand I use for everything", but one of my grandmas was somewhat radical about that.
  16. PhorCillic

    [Open Alpha] Rikishi Game

    SURPRISE! :D I've managed to get a way better server AND .net domain! Because of that, there were some bugfixes, additions etc. Welcome CronTab - finally, matches will be played on specified hour. Always. :) To test CronTab... well... sparrings will be added. But no force yourselves/other players into them - Taking part in them won't give a player other profits than "a chance to test his rikishi". No yen and no EP given for sparrings. So "basho-oriented players" may still be "basho-oriented" and still play well. :)