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    Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M3W Shodai) - November 2016

    7. choo choo Kisenosato
  2. PhorCillic

    New recruits for Kyushu 2016

    3 in a row. And there is just Day 3... Did he oshi'd a half of Isegahama-maezumos in the first day!? Looks like I would be really happy to take a peek into that torikumi...
  3. PhorCillic

    [Open Alpha] Rikishi Game

    Okay, so I've been welcomed by community. I said I am making my own unique/weird/original sumo-related game... Introduction Manager games. Some people may know them, both online (Hattrick?) and offline (FM, etc...). A few months ago (after Kyushu 2014) I started thinking about 'an easy, simple manager-via-WWW game for people to compete and have fun'. That's why this game was born Short Description You became an oyakata of your own stable, with ambitions to have the most successful rikishi. But even Kyoto wasn't build by one day... So, first thing you'll do is "invite" a randomly-created wrestler. Next, train (maybe change his shikona) and hope he will be better than his opponents. Don't worry - if you aren't sure your rikishi will win, you may 'motivate him', increasing his effort. Temporary Differences - gradual creation of divisions (more rikishi => larger divs => higher division creation. Don't ask, but players really liked that temporary system.) - Maezumo with rules similar to other divisions. (temporary, but players want it active, because each rikishi earns points for stable) Game requires very little time for player to 'keep up with the rest'. Is in Open Alpha, but playable and open for ideas. When I (finally, exams in June) get my Engineer's degree, I may focus on improving the game. ATM for me is 'a thing, which keeps me away from insanity'. Heh. Game address: Next basho there is planned from 20 to 26 April. All stables created before 18.04 will get a little donation. Available in English and Polish, and with possibility to add more languages. I'm ready to answer all questions related to the game.
  4. PhorCillic

    Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M3W Shodai) - November 2016

    Hope I'll get on this train on time.. 3. Shohozan.
  5. PhorCillic

    [Open Alpha] Rikishi Game

    I'll change your password and write it to you via pm here. You are free to change it later, of course. :)
  6. PhorCillic

    [Open Alpha] Rikishi Game

    The May server crashed in June. June one crashed in July. Provider of that one told me everything will be okay in August... then server crashed in August. In September I started paying for servers. And it looks like the machine is finally stable. So in November we begun a second-best division, with huuuuge help of @Ganzohnesushi in matchmaking. Due to Senkoho using similar way of invitation, I hereby invite everyone, who decided to participate by creating an own heya. You may consider it a spam, but still, feel free to see, what has been changed. :) @Golynohana, @Gurowake, @wolfgangho, @Jejima, @Randomitsuki, @Terao, @McBugger, @Sokkenaiyama, @kuroimori,
  7. PhorCillic

    Sekitori Heya Game (SHG) Kyushu 2016 STANDINGS

    Darn, I forgot about the game D: ...and done. :)
  8. PhorCillic

    Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M3W Shodai) - November 2016

    D1 - Kotoyuki D2 - Chiyonokuni
  9. Weird situation. I paid for a server, yet provider suspended....... O_O

  10. Erm... "that Alec Baldwin guy who does sumo". Tochinoshin.
  11. PhorCillic

    Sekitori Heya Game (SHG) - Aki 2016

    Well, let my shikona be Kosimazaki then. :)
  12. Let's stick with the touchy ozone then.
  13. 5. Touchy ozone. I mean Tochiozan.