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  1. In regard to the entry problem you can count the back up pick in day 10 for those who missed the deadline, but again they might get lucky with some choices which could be unfair to others which is why I do not think it’s a probable choice . Like everybody said it is a rare occurrence and I do not think a change is needed. 8am for you is 10pm for me so it is not inconvenient for me just mentioning.
  2. My day 8 picks Main:Kotoshogiku back up : Hokutofuji
  3. Some minor mistake is the match of Endo and Yutakayama which dos not exist.However, both are placed in their correct matches against Takarafuji and Nishikigi
  4. I am not really sure Did I really choose the Arawashi(Tamawashi)for day9? I was going to choose Takarafuji but It is probably what I ended up choosing.
  5. can the entry forum adjusted to allow morethan 42 ?
  6. Well probably the most will figure it out when they see Daiesho's name twice and No Ura but thought some might not recognize it.
  7. Sorry for not entering on day2 it happens more it should where I think I made my entry for game or forget about it only to findout it later . Note:The sixth match is againts Ura not Daiesho
  8. a really fun basho indeed. still I can not believe I opted for the "safer choice" of Terunofuji over kyokushuhu
  9. I am probably mistaken but I thought I made my entry for the senshuraku.
  10. Day 12 : Sokkurai (Kagayaki)
  11. Reijinguoshan

    UDH Kyushu Basho 2016

    I would like to announce my retirement from UDH game as I am not able to get better at it.
  12. Reijinguoshan

    GTB- Q-Shoe 2016 invitation- and results!!

    So am I the only one who kept Amakaze?(at M16 ofcourse).