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  1. When my wife and I went to the Hatsu basho in 2015, there was an old lady sitting in front of us who explained some of the things going on and told us to ask if there was anything we wanted to know. She was mildly annoyed that the beer girls weren't out because the emperor was due to make an appearance and she had to go fetch her own. 

    Months later, I happened upon a photo of the same lady online with a bunch of rikishi and realised that it had been Doreen. 



  2. 18 hours ago, Morty said:

    Which rikishi has the best roll when they hit the floor? Arawashi or Kotoyuki? (definitely not Yoshikaze who usually ends up landing on his head).

    Ichinojo looked strong today. He handled the Geek with ease.


    Arawashi's break-fall there was even better in slo-mo - you could see the moment he realised he'd lost grip of the arm and was about to face plant and just bailed.

    (Watching Kotoyuki roll off the dohyo is easily one of the most satisfying things to watch on any given day. Nothing against him, he just rolls so well.)

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  3. 13 hours ago, Akinomaki said:

    When rikishi get promoted to yokozuna or ozeki, they hand these work hakama trousers (tattsuke-bakama 裁っ着け袴) as presents to the yobidashi - NHK didn't say if to all, or e.g. only of their ichimon or even only the heya. The yobidashi may have also other names on it - e.g. of the oyakata/heya - Hakkaku here


    Cool, thanks! I enjoy all this background detail!

  4. 10 hours ago, ALAKTORN said:

    I watched Jason’s coverage of the last bout and jesus, the rikishi look completely different in that high definition… Harumafuji has some mad acne(?) and Gōeidō had bruises on his right arm and after the last bout around his right eye. That tachiai got him good.

    My Japanese neighbour, who gets NHK by satellite, updated her box to HD last year. I knew Takayasu was hairy, but seeing him in HD blew my mind.

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  5. 6 hours ago, Adil said:

    I agree that he doesn't look like a real powerhouse. That's why I was surprised when I read a post here on the forum a couple of years. It quoted Isegahama oyakata as saying that Takarafuji is incredibly strong and that he can bench press some crazy weights. Come to think of it, could it be I mistook a quote about Terunofuji?

    His bout in Osaka last year against Tochinoshin was pretty special - the dude has power but he fights too defensively. 

    That said, I pray for the day something snaps and he lobs someone 5 rows deep into the good seats....


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  6. 9 minutes ago, MumboJumbo said:

    I think I spotted the magic hamburger (or something like that). It was blue or purple.

    Its a giant macaron - you occasionally see it on the live broadcast, if they aren't pressed for time. This one was pink, but it was gold last time (I think).

    I like to think Hakuho has an understairs cupboard stuffed with them from all his yushos.


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  7. 5 hours ago, dingo said:

    Kakuryu had it coming already in his bout with Shohozan, but he got lucky that time. But Mitakeumi made sure to be aggressive to the end. Kakuryu pulled again, which has been his downfall every so often.

    I like Kakuryu, but it seems to take him a second after tachiai to settle down and do his yokozuna sumo. Anyone getting in his face before that and not letting up throws him - he tries to back pedal and usually loses.

  8. My prediction:

    Obviously Goeido will beat Haramafuji tomorrow, while a humiliated Kisenosato will rise above and beat Hakuho.

    Distracted on the last day by his good fortune, Kise will fall prey to Goeido while Hakuho takes out his furious rage on Haramafuji, leaving Takanoiwa to yusho and be elevated to Yokozuna.

    Man, I need to start my own sumo analysis website...

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  9. The parallel to henka that comes to my mind is mankading in cricket -- perfectly within the "laws" of the game, but frowned on as being outside the spirit. Of course mankading is very rare compared to henka, but it generates a huge wave of controversy when someone does it. I guess the phrase "it's just not cricket" is a way of understanding hinkaku or its absence.

    This is a really good comparision! I realise that part of why I enjoy sumo is the unspoken sense of "sportsmanship" that lies under it. As you said, cricket has (or had) this too, but it is gradually being eroded by the drive to "win", and to some degree, it seems sumo will probably go the same way. Which is a shame, because for me sport is about the struggle, not just the numbers at the end. Personally, when playing sport, I'd rather have an epic battle that ends in a loss, than an easy win. Participating to your utmost is the best victory.

  10. I really hope Kotoyuki remembered to say "arigatHO, HakuHO" when he received his chikara-mizu.

    (I really like it when rikishi fail to be stoical on the dohyo. Surprised Kotoyuki managed to keep it together as much as he did.)

    Takayasu is looking pretty fired-up this basho - while he got steamrolled by Hakuho, he came out pretty hard.

  11. Two for the price of one - Asahisho's SUPER ULTRA EXTRA PURIFICATION!!! and Ishiura's "burnin' rubber":

    He used to do a whole bunch of body and face slaps too, but he seems to have left it at the shuffling feet.

  12. Man, I didn't realise Kotoshigiku had such a high shiko. Now I want him to make Yokozuna just to see what his dohyo-iri would be like. If he didn't go Shiranui style, I'd be surprised.

    Given that his former shisho Kotozakura used the Shiranui style, I indeed agree that him going Unryu if he were to get the tsuna would be shocking.

    Didn't even think about it that deeply. Just thought that Shiranui style would represent his sumo style very well!