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  1. Mariomaru

    FINAL - RotoSumo Standings (Hatsu 2014)

    KK, Gino-sho and Kanto-sho with Harumafuji on my team!? The end is neigh... And I stopped following basho after realising Harumafuji is kyujo (and there is no stream). Hm, maybe that's the reason why. :-)
  2. Mariomaru

    Ex-Asashouryuu update

    What age? He's 30, not quite decrepit Metuzalem. In his prime, some would say.
  3. Mariomaru

    [AUTO] Sumo Themed Vanity Plate

    YAOCHO seems more appropriate in recent times...
  4. Mariomaru


    Excellent. Thank you! How did you get in?
  5. Mariomaru

    Hakuho to break another record?

    I was hoping that Kotooshu and Baruto would go for tsuna, now when Asa is gone. But Osh seems to be content as an ozeki and Baruto lacks sumo sense whatsoever. Can you imagine Baruto with Ama's drive and technique? And I mean Ama, because Harumafuji also is somewhat lost.
  6. Mariomaru

    GTB Game- The Aki Breaky Heart Basho 2010

    I still wont play GTB, but, oh my, this call made my day. (Band playing...)
  7. Mariomaru


    Excellent. Off course, for better understanding for japanese-impaired people somebody should translate "Kintama" part of the shikona. I (think I) know what it means, but my reference is certain similar-sounding anime series, so I'll left translation for somebody with more authority.
  8. Mariomaru

    Baruto's finish at Haru-Basho

    None of the above. 12+ wins, no yusho and no promotion.
  9. Mariomaru

    Sumo on Majide

    Viewable only within USA.
  10. Mariomaru

    FINAL - RotoSumo Standings (Natsu 2009)

    Thanks Zentoryu. It was a weird basho. For example, on day 4 I scored nice round 100 points with solid 7-4 W/L record and ended dead last in division, 34 point below average.
  11. Mariomaru

    RotoSumo Standings Update

    And standings should be official again ... Kofuji And so it is! Thanks Kofuji & Zentoryu. (I am not worthy...)
  12. Mariomaru

    Kitanoumi resigns, the brothers are out

    This is so easy to prove/disprove. Collect hair samples from brothers, send it to three different verified labs on 3 different continents and wait for results. Even ex Hakurozan still have enough hair for this.
  13. Mariomaru

    What are your professions?

    Awwww you had to go and spoil it didn't you.... :-O I cant be the only one here who doesn't know anything about computers except how to switch them on..... Fujisan, I was also chainman, sound technician, foreman and soldier before even starting with IT. Also have 6 years stint as policeman in between. So, its never too late. Manual in the hands and heat the chair.
  14. Mariomaru

    What are your professions?

    I'm a bricklayer currently working as software developer for oil industry.
  15. Mariomaru

    Last Call for RotoSumo - Nagoya 2008

    I did. Twice. Yet still no confirmation E-mail received. (Wearing a paperbag...) Hope it'l be OK.