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    Unstable Team Natsu 15

    x15 Aoiyama x13 Ikioi x11 Homarefuji x10 Aminishiki x9 Gagamaru x8 Chiyootori x7 Kaisei x6 Kyokushuho x5 Kitataiki Kinda surprised not to see Aoiyama on anyone else's list yet.
  2. SriBri

    First Indonesian rikishi

    AFAIK, definitely. What determines whether he counts as a foreigner then? It seems like having citizenship should make him Japanese. Is it because he has chosen to represent a foreign country?
  3. SriBri

    New recruits for Haru 2015

    Another thread mentioned that he already had a Japanese passport, and was raised in Indonesia. If he already has citizenship, there shouldn't be any visas required.
  4. SriBri

    Frolicking sumo means it

    This is 100% fabulous. Thanks. :D
  5. SriBri

    Some more pictures

    So looking at the weight difference between then and now, I'm left wondering what spurred the increase. Were the rikishi in the 1800's also full time, or did they have lives outside of Sumo? Did the level of competition increase in the 20th century, pushing the weigh class higher and higher? They don't look more than 100kg.
  6. SriBri

    Fun photos of Japanese Sumo Wrestlers (ok...)

    Excellent quality photos! What a great series, thanks for linking. Kinda a weird name for title though "Fun photos"? ^^;