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    From Sumo to Puroresu

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a definitive list of how many rikishi in ozumo history have ended up going into professional wrestling after their retirements. The ones that I can list off the top of my head are: Rikidozan (naturally) Koji Kitao/former Futahaguro Genichiro Tenryu/former Tenryu John Tenta/former Kototenzan Akebono I definitely know there are more, and I think it's an interesting thing to curate because I believe one of the reasons why pro wrestling has managed to keep the feeling of legitimacy as a sport in Japan for much longer than it has in the US is because of its long historical association with sumo.
  2. Kasutera

    Lower-division Torikumi Natsu Basho 2016

    Is "Furanshisu" still being written in katakana or has he been given a shikona of Kanji with those readings? EDIT: I put on my big boy pants and searched myself, and found 冨蘭志壽 That's a pretty cute shikona.
  3. Kasutera

    Banzuke Natsu 2016

    Where does the actually pronunciation tend to lie? Is it *supposed* to be 'n', but due to assimilation with the concurrent bilabial often come out as 'm'? I was under the impression that 'm' was in some way the expected pronunciation of ん before bilabials, such that I tend to always write "shimpan", etc. You're correct, syllable-final "m/n" are allophones where "n" becomes "m" before labials. And that concludes this weeks' episode of "who took phonetics in college?"
  4. Hi everyone, Last week on April 2nd in Cranford, NJ, about an hour outside New York City, the 2016 US Sumo National Championships took place, with a near exact repeat of last year's results. Lightweight Gold: Trent Sabo Middleweight Gold: Kena Heffernan Heavyweight/Openweight Gold: Roy Sims Some of the matches can be found online here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbNCTGTlVmUxMGb1mSw8tHA/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=1 Now to see how things unfold at the world championships in Mongolia!
  5. Kasutera

    Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Takarafuji with his hair down looks like Riki Choshu.
  6. Kasutera

    New Juryo for Natsu 2016

    Daishonasu 大翔茄子 has a nice ring to it.
  7. Kasutera

    Whats the chances of that?

    In any other sport, I'd agree with you. In sumo?
  8. Kasutera

    Ample men saying stuff- Haru 2016

  9. Kasutera

    Kyokai Elections January 2016

    I wonder how many decapitated horse heads ended up in the beds of would-be Takanohana supporters before the vote occurred.
  10. Kasutera

    Whats the chances of that?

    For those who aren't yet fully aware of what everyone in this thread is referencing, like I was when I started ready, both Amuuru and Aoiyama have the surname "Ivanov," which, when you think about it, is basically the Slavic equivalent of "Johnson." However, I think OP is right to find this fascinating for it to happen in SUMO which is still not the most internationalized of sports, at least not on the professional level.
  11. Kasutera

    2015 US Sumo Open Footage on Fite TV App

    Yeah, I got 3rd place in the men's lightweight division, and one was one of only two American men's participants to even medal in the darn thing, but I guess that wasn't enough to make it into the broadcast beyond a second-long clip in a montage.
  12. In traditional fashion of the footage of the US Sumo Open being available for public consumption nearly a year after it happens for whatever reason, the 2015 U.S. Sumo Open is now available as part of an app called Fite TV: http://www.fite.tv/ What makes me displeased, to say the least, is that they refer the the coverage as "comprehensive" when it is the exact opposite. It's a 30-minute digest that ONLY shows the first-place matches in four weight divisions. With how short a sumo bout is, for 30 minutes, that's pretty ridiculous, especially when it means completely cutting out the bronze medal winners and not even mentioning them by name when you use clips of their matches for interstitial filler (yes, I am a little bitter because I am one of those bronze medal winners. Seriously, not even a mention of "by the way this guy won the bronze?"). Honestly, the best thing about this is I had never heard of the Fite App before and it's pretty cool. They have both downloadable and live-streaming events for MMA, pro wrestling, and various other fight sports. They were just now live-streaming the Judo Grand Prix in Tblisi, Georgia. For people like me (and I can assume most of you), that's pretty neat!
  13. Kasutera

    Ample men saying stuff- Haru 2016

    Well, I like Kaisei for another reason, I prefer diet coke to sake myself.
  14. Kasutera

    Day 8 pics Haru 2016

    Those Hakuho/Yoshikaze pictures make it look like Hakuho was mad at Yosh for eating the last jelly donut. Jeez.
  15. Kasutera

    Sekitori Torikumi Haru Basho 2016

    Kyokutaisei :-(
  16. Kasutera

    Haru 2016 Rikishi Status - Final

    Is there a technical difference between fusen and kyujo?
  17. Kasutera

    Haru 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    WHOAH. ENDO GOT FAT. I mean, good for him? Maybe? It just caught me WAY off guard to see him that big.
  18. Kasutera

    Former rikishi activities

    Yama also is not going to give 100% when facing someone who's not Byamba. Even *I* once successfully took him down with a shitatehineri and it was because he was having fun and letting me go crazy.
  19. I think Hakuho's injured and just not telling us. Injured either physically or psychologically. He has every reason to be out for blood and wanting to cream Takarafuji, and there is no reason why he wouldn't if he were healthy. Takarafuji IS good, he's no pushover, and his head-in tachi-ai was textbook, but I just don't believe he is yet at the level where he could beat a healthy Hakuho. Hak has the image of being someone who very rarely goes kyujo/fusen, so he may be trying to gaman his way through it, but there is definitely something going on that can no longer be dismissed as intentional mukiryoku or yaocho.
  20. Kasutera

    New recruits for Haru 2016

    Then they just have to do sumo ther things.
  21. Kasutera

    New Fan, Aspiring Amateur

    By chance is it the club in Oceanside? I visited Oceanside for two months last year and will likely be doing it again this spring. I will also be in San Francisco for a couple weeks. Nope, I'm down in LA, but let me know when you're down here! We're having the US Sumo Open in May!
  22. Kasutera

    New Fan, Aspiring Amateur

    Hi Adam! I'm California-based and also compete in amateur sumo in the US. Here's a couple of sites that can help you find clubs and events possibly near you: http://www.americansumo.org/ http://www.usasumo.com/ Definitely subscribe to their newsletters so you can keep up to date, and you can always reach out to me if you've got questions and I can reach out to the right people.
  23. Kasutera

    new girl from Brazil

    Que seja bemvinda! Se voce precisa de alguma ajuda em portugues, eu posso te a dar!
  24. Kasutera

    NHK Charity Ozumo 2016

    It's like he's doing a matawari standing up. Amazing.