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  1. Video is a few months old, I just stumbled upon it because Jiri has a big fight this weekend.
  2. Unkonoyama

    GTB invite- Haru 2022- RESULTS!! - 164 entries (26 newbies)

    Everything down atm, I'll try to remember to check later today. Up a couple hours later
  3. Unkonoyama

    GTB invite- Haru 2022- RESULTS!! - 164 entries (26 newbies)

    I'm glad we are back to a Monday deadline
  4. Unkonoyama

    TORCHBEARER 2022: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Arauma J11W
  5. Unkonoyama

    TORCHBEARER 2021: the picks, torch match notices, results

    LOL kiss of death right here, we are barely on day 3.
  6. Unkonoyama

    Game 21 for the Nagoya 2021 Basho

    Why would I know Nekonoyama or Fujisan?
  7. Unkonoyama

    GTB Nagoya 2021- 127 entries and results!!

    It took me over 2 years for my first kk, good luck and keep at it
  8. Unkonoyama

    Hiro Morita Basho Review and opinions

    You are thinking of "grift" for the US, totally different word.
  9. Unkonoyama

    Game 21 for Natsu Basho 2021

    1-9 B 10 X 11-21 B
  10. Unkonoyama

    Game 21 Haru Basho 2021

    All "B"s
  11. Unkonoyama

    Special Kyokai training before Haru

    the bottom of page 1 of this thread for me
  12. Unkonoyama

    Gaijingai Intai In Several Games

    Sad to see one of the top Americans intai, you will be missed.
  13. Unkonoyama

    World Championship Projections

    I always wanted to make the graphs! Thank you Randomitsuki for putting these together and tracking everything. I know it is a lot of work for you but it really adds to my sumo gaming experience.
  14. Unkonoyama

    Banzuke Surfing November 2020 (11th Wave)

    J13w Nishikifuji