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  1. Ms52w Tsushimanada
  2. Ms44e Ichiki
  3. Sd53w Taichiyama Sd66w Ryuko
  4. I did too, which is probably bad news for the rest of you going by my GTB track record.
  5. Thank you as always for your hard work Randomitsuki, it feels good to make my Makuuchi debut! I have a feeling my stay will be short this time, but I'm glad to at least make my mark.
  6. Ms30e Hatooka
  7. Ms58w Ikeru
  8. Jd10e Ichiyamamoto
  9. Try searching for yourself on the "Last Basho's Paychecks" page
  10. Thank you very much for this excellent tool.
  11. My wife and I were a little surprised Daieisho didn't get more support, especially since Takakeisho got a (conditional) sansho with the same record and facing basically the same opponents. Would be interested in seeing the breakdown of votes if anybody has this information. Edit: Yes, we are aware of whom the shisho is for both, but still...
  12. Oracle rules can be found on the old website, http://www.anasuya.com/oracle/rules.html
  13. Oracle, just like Toto, is scored on a curve relative to all other players. It doesn't really matter if you get 75% bull eyes in Oracle (or 75% of the bouts correct in Toto) if half of the other players got 80%, you still end up with MK/kuroboshi. As Asashosakari mentioned, a lot of the picks in both games are going to be correct/incorrect by the majority so most of the "game play" is going to take place in the remaining ~1/3rd of choices. If you don't get that ~2/3rds mostly right though (or in line with the majority) it is going to be tough to win. At the end of the day though, if a particular game isn't fun for you then just don't play? I play most of the super banzuke games but not all of them, due to time or me simply not being interested for whatever reason. The games I play though, I definitely play to win/rise up the respective banzukes while doing my own brand of sumo gaming (no math, no elo, no totos). It is my sumo gaming dream to yusho Oracle and Toto (and KK in GTB lol), haven't done any of those yet but there is always another basho to try...
  14. I would expect this comment to come from someone still alive in CG...
  15. Ms23e Asahiryu Ms32e Chiyonoumi