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  1. Banzuke Surfing Hatsu 2018 (11th Wave)

    Ms11e Kizaki
  2. Banzuke Surfing Hatsu 2018 (12th Wave)

    Ms11e Kizaki
  3. Banzuke Surfing Hatsu 2018 (13th Wave)

    Ms11e Kizaki
  4. Banzuke Surfing Hatsu 2018 (14th Wave)

    Jk18w Yoshoyama
  5. TORCHBEARER 2018: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Kiribayama J11w
  6. I went ahead and signed up since the concept looks interesting, the initial set-up is easy and straightforward. There is a lot of material to read through, haven't had a chance yet but hopefully later today.
  7. ISP and CG

    I don't know what the standard was back then, but now unless the yusho line is low 9-6 in ISP is what 8-7 would be in most games. I went 8-7 in Kyushu and I expected that to be mk, it was. Therefore, I would think the win total needed would be higher, not lower, especially if there is no yusho. When I first started out, I went 11-4, 11-4Y, 13-2Y and that didn't even get me out of Juryo. Banzuke luck can be cruel sometimes.
  8. How to deal with fusen in sumo games

    I say do whatever you like best. No matter what you choose, someone will be at a disadvantage when a late withdrawal occurs. It is just part of sumo gaming.

    Agree, this is a mostly good thread that we still need since the elections haven't occurred yet.
  10. YDC Soken-Hatsu 2018

    NHK always does a "Looking Back at the Year's Sumo" show around New Years and Hakuho's harite at the tachiai was a big topic this time. After Mainoumi and others expressed their disapproval, the show aired a recorded interview with Hakuho. When asked the purpose for the harite, Hakuho said (my wife's translation, she is a native speaker) that he is getting older and is dealing with more and more injuries. The initial harite helps reduce the impact at the tachiai and the resulting wear and tear on his body.
  11. Banzuke Surfing Kyushu 2017 (13th Wave)

    Ms15e Tamaki Ms26e Ichiyamamoto
  12. Banzuke Surfing Kyushu 2017 (12th Wave)

    Ms15e Tamaki
  13. Banzuke Surfing Kyushu 2017 (11th Wave)

    Ms27w Chiyonoumi
  14. Accident latest news....

    I am glad to hear you are on the road to recovery, get well soon and I'll see you on the bench dohyo.
  15. WEST WINS AKI 17

    I thought it was an interesting analysis of toto data, and as I mentioned above I'll take the kk and sansho without having to do anything. If you were to ask me this question during the basho like a daily game, my answer would be 100% aligned with my toto entry for that day. This is probably not ideal if you want a totally separate game with active players. Also, my opinion is that rijicho of other games should respect each others' efforts and game threads, even if they don't wish to play a particular game or find the data of value.