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  1. Again, the echos lands in Switzerland, where apparently a journalist is following sumo...
  2. gijo

    Immediate after basho news

    Yes, ok, but... Hakuho may be present next basho, so..
  3. gijo

    Relapse Prevention Committee-training week

    A karaoke controller.
  4. gijo

    Your Banzuke from the 2020's

    I just know that Abi will be Ozeki by that time...
  5. gijo

    Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Am I wrong or the entire kogukikan was rooting for Tochinoshin during Kakuryu's bout?
  6. gijo

    Random Bouts

    Somebody you know?
  7. gijo

    Random Bouts

    Wow, anyone has that video?
  8. gijo

    Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Is this the end for Kise's kingdom? How many more losses and kyujos separate him from hintai?
  9. gijo

    Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    The new guard is coming, they feel so confident that the olds ones seems to be in real troubles. Injuries have become so important as the size and the power of rikishi has increased lately, sumo will be more surprising and amazing. And sad, also. Terunofuji may now pay the eating habits related to his career.
  10. gijo

    Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    Swiss press has insight..
  11. I didn't read the thread in the past two days. Any hot news since then?
  12. gijo

    Another Sekitori Marriage

    It's not a wedding but, as a result of his wedding, Tochinoshin will became father. Source: a pic I can't upload due to size...but it's on his wife instagram account: /nini_rostiashvili/
  13. gijo

    Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    I'm very sorry for you Kintamayama, but Terunofuji looks very bad..
  14. gijo

    BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    Ichinojo it's the maakuchi's Orora.
  15. gijo

    BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    Endo runs away from the doyo to avoid Hakuho's post match brutality...
  16. gijo

    BASHO TALK -- Natsu 2017 -- SPOILERS

    First slap fest of the basho: Shohozan vs Takakeisho. Great ending..
  17. Terunofuji has the potential now to win the yusho. Very bad news for the new Yokozuna. As always, he can't be just perfect...
  18. The changing of the guard is yet to come, but we start to see things changing from the very first day. Nothing has been already told, it's just day one, but it's definitely in the air. It's spring time, and the young one get spirited...
  19. Is that promotion official? Sorry but I don't understand it.
  20. Mitakeumi vs Shodai will be a classic in the future I guess... It's the "change of the guard" basho for me. It's just the beginning...
  21. I've just changed my job and the new one comes with a preset holidays planning, which won't allow me to be in japan for the whole year. Hoping 2018 will be better. I'm sorry, so sorry. But I'm sure I will make it one day.
  22. Hakuho is a master in hinding his troubles. For sure, today's bout goes with some others last basho, showing that he's maybe in decline, or just injured.
  23. gijo

    The Graph

    Wow. Many many thanks.