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  1. Well, thanks a lot for the precious informations. That hostel sounds great to me. I will just focus on sumo (+eating+sake) and it'll be great to sleep next to the sacred arena.
  2. In these days I can find 500 € tickets to Tokyo, booking in advance is cheaper. Can you estimate the (average) daily budget in Japan (tickets + meals + accomodation)? Just to make plans more accurate...
  3. Well, I'm planning a trip to an honbasho too, it will be great to plan something like this!!!! Wow!! Great idea!! Let's open a thread on this.
  4. gijo

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2016

    And he is rising up easily as well.
  5. I'd rather prefer a group of dominating rikishi with youngsters attacking them from the backlines.
  6. gijo

    Aki 2016 - Videos- Day 1-15

    Many thanks to Kintamayama and Tenshinhan for their work. Many thanks also to them for the live coverage. You all make me happy these days.
  7. Is doping allowed in Ozumo?
  8. Kisenosato has definitely lost his confidence in being Yokozuna after this basho. He's (just) a great Ozeki.
  9. Mitakeumi is doing great and I really like his sumo. He kept pushing from a lower position since the tachiai never giving Takayasu a chance of changing position. Well done! Mitakeumi should be the next ozeki!!!!
  10. Looking at his record he was in the upper megashira ranks and I would say he was getting experience and promising well. He is able of great sumo. I don't see him as Yok, but regular sanyaku, when the old ones will intai....
  11. Everything is more exciting without the boss...
  12. Amazing Endo! He's back again!
  13. What a beautiful day in sumo. If Iwas Kisenosato I'd opted for an henka. But I know Kise will never henka shameless. Goeido is spirited.
  14. This basho rankings were uneasy to predict. I mean, that's why sumo is beautiful. And the new generation is getting great. Mitakeumi above all. Shodai... next ozeki, as someone stated... wow... Endo, he may be back on his track. Exciting...
  15. This basho is getting more and more interesting to watch. The youngsters are getting their experience and the oldest... Well, sumo is about injuries and their influence on the banzuke is strong. Every two months a new scenario.. Rooting for Kisenosato is getting frustrating, Yoshikaze should be at his place! By the way, many thanks to those who provide videos and analysis... Keep going!
  16. gijo

    Nagoya 2016 Videos- Day 1

    It will work with Gagamaru, Aoyama and Ichinojo as well, I guess.. Gagamaru and Ura won't be facing each other anytime soon, as they're both in Kise-beya. (cue the inevitable Gagamaru-Ura Juryo yusho playoff) (That's what I was referring to... LOL..) Thanks for the info...
  17. gijo

    Nagoya 2016 Videos- Day 1

    It will work with Gagamaru, Aoyama and Ichinojo as well, I guess..
  18. gijo

    Nagoya 2016 Videos- Day 1

    Great great recap. Thanks a lot. We've got sumo!!
  19. gijo

    Nagoya 2016 Videos- Promo and Days 1-15

    Why don't a full makuuchi and juryo highlights.. it will be just the minimum requirement for a sumo fan... By the way, will the sumodb video archive work just as usual?
  20. Crime is crime, not culture. We shall wait the whole story to get uncover. Crime has been committed or just a normal escape from a too different world?
  21. I think that above all we are handling with human rights, and there is no such hard discipline or tradition that may justify... torture. We don't even know what happened, but I think that everything which is done just in the direction of hurting (badly) someone for fun is far from being acceptable from my pov. And what could be happened just sucks, and has eroded a little my devotion for sumo. I know, it's rhetorical, but he did knew was he was getting into. I think that what happened was a little bit more than what was expectable. Just a theory...
  22. Countdown to the cut, this Saturday: t-shirts made just for the event will be on sale (3000yen, a clear-file etc. attached) design by Tooru Morooka front and back view