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  1. serge_gva

    General Corona Banter

    Minimizing the epidemic by testing few people is possible, indeed. But how do you explain the low number of deaths in Japan? Are they fudging the numbers?
  2. serge_gva

    Banzuke for Haru 2020

    It's amazing how reluctant they are, currently, to put Makushita promotees high up the Banzuke. 5 years ago, Asabenkei did Ms1 > J9 with 6 wins. Between 2000 and 2005, 6 consecutive Ms1 with 6 wins went between J9/J10. And now, J14 8-7, J7 4-11 and J10 7-8 is better than Ms1 6-1?! How can that be explained?
  3. serge_gva

    Olympic jungyo 2020

    So we went from a demonstration sport integrated into the Olympics (at the very beginning), to a shabby two-day jungyo for tourists? It is rather disappointing
  4. serge_gva

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Thanks! Strictly speaking, all these results are better than 11J-10-10 (they have either a yusho or an ascending order), except Kyokuni's 10-9-12J who is somewhat similar, but was 50 years ago. But after all, maybe it's not unthinkable for Asanoyama.
  5. serge_gva

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2020

    That's right, I forgot all 3 cases I was speaking about were M1w. By the way, is this not the only situation when the difference between West and East is so important? From M1e, so far, 8 wins were enough to get an extra-slot. From M1w, not enough even with 9 wins!
  6. serge_gva

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    How long ago was the last more or less comparable case of loosened conditions?
  7. serge_gva

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    It's really going to have to be 10 very great wins, then. I don't see him promoted with 31 wins (2 less than the guideline), because he won't have an ascending series (11-10-10) and a he won't have a Yusho-or-similar result in the last-3 to to counterbalance these two shortcomings (11-4 J but 3 wins behind Hakuho does not count imho). But I agree 11 convincing wins may be OK.
  8. serge_gva

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2020

    I'm not sure to understand. If Goeido does not retire, he will be Sanyaku. Then there will be 4 wrestlers with better numbers than Endo: Asanoyama (S1e), Goeido (S1w), Shodai (K1e) and Hokutofuji (K1w). Why would they automatically create an extra Komusubi spot for Endo? In the last three comparable cases, the 9-6 M1 wrestler was stucked at M1. In this situation, even if Goeido does not retire, we will have 7 sanyaku, thus an M18e rank. Where am I wrong?
  9. serge_gva

    Hatsu 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Even if we are not going down that road, I think it's still a little too early to rule out a "legitimate" ozeki promotion for Asanoyama. A 12-3 Yusho, I think, would more or less put everyone in agreement. Still, Shodai would have to lose twice, but he's capable of it, so to speak... Since everyone sees a yusho for Takakeisho (at least until yesterday), I'm going to take a risk and bet on a yusho from Asanoyama In the case of a Kadoban Goido, plus Asanoyama clearly outside of the usual Ozeki promotion criteria, plus Hakuho and Kakuryu both Kyujo for the next basho (first two conditions are fairly likely to happen, third one is much less), what are your predictions? > An exception to the "at least 2 Ozeki" rule > Asanoyama promoted to Ozeki with a KK (regardless of his score) > Goeido reteined at the rank of Ozeki with a MK > Best Sekiwake (Asanoyama?) becoming an "Ozekiwake" (temporary Ozeki)
  10. serge_gva

    Fukurou memorial kyujo rikishi list - Hatsu 2020

    Kyujo means back to Juryo, exactly 5 years after his last visit there, unfortunately (already because of an injury)
  11. serge_gva

    Kimarite Map!

    Highly interesting statistic, thank you! It made me want to try to find a ranking of the use of a given kimarite by rikishi (in terms of percentage, not number of uses). With the database, I was able to find this percentage for each rikishi individually, but not to make a query that gives a ranking. Can someone help me?
  12. serge_gva

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    ...What is exactly cricket?
  13. serge_gva

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Kyushu 2019

    If they promote Abi, who will get the second Komusubi spot? Are they going to save Mitakeumi's record?
  14. serge_gva

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Kyushu 2019

    It looks like there will be some disappointments in Juryo, because despite 5 relegated to makuuchi (or 6 with Tomokaze), there may not be room for everyone! If I'm not mistaken, there are already 5 good candidates for promotion (Azumaryu, Tochiozan, Ikioi, Kaisei, Kiribayama). And 4 other rikishi will have a claim if they win tomorrow: Chiyoshoma, Kotonowaka, and Tokushoryu (Hidenoumi barely). One of them can take poor Tomokaze's spot, but what if 2 or 3 of them win tomorrow? >> Between Tokushoryu J1w 8-7, Chiyoshoma J3w 9-6 and Kotonowaka J7w 11-4, who do you think will get Tomokaze's spot and who will stay in Juryo? In the Juryo-Makushita exchange, it's the opposite. We have a lot of good candidates for demotion (5), and 2 more tomorrow if they lose (Hoshoryu, Irodori). In the upper part of Makushita, we finally won't have enough candidates left if there are 7 demotees. >> Could Sakigake claim spot #5 even if he lose tomorrow against Hoshoryu? >> If Hoshoryu or Irodori lost, who will be promoted? A 6-1 Shiba at ms7w, a 4-3 Chiyonoumi at ms6e, or nobody? Enho get promoted from ms6e with 4 wins in January 2018 (it is the only regular occurence). Promotion from Ms7 with 6 wins was common in the 70'-80'-90' (11x), but last time was Tamanokuni in 1999... Anyway I have the feeling that Hoshoryu and Irodori will both win, Sakigake will be promoted with 4-3 and Shiba will stay in Makushita with 6-1 or 5-2. Not very fair as Sakigake's schedule was not tougher than Shiba's... The most logical thing would have been an Irodori-Shiba bout, no?
  15. serge_gva

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    When you say other injuries may become more frequent with a padding, at what kind of fall are you thinking about?