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  1. 22 hours ago, Pandaazuma said:

    You've done it now! MK for sure! ;)

    I must have jinxed myself... a horrendus Day 4 brought the average right down. Hubris! Hubris! I'll refrain from any semblance of gloating from now on.

  2. I#ve had the best start in SG of my five-year career in SG: 3-0 with a whopping 26 points. 9-8-9!
    Of course this is no guarantee for getting KK; I'll probably sink back into mediocrity in a few days.

  3. I was at the Natsu basho in 2017 and had upstairs A-chair tickets for the first 8 days. It was a great experience to be there in person, and well worth the price and the hassle to get everything organized. I arrived a week before the basho and was able to watch some keiko at Oitekaze-beya too.

  4. I asked it before, now I'm asking it again: is the prize Trump presented just the trophy and a change to shake hands with the POTUS, or is there something else attached, like money or a quantity of a product? Expressing the hope that the prize will be awarded in the future suggests the latter and that the huge trophy is destined for the trophy case at the Kokikugan. What does the tournament winner get, exactly?

  5. 3 hours ago, Kishinoyama said:

    BS or not, you are playing by the Kyokai's rules. It is their 'show'. You don't want to play by their rules (written or otherwise) then you won't be 'playing' at all.

    You are right; even Takanohana could not bring reform.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Rocks said:

    oddly they always seemed to know where the car was going to turn up next and be there ready. It’s like they had inside information.

    U.S. dignitary motorcade routes are classified information. "inside information" would mean a security breach leading to instant dismissal and legal action. "Outside information" could be enough to reconstruct possible routes from noticeable SS periphery checks and other unusual behaviour.