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  1. 8 hours ago, Akinomaki said:

    Kotokamitani for juryo visit with oichomage. Usual. But with sekitori shimekomi? Very unusual I think.

    And it's not as if he has ever ranked Juryo before. He must have had that shimekomi ready for a promotion... bad luck, I would say. Or arrogance, just as bad.

  2. 17 minutes ago, Rainoyama said:

    The twins turned 22 today, both won their bout for their birthday. Takanofuji is aiming to return to Juryo, his brother Takanofuji is aiming to make his Maku uchi debut next basho and had a good 2-0 start to this basho so far.

    Don't you mean Takagenji?
    What a small cake... and they have to share it too.

  3. Surely being not listed on the banzuke would make them bg, and obliged to reapply entering at the bottom, unless an amateur win earns them a TD spot.
    Sokokurai got reinstated at his former rank after contesting his dismissal and winning the case. But a volontary retirement?