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  1. I don't know it is a good thing that these youngsters already have a huge weight. That could spell trouble for them in the longer run with stress on their joints and ligaments that have not been supported by solid muscle. It's far better for them to build their bodies along with gaining sumo experience. They may have to lose weight first before they can do that. Look at Iwasaki/Tobizaru. He was a stick man on his debut. Somewhere along the road, a rikishi has to find the shape and the weight that lets him do his most effective sumo. Can he do that while he is carrying a lot of excess bulk?

  2. 14 hours ago, Eikokurai said:

    A single win by fusen ruined the losing streak for this guy:


    That was the only ‘win’ of his career.

    And then there’s this guy, who lost 25 in a row, plus three kyujo bouts.


    OK, I stand corrected. So SATO Takahiro has a bigger losing streak since pro debut, thanks to Hattorizakura's surprise win on Day 6 of Natsu 2016. But I'm sure he holds the record for persistence. Imagine. Living a penniless life and making a career out of being constantly defeated,  

  3. 18 hours ago, Akinomaki said:

    End of  August courses about violence prevention will be held for makushita and below rikishi. On the 28th for those till their 3rd year in sumo, on the 29th from 4th to 9th year, on the 30th for those longer in sumo. The division was made because violence by senior deshi is frequent and because the things taught in the heya were different in different times. http://www.daily.co.jp/general/2019/07/25/0012548181.shtml

    That looks like a good approach. Also, rikishi at different seniority levels face different challenges, responsibilities and temptations.

  4. On ‎22‎/‎07‎/‎2019 at 19:32, code_number3 said:
    On ‎22‎/‎07‎/‎2019 at 16:37, orandashoho said:

    CPR is an emergency action to keep the patient alive while others search for the nearest AED. In fact everyone should know where the nearest AED is.

    Basic cardiac life support (BCLS) is very very important. It saves lives.

    People should be taught how to do it properly. Return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) chance of people who have cardiac arrest and not treated ASAP (i.e. no CPR and/or AED) is decreasing fast and results in death.

    It amaze me that they react fast recognising the sign of cardiac arrest and they could do it properly. They did a very very good job saving live!

    Yeah... of course I should have also said, "...and chance of survival without either is 0%"

  5. I recently did a first aid course and the numbers don't lie: chance of survival with manual CPR: 5-7%. Chance of survival with AED: 80%. CPR is an emergency action to keep the patient alive while others search for the nearest AED. In fact everyone should know where the nearest AED is.

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  6. I woud have considered middle third Makushita if there were such a choice. Because the Makushita joi is as much a meat grinder as the Makuuchi one, with hungrier and younger contestants fighting for those scant places in that tiny elevator. In the onslaught of that cauldron, he'll have to go all-out for the revival of his sekitori status. Back to the top or a career-ending injury.

    It has been done before, I know. But Terunofuji isn't going to be miraculously healed of all ills, despite of what Ajigawa can teach him that he hasn't taught him already.

  7. I started watching sumo in the Eurosport days. I saw him rise to Makuuchi and get kinboshis defeating Takanohana and Musashimaru.
    After Eurosport stopped showing the sumo highlights, I was deprived of any sumo news for thirteen years... and when I got back in 2014, I was amazed to see Aminishiki was still there in the top division... and seeing him get kinboshis still...
    Sadly, he never got a yusho like Kyokutenho did, but his career is impressive.

    Such men are truly as much legends of sumo as the ones who briefly shine as Yokozuna. 

    There is a kabu waiting for him. The future of sumo needs him... I can't wait to see what new legends his teaching will produce.

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  8. Only if he feels there is too big a risk to his health will he pull out, I think.  He normally manages his injuries well. If he had been too badly incapacitated he wouldn't have entered.
    Trailing by one point after Day 9 is annoying but he hasn't lost the yusho yet. Even if Kakuryu stays undefeated till Day 15, he can still catch up.

  9. Oh wow, great fight by Aoiyama with powerful full-weight thrusts and managing to keep Hakuho off his belt. But Hakuho is a superman. It is as if he can slow time to analyze every minute opportunity that presents itself, and put himself into a position to make use of it. And down Aoiyama goes...