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  1. 8 hours ago, robnplunder said:
    8 hours ago, Rocks said:

    Terunofuji takes the Makushita Yusho. 

    That brings up the question of whether he will be promoted to juryo or not.  Anyone has thoughts on this?   It seems he'd need help and luck to get to juryo in the next basho.   

    I'd say that it will be difficult even with a 7-0 result to skip a 5-2 result that is six rungs above on the banzuke ladder, but the yusho might count for a few rungs more. Even then, there are four rikishi in the top of the Makushita joi with kachikoshis that have a greater chance of returning to Juryo.
    It all depends then on the big shuffle in Juryo. There are going to be quite a few demotions in Makuuchi and Juryo rikishi moving up freeing their spots. At the same time, there are Juryo rikishi with bad makekoshis but only two certain of demotion and the fight for kachikoshis isn't finished yet. So we'd have perhaps six Juryo spots freeing up that could give Terunofuki a chance. Or some of the Makuuchi demotees get a little banzuke luck and Terunifuji will be at Ms1 next basho. It could go either way... it all depends on whether Hoshoryu and Irodori get a makekoshi which will give Terunofuji greater chances.

  2. 19 hours ago, Akinomaki said:

    if 100 take part, it's still not just a trifle

    about 1.1 million yen: about 60 000 yen for the banner and 15 times now 70 000 yen for one kensho each day.

    If there were 100 to share that cost, I'd join. And do this for more than one basho. With 100 or more joining, it's still a fraction of what physical attendance would cost me. 

    Why would I be the only one who is seriously interested? We could start a poll. 

  3. 7 minutes ago, Amamaniac said:
    17 minutes ago, orandashoho said:

    Sponsors might like their charges to have a promising future, and Enho's career may be cut short by a debilitating injury at any time now...

    Sponsors should be looking at which Top Division wrestlers are attracting the most attention.  Enho fits that bill in spades.  But then I'm not a businessman who is looking for ways to attract business.

    Perhaps we should revive the idea of Forum members joining in a sponsor group then, and set one kensho each day on Enho's bouts. 
    If the group has enough members, that shouldn't be too expensive.

  4. 26 minutes ago, Amamaniac said:

    Second day in a row that Enho won, but there were no kensho to take home.  Despite there being a Kyushu koenkai for his stable, he doesn't seem  to be able to attract any local sponsors ... yet.

    Sponsors might like their charges to have a promising future, and Enho's career may be cut short by a debilitating injury at any time now... but amazingly, he is defying all odds.
    As long as he fights rikishi who haven't met him often enough to develop a winning strategy against him, he will do well. Longer if he can truly become the new 'waza no depato' capable of surprising his opponents with unusual techniques and unreadable strategies.
    I definitely root for him. He is a joy to watch. I hope he'll continue defying the odds and become a Makuuchi mainstay.

  5. That is a lot of PR given up in a knee-jerk reaction to one questionable post. 
    The individual touch just gives a human side to an otherwise slicked and stifled presentation of the sumo world. Too much sensorship is a bad thing.  It makes the NSK more insular than it has to be. 

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