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  1. While Sandanme is now listed on the Day 2 torikumi, the Sandanme Day 2 results have still not been incorporated in the column with the rikishi win/loss totals. The Sandanme rikishi that had their bouts on Day 2 still have a "0 wins, 0 losses" result.

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  2. 6 hours ago, Kintamayama said:

    Ura now 2-0. Beats Sadanoryuu by hikiotoshi. Makushita next basho, if all goes well.

    Don't jinx him. His results after his previous re-entry were 6-1/yusho/damn***torn ACL again*** and this basho started with exactly those same post-reentry results... 


    23 minutes ago, Oortael said:

    The sumo reference database is still missing the Day 2 Sandanme results.

    They are not in the rikishi total W/L records on the left.

  4. What about Tochinoshin? He is an ex-Ozeki too. So we already had three ex-Ozeki in Makuuchi: Kotoshogiku, Tochinoshin and Takayasu. If Goeido had hung on and Terunofuji gets the nod, and Kotoshogiku isn't demoted to Juryo, there would be five! Surely that would be a record.