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  1. 50 minutes ago, yohcun said:

    That is pretty astonishing considering he took almost a decade to reach yokozuna from his debut. He didn't race there, like the other names listed.

    Some say that this was because he lacked a 'killer instinct'. I really liked him because he was really a gentle giant, friendly and open and with a great sense of humour. I think I'd put him in the #1 favourite spot too but it's so hard to choose. I liked Takanohana's hinkaku and Harumafuji's speed. But Hakuho is an unparallelled phenomenon that is hard to disparage, despite his antics and the deep insult to Japanese customs at times and his crazy behaviour on November 22 1017 when he refused to acknowledge Yoshikaze's kinboshi. He may be the GOAT and has it in him to do much good for sumo for decades to come, but he is not my favourite Yokozuna.

  2. And Musashimaru stayed at his own heya and took over there. Takanohana made himself into a special case; if he had 'stayed in line' a bit more he might have been able to effect a more successful modernization and immortalized his Name, but it was way too much in too little time. Hakuho, as naturalized Japanese, has far less clout despite his undisputed record. Far better for him not to stand out too much and let his record speak for itself. And the sekitori he is producing. 

  3. Anything is possible. He has already put a stamp on Miyagino-beya with his own deshi and coaching. Why tear the heya apart to form his own and have to build from scratch? More likely he will continue to coach at Miyagino, and quietly reverse roles when Miyagino retires. He's well capable of postponing his retirement till then, and lift a few Cups in the bargain. As long as he can do that, why retire, as long as he can avoid serious injury? No one is going to pressure him to retire. He is still the Yokozuna that the challenger will have to defeat, the one to test the new generation. I'm not in a hurry to see him go.

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  4. 60 years ago, it was considered healthy to drink several glasses of milk a day. I never liked it much and drank it cold when it was more tasteless. Until a vacation in Switzerland, when we got our daily dosage 'straight from the cow'. The memory still makes me gag. After that, milk or runny foods made with milk made me sick. Butter too, but butter was harder to avoid when you have to eat what is cooked with butter and can only scrape off so much from a sandwich. One of the joys of leaving home to live on my own was being in charge of my own cooking and never having to consume milk or butter again. Today, sixty years after the summer of the horror milk, some kinds of yoghurt are tolerable, and I really like sharp, mature cheeses, but anything runny or buttery or curdly... yeeeeccchhh.

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