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  1. Perhaps the economic slump caused by Corona has something to do with that? Everywhere businesses are hurting when there is less money going around, although I'm not sure how Japan is coping. Having a tournament with an audience may have been an ill-conceived decision considering the wave of new Covid19 infections today.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Ack! said:

    Is anyone else paying attention to this child Yoshii at Ms54w?  He has a chance at posting a KK in Makushita before he turns 17 on Saturday!

    Of course his career kachikoshi streak could not remain unnoticed. But his rise was slowed down a bit in Sandanme and with 2-2 at Ms54w he has a long way to go yet.

  3. 1 hour ago, Kashunowaka said:

    If he says so... He looks powerful but yet frail at the same time, with all those bandages.

    I would't exactly call him 'frail' -- even when his legs failed him and made him into a pushover painful to watch and everyone thought his career was over 'frail' wasn't the word that came to mind. 

    He had a problem and he overcame it, thanks to good coaching and the Isegahama gym. And Aminishiki surely told him how to get the most out of those legs. I am happy for him that his perseverance paid off.

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