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  1. On ‎27‎/‎11‎/‎2018 at 08:42, Otokonoyama said:

    Ex-sumo stablemaster Takanohana gets divorce

    "Although the Takanohana stable was absorbed by Chiganoura, one of his former disciples Takakeisho won his first career championship at the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday." 
    The use of "Although"  here infers that Takanohana's former disciples might not be able to perform well after the move to Chiganoura.
    That is an interesting notion. Would the rkishi be very upset at the move and would their performance be expected to suffer? Or wouldn't they just as likely not suffer at all, even be relieved that the shemanigans are over and they can concentrate on sumo, with a better performance as result?

  2. Personal circumstances have really messed with my participation in the games this basho. I'm kyujo in SG and my ability to put in GKA guesses has been patchy.
    On the bright side, I have clear, sharp vision without glasses now that both eyes have been fitted with new lenses.

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  3. What has started with such high hopes -- a yusho, no less -- is rapidly turning into a nightmare for Kisenosato. Expending so much energy in those long battles must take its physical toll, while the losses after all that effort are sure to be a psychological blow. Compounded over three days, they lay a heavy burden on the fourth day, a hurdle he must take or else... I really feel for him and his oyakata... and yet each day is a new day and he must not let it cloud his mind and spoil his concentration. I hope he can sleep and find a good place from which to draw confidence tomorrow.