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  1. So this is painted and not embroidered... does the paintwork have a protective layer? Or is it first printed?
    One thing I like about embroidery is the added dimensionality, which paintwork lacks -- a pity, because it is a striking image.

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  2. An inexperienced rikishi learns more from his defeats than from his victories. So when a talented rikishi rockets upwards through the ranks, he isn't necessarily learning much. He may remain one-dimensional until reaching a level where his opponents know how to successfully counter what had hitherto been winning moves. Every loss is a valuable lesson, he either learns from it and enriches his sumo, or he will hit the Wall.

    Having hit the Wall doesn't mean he can't break through later, though. If he can absorb the lesson, the next basho may bring new success. These young guys hardly know what they are going to be capable of. They follow the training regimen, lean from their Oyakata, their  heya mates and every opponent they meet on the dohyo, and maybe develop a style from it that will bring success and confidence. All this while their bodies are changing and growing too... but the Wall is there specifically to be experienced and broken, time and again.

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  3. I wish him the best, of course. A speedy recovery, a sensible revalidation and training period, sensible testing of the twice-operated limb, perhaps an adjustment of sumo style to prevent reinjury, and after that, if all goes well, a rapid rise through the ranks to reclaim a position at the top. One would so wish that, because Ozumo is richer for his contribution to it. But not at the expense of a long fruitless slog with nothing at the end of it other than a broken body.

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  4. I don't pretend to any understanding how the torikumi is made in reality. But I use several factors, the first being the general rule that the sanyaku and the joi have to face all of each other, minus anyone from the same heya, and that later on in the basho the win-loss score becomes a factor too when lower ranked maegashira with big scores may be picked to face a higher ranked rikishi than they would otherwise face. 
    But then there is this other factor -- the torikumi makers finding pairings that they think the public would like to see...

  5. I'm half expecting him not to return. He is a clever, well-educated lad  who thought to give Ozumo a try. I don't think he'll be happy muddling along as a perpetual lower-ranker and now that it looks doubtful he'll ever be able to regain sekitory status with a knee that will be dodgy at best, he may well decide to call it a day and do something else with his life.

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