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  1. After a great first week in all three games, my scores plummeted with long losing streaks. Sumo Game went all the way to MK despite a decent point score of over a hundredNot much better in GKA, and just managed to hold on to a decent score in BT.
  2. Thank you for organizing the game! See you at the Aki basho !
  3. And the way the guys in the background keep talking about Aoiyama's prizes... the yusho, for sure.
  4. Day 15 -- 7s.
  5. Thanks for posting! His hair looks really wild now that it is growing out, still looks like quite a tokoyama challenge.
  6. Day 14 -- 4s.
  7. Day 13 -- 6s.
  8. You beat me to it. It's so exciting to see Bodoni again!
  9. Thanks for the update. It seemed like a good program to repeat for new Kids also -- presuming that there would be enough funding for it.
  10. Why has the program ended? Was it only intended for the original members as a one-time series of challenges, or could other talented kids join the program? Did the other members quit Sumo altogether, or have they moved to another club?
  11. Day 12 -- 5s.
  12. Even with his formidable powers in decline, a competing Hakuho is still the top contender. For the excitement value of the basho it is good that a Hakuho yusho is no longer a foregone conclusion and that there is a new generation smelling blood.