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  1. New recruits for Haru 2018

    That"s interesting. Gymnasts train from avery young age to attain the high degree of flexibility and reflexes required for their sport. This must stand them in good stead when they enter sumo and give them an edge over their contemporaries whose focus has been more on strength and weight. And like Ura, they must have a developed sense of their body in movement, which translates into a good ring sense. Being tall is a big plus. He has a big learning curve ahead of him but should be able to do well. One to watch out for -- imho, more than for Yokozuna brood like Kotokamatani who yet have to prove worthy of the hype .
  2. Urban animals

    I was taking an evening stroll on Hampstead Heath once when I saw a flock of bats circling the lake. The water must have confused their echolocation, because they were going round and round. It was one of those balmy windless evenings when sounds are carried far and the day seems to be holding its breath for the upcoming night, the sun was down but it was not dark yet. You know the way the total of image, sound, smell and touch make an unique and unforgettable memory? This was one of them. A few years ago I was a volonteer in a program to help people with dementia articulate their memories and perceptions. Presenting images and sounds inside a room full of oldfashioned objects and appliances could bring a sudden flood of memories - we'd listen to the stories and note them down in the ever-changing book of the patient's sense of their own life and identity. These books were useful not only for giving the patient a sense of dignity, but it could also help the nursing staff and family understand the emotions and sometimes strange behaviour. I am now in Germany but when I come back to The Netherlands after my retirement I will become a story-volonteer again. The time you take listening and coaxing these memories to the fore is never wasteful and can bring such great reward. I picture myself sitting there -- what could prompt that memory of the Hampstead Heath bats again, and would anyone understand why I'd be smiling? It's a little thing but it could mean so much.
  3. Winter Olympics 2018

    Sadly I haven't been able to watch the 3000m long track speed skating at all -- and it was a Dutch triple whammy as well. I'm sure that Canadian Ted-Jan Bloemen will spoil the chances of the men doing the same in the 5000m... which I won't be able to watch either...
  4. Winter Olympics 2018

    NHK is going to show a lot of speed skating, thanks to the top performances of the Japanese women. Dutch TV shows it too, but I can't watch it from here -- the next two weeks I can't watch the news either because it contains blocked Olympic content. Crazy! The papers then, I can still get the news from the papers. But that is a lot less fun.
  5. Osunaarashi scandal

    Kyokutenho got suspended for one basho, which dropped him to Juryo, from which he immediately got promoted back to Makuuchi, but it has cut an otherwise record number of consecutive Makuuchi bouts in half. He had been driving, but was he driving without a license?
  6. Sansho for 2018 Hatsu

    Love the summary Katooshu! Indeed, there are times when looooong drawn out posts make you wish the poster'd get to the point, but during this in-between-bashos-time I don't mind.
  7. Diet members caucus demanding development in sumo

    There is something to say for the current system. It is relentless but it is straightforward, simple, and does not lend itself to abuse. I haven't seen evidence of rikishi being soft with each other to avoid injury -- but personal injury management and knowing when to yield is an important factor in securing a lasting career. Would Kosho throw the present balance out of the window if it leads to rikishi taking more risks knowing there is no penalty for getting injured? The rule that kosho can be granted only for injuries sustained in a tournament bout seems odd. What if a rikishi, through no fault of his own, gets seriously injured in an accident?
  8. NHK historical drama 2018 Segodon

    That young actor is a Homasho lookalike. Or has Homasho found a new career?
  9. Shikimori Inosuke sexual harassment and drink talk..

    In May, he will still be suspended (suspension is for three basho, starting January). My guess is that a final decision will be made after the May basho, dependent on the outcome of the candidates' trial appearances.
  10. Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    When Takamisakari came for a visit, the light bulb went dead and Yaku is too small to reach to it - Takamisakari changed it for him - and Yaku put it into his collection Thanks for explaining. I am not tall enough to change a lightbulb either -- when it becomes necessary I stand on a chair. No rikishi around to do it for me, I'm afraid. Furuwake would be most welcome, of course, but there isn't much in my meagre collection of memorabilia to look at.
  11. Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    Wow, salt grabbed by a rikishi's hand! A bandage once worn by Wakanohana! A can crumpled by Kaio's hand! Stubs from smokeware once inhaled by the Hana family! What's this with Takamisakari changing a light bulb?
  12. Hajimemashite

    Welcome! There is bo better place where you can get a dose of sumo AND share with like-minded fans. See you around...
  13. Guess Kisenosato's Aite (M1W Ichinojo) - January 2018

    The first ever time I got KK in this game, also worthy of a quiet celebration.

    Day 15 -- 5s.
  15. Basho Talk Hatsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    TPTB ("The Powers That Be") is a rather curious term referring to what one percieves to be the decision makesrs of the day and the powerlessness of people like me and you to influence them. Using the term generally implies some dissatisfaction with the decisions or the process.