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  1. orandashoho

    Sumo fan from Wales

    Tan y 'steddfod nesa te -- my poetry isn't much to write home about, but it got into "Barddas" Hwyl,
  2. orandashoho

    2019 official JSA calendar

    The calendar arrived !! Looks great. Also nice to see Juryo in there, and the group photos of the urakata. Thanks John! One thing I'm puzzled about: Why include a banzuke from May... I already have a bunch of old ones.
  3. orandashoho

    Takanoiwa hits his tsukebito

    If no one turns up to honour Takanoiwa at his intai ceremony, that might be a very awkward punishment.
  4. orandashoho

    Hatsu 2019 - Questionable Calls Gyoji / Shimpan Edition

    It would be interesting as a separate topic if it is used to collect noteworthy stuff over multiple bashos concerning the performance of individual gyoji / shimpan... but then, we already have a topic about the gyoji, don't we?
  5. orandashoho

    Ichinojo 2019 - will this be his year?

    Sekiwake. He'll be sent tumbling but come back up again. This year we've seen him progress from a lethargic mountain ("come and move me if you dare") to an attacking mountain. The glimpses of his potential are scary. He'll become more confident tapping that potential, but he may still have a bad basho or two stopping an Ozeki run.
  6. orandashoho

    Hakuho in 2019 - Hak Attack Part 15

    Yusho: 1 Zensho: 0 I think he will kyujo twice.
  7. orandashoho

    Takakeisho in 2019 - the Young 'un

    I think he'll get close to becoming Ozeki once or twice without finishing a successful run by January 2020.
  8. orandashoho

    Aminishiki in 2019 - the veteran question

    J9 9-6 high, 3-12 low. I don't think he'll continue if demoted to Makushita. Fighting back to the paid ranks might call for more abuse of his battered body than he is willing to sustain, and he doesn't need to prove anything. The end will just be a new beginning. A host of young men are eager to learn from him how to perform while coping with injuries.
  9. orandashoho

    Hatsu 2019 - Questionable Calls Gyoji / Shimpan Edition

    Wouldn't that just duplicate what will already be in the honbasho talk?
  10. I second the last speaker. The're not "amateurs" who start the day -- not even Hattorizakura. It not uninteresting to see them, specially when remembering that their short time on the dohyo is their only chance to advance themselves. Don't think for a minute that they're not motivated and won't fight with all they've got.
  11. orandashoho

    Sumo anime and manga

    This makes me interested in the artwork. I can't find any volumes of the English edition for sale though...
  12. orandashoho

    Sumo anime and manga

    He, of course, looks like he just walked out of a manga himself.
  13. orandashoho

    Extra events 2019

    Will the extra events be in the sumo calendar that John is going to send to me?
  14. orandashoho

    New to the forum

    Welcome to the forum Oushimaru. As for your sporting plans, I don't think there are any sumo clubs in your area, but the USA seems to have a good amateur sumo organization, maybe they can tell you if there are any other practitioners in your area.