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  1. Whatever happened to the Kinboshi Sumo club?
  2. Oh yes, get well soon! I'm a huge fan of the big guy.
  3. Huh, it can't be easy for merry old England with Brexit, banks fleeing, Scottish making separatist noises and England drawing into itself... How is the arm? Hope you have healed up a little.
  4. Sorry you cannot make it. I may not want to wait another twenty years for a repeat, but it will be longer than a year I'm afraid. Going to an Indian restaurant in Japan wasn't really in the plan... but we just simply HAVE to go there if Kintamayama comes too!
  5. Is there a way of watching a regular broadcast through a VPN connection in Japan, and if so, which would be the online channel?
  6. @Akinomaki -- How can I "like" information like that? It's terrible for those among us who haven't gotten in there in time, and I fear it will only get worse. But thanks for posting!
  7. I suspect we need to go way back to find a precedent for the current high demand. Even then the situation may not be comparable. And how is anybody going to know the actual markup when people aren't telling? Nobody is going to willingly forfeit entrance by admitting how much they paid on the black market. It's a seller's market out there... I'm sure that some people who wouldn't normally do something illegal will be tempted.
  8. Almost impossible to stamp this type of resale out if the IDs of people presenting the ticket are not hard matched with a purchase -- but that would slow down admission and make the sales even more complicated than they are now.
  9. I got a refund for downgraded seats, but did get my tickets for all the days I ordered. !!!
  10. I totally agree, Asashoshikari. Wile I am delighted that The Beast came out, Terunofuji has to be a consistent yusho contender before a promotion will be considered.
  11. I heard from them -- they are busy sorting out the orders and they are warning that they may not be able to fill the order. I am waiting in suspense. Surely there will be things to do if I can't get in...
  12. No news from buysumotickets yet...
  13. The first (as you say, depressing) version of the documentary was about his negative experiences and running away. He didn't like the chores, the hard work, the defeats, having given up judo, being very lonely away from Hokkaido. We also heard the oyakata being disappointed. I don't know when the second version was made. Certainly after his return to the heya and becoming somewhat more successful rising through the ranks. Where the original docu was called "a normal life", the second was aptly titled "Perseverance" which is a good title for what happened. Just look where Kyokutaisei is now. He has persevered beyond hope and made himself into a Hokkaido hero instead of a failure. The docu still shows how hard that path is, but as a valid depiction of the person it had to be changed. So, will there be another documentary? When there is something significantly new to add to his story... Perhaps if/wnen Kyokutaisei rises to Makuuchi joi? When he becomes a Makuuchi mainstay? On his retirement? One thing that interests me is how he feels the documentary itself (both versions) have affected his fighting spirit.
  14. I thought that the use of a fan was the traditional way of giving an announcement the gravity and importance of an irrevocable dictum.
  15. Hakuho is still a formidable yokozuna and well deserved record holder. I am amazed how well he has been able to hide what clearly must be serious health problems that forced him to change his sumo and knocked him off the lonely position at the top. He may still be the best yokozuna of all times, but if he is not the best yokozuna on the banzuke he will not be opening any Olympic games. I am sure that he knows that this honour will be given to a Japanese Yokozuna higher on the banzuke, and will retire when that becomes certain.