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  1. orandashoho

    Terunofuji’s Knees/Dohyo-Iri

    Ah, Harumafuji's dohyo-iri... now that was something. Using that foot shuffle during the buildup before a match, too. Maybe just only to remind Hakuho of his foot sole injuries... rubbing it in so to speak.
  2. orandashoho

    Terunofuji's ozeki promotion formalized.

    11:39 ... Terutsuyoshi? Did he really say Terutsuyoshi? He sort of mumbled it, I couldn't make it out.
  3. orandashoho

    Sumo Statue Unveiled In Salt Lake City

  4. orandashoho

    YDC meeting after Haru 2021

    Terunofuji all the way.
  5. orandashoho

    March basho 2021

    " I'm flabbergasted how much use he's getting out of his no-knees knees now! " I'm sure no small part of that can be credited to ex-Aminishiki's expertise in how to stay in the top division with bad knees.
  6. orandashoho

    Day 11 pics overview Haru 2021

    Morozashi, but no power. Well, it beats koshikudake.
  7. orandashoho

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Takayasu knows The three followers are close "Gambarimashou!"
  8. orandashoho

    Former Takanofuji activities

    Oh good. But I doubt that the bully will change his spots. It seems to be part of his fighting style.
  9. orandashoho

    Sumo goods

    Difficult to pick up!
  10. orandashoho

    Kakuryu to Retire

    That doesn't play for me for some reason.
  11. orandashoho

    Height and weight data at March 2021 banzuke date

    Where are the weights in the rikishi/heya yearbook coming from? That can be taken as datum too.
  12. orandashoho

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2021

    ... so that is where Gokushindo went!
  13. orandashoho

    March basho 2021

    Perhaps place it in a topic somewhere here, if it cannot be done in the db? It would be wonderful if we could get an update, even if it is only once a year that's way better than we have now.
  14. orandashoho

    Hello from NY!

    Alex, welcome to the best sumo fan hangout on the web!