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  1. Kitakachiyama

    Games Bugs

    Something must be wrong with Juryo Game banzuke. I am at the same rank as in Nagoya (M11w) despite a 10-5 record. Was Aki banzuke just copied from Nagoya by mistake or it's just me? I can't believe in such banzuke bad luck.
  2. Kitakachiyama

    Games Bugs

    1, Totoro's Sumo Hoshitori Game has finally started, but I shoul have been promoted to Ozeki with 34 wins over the last 3 basho. In fact I shoud have been promoted even earlier, for Nagoya 22 with 35 wins! 2. Juryo Game - Tokushoryu's win on day 2 is still missing.
  3. Kitakachiyama

    Games Bugs

    Juryo Game - Tokushoryu's win on day 2 is missing.
  4. Kitakachiyama

    Aki 2022 Superbanzuke Masters Series

    Totoro's Hoshitori´╗┐ results are wrong, yusho and sansho points are not included. I think Hidenotora is TH winner, not me. I probably took 2nd place. This does not change the final results of Green Mawashi and I am very happy that I won it again!
  5. Kitakachiyama

    Kyushu 2021 day 5 pics overview

    For the first time in sumo history both rikishi fell asleep during the bout. They woke up and finished a few minutes later.
  6. Kitakachiyama

    Bench Sumo news

    And look at Norizo's last win/loss records as Ozeki. Mean greater then 1 is a great achievement! Congratulations Yokozuna Taka from (not promoted?) ex Yokozuna Kitakachiyama!
  7. Kitakachiyama

    Superbanzuke Masters Series Natsu 2021

    There was a mono-ii in Norizo Cup and the final results changed a bit. You should update Superbanzuke Masters once again
  8. Kitakachiyama

    What rikishi do you miss the most?

    Musashimaru, Baruto, Kyokushuzan, Terao and Mainoumi. And Kitakachidoki for his shikona
  9. Kitakachiyama

    Norizo Cup 2019.7

    This is not true. I have that answer. Here is the proof: 2019-07.png?dl=0
  10. Kitakachiyama

    Games Bugs

    I can't enter Bench Sumo daily entry form. The button leads to day 5 entry instead of day 9.
  11. Kitakachiyama

    Games Bugs

    Doitsubase is probably down again, it doesn't work for me, as is Hishitori. And also Norizo Cup login.
  12. Kitakachiyama

    Games Talk Kyushu 2016 - spoiler advisory: explicit postings

    ...and we have a 1:1 draw
  13. Kitakachiyama

    Bench Sumo news

    Dear BSYDC and all fellow BS Players... This won't be easy, as English is not my native language and I don't speak Japanese at all. But I have to try, this is the moment of glory, so I can't remain speechless. So let's start from the yusho. It was a strange basho with amazing luck. I started from 1-2, and last three days were also 1-2. And I had one 0-point loss. For at least one day I was the leader of "Good luck of the basho" in the MCP. Not a Yokozuna candidate performance at all. But in the middle I was 9-0, and that's what you can call a Yokozuna run! The most memorable moment was the final bout, musubi-no-ichiban. It really was THE musubi-no-ichiban! The bout which was to decide the yusho, finished with perfect scores and very strong and identical benches. As if it was a mono-ii! Yokozuna Randomitsuki won only by the lowest ranked winning rikishi, a pre-basho pick. I lost, but thanks to a very strong performance, I won anyway. Second consecutive yusho came true and my tsunatori run was finished in glory. Like in the real Ozumo, promotion after two consecutive yusho! It seems unbelievable, but I already did the same last year, when I was promoted to Ozeki. Back then it seemed impossible to do it again. Things never happen the same way twice, right? Yeah, right! I'm not the first one to win two consecutive BS Yusho (I think Itachiyama in 2010 and Charliki in 2006 did it), but has anybody done it twice? Or more? By the way, I'm glad I haven't done it in Kisenosato's way, who was on the constant tsunatori run without a single Makuuchi Yusho... So, I humbly accept the honor of being the fifth Bench Sumo Yokozuna (as the Kyushu BS banzuke is already out). And I promise to gambarize! What can be my next goal? I already have 5 Makuuchi Yusho, just like Yokozuna Wakanohana, who didn't won any more since his Yokozuna promotion... But "do not be like Wakanohana" does not seem proper. I would prefer much more to be like Yokozuna Musashimaru, my favorite rikishi back in times when I fell in love with sumo. I just have to win 5 more yusho to become The Great Yokozuna! Sounds impossible? No? Yeah right, I know it does. But... Musashimaru was the Yokozuna for five more years, so let it be my goal! It wont be easy. I think it's much more difficult to win a yusho as Yokozuna (who won the most yusho while being a BS Yokozuna?). It's because of the pressure, like former Yokozuna Randomitsuki said lately. He never had 3 makekoshi in a row until now, and I already had not only 3, but 7 (back in 2008)! But on the other hand, my worst score in Makuuchi so far is 6-9. Not bad at all. Will the pressure play the main role in my case? We shall see. It's only a game, but... It can take quite a lot of fun out of it, but I wasn't feeling that while being on the tsunatori run. It was rather a new excitement. And let it stay that way! By the way, if it is to be called the Kitakachiyama era, then I would like to tell you that my shikona is connected with Maegashira 3 Kitakachidoki. I loved the way how the English commentator on Eurosport was trying to pronounce that! I hope that the Kitakachiyama era won't last short! The Fifth Bench Sumo Yokozuna Kitakachiyama.
  14. Kitakachiyama

    Video Stream - Availability

    The dogs are waking up...
  15. Kitakachiyama

    Sumo Games World Championship Finals 2013

    (Yusho winner...) Yessssss!!! I have finally made it!!!! (Clapping wildly...) After 11 years of playing sumo games (6 years of playing all Super Banzuke games). Although 72.33 points is not as impressive as it would be 2 or 3 bashos ago ;-). And congratulations to my wife-to-be Aome for winning Ozumo Bingo Game, even though she is a little mad at me for having won more ;-)