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    Basho and quake.....

    Kobe Quake: The number is 6434 people gone and over 300,000 homeless. While it pales in comparison to the ongoing tragedy of the Sendai quake and tsunami, we who live in Kobe try to remember each year on 17 January with 6434 candles with the name of every lost person on its own candle. Regards Tamagoyama
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    NHK English Broadcast

    Toki asked Takimiyama for permission to have the Elvis burns before he grew them. That is true respect (Broken heart...) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I second the call for more respect for Azumazeki-oyakata. I first met him when he was still an active rikishi and found a truly gracious, somewhat shy man who was a little bemused by the gaijin adulation he "suffered". Then I ran into him taking tickets at the last Nagoya basho and, losing my cool completely, greeted him like a long lost friend. Never missing a beat, and not having a clue who I was, he responded warmly and we chatted for a few minutes. A true gentleman. ;-)
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