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  1. Araiguma_Rascal

    Next Yokozuna

    My guess: Hakuho
  2. Araiguma_Rascal

    Record for most wins before first loss?

    Does anyone know the record for the most consecutive wins after joining Sumo before the first loss? A related question: Is there a website with various all-time Sumo records available?
  3. Stable Master Held in Fatal Beating of 17-year-old I used to be a fan of Sumo. Even went to see it in person last year, although I haven't been an active poster here recently. I have to say that the whole Sumo world disgusts me now. This abuse and hazing of youngsters is just part of it. Another thing is that the lifestyle encouraged by the traditions is totally unhealthy. The Japanese are among the longest-lived people in the world, but Sumo wrestlers have much shorter lives on average. IIRC, I read somewhere that they die in their 50's on average. There is also not to my knowledge any attempt to even find out if performance-enhancing substances are a problem in the sport. Wake Up Ozumo! Welcome to the 21st Century!
  4. Araiguma_Rascal

    Ozumo is Rotten to the Core, and I won't Watch it Anymore

    "Token" movements are inadequate. And what about movements (and not just "token" movements!) to extirpate the culture of hazing altogether? A kid has been murdered. Do more kids have to die before something is done? I hope parents take notice before entrusting their children to the tender mercies of these sadistic stable masters. Perhaps there needs to be an age limit for of 18 or 20 for residing in a sumo stable, and younger deshi need to go home to sleep and all deshi need to be able to leave the stable whenever they want. People cannot be confined against their will like some kind of slaves in the 21st century. When real reform has happened, and young deshis' human rights are respected, I will happily start watching again. Now, it is closer to the level of dogfighting for which Michael Vick is in prison.
  5. Araiguma_Rascal

    Rikishi Debriefed on Yaocho

    What is the evidence? Put up or shut up, I say. I don't believe this particular allegation because I don't think he needs to do it. So he better come with real evidence. Otherwise, sue him for every yen he has.
  6. Araiguma_Rascal

    Makuuchi Bout Videos

    I wonder why either NHK or the NSK does not make these videos available over the Internet? I am lucky enough to live in Japan, so I don't have this problem, but I feel bad for Sumo fans elsewhere. The Japanese sports leagues seem to be way behind the power curve when it comes to making the most of the Internet. For example, compare MLB's site to that of Nihon Yakyuu. Or don't, because there really isn't any comparison. :-P
  7. Araiguma_Rascal

    Hakuho's non-promotion

    Some people thought Hakuho deserved promotion after the last tournament, but I think that his performance this tournament has proven that he is not ready yet. (Blushing...) Mind you, I am not anti-Hakuho, and I think he will be ready eventually. Just not yet.
  8. Araiguma_Rascal

    Juryo Division title winner?

    If Wakanosato is back to health, I think he must win. It was not so long ago that he was on the cusp of Ozeki.
  9. Araiguma_Rascal

    Tochiouzan and Goueidou - Career watch

    Sawai's new shikona is Goeidou Goutarou. In Japanese: 豪栄道 豪太郎 (ごうえいどう ごうたろう)
  10. Araiguma_Rascal

    Takanohana's last Yusho

    In the Kokugikan, they display giant paintings of each yusho winner going back for about 5 years. At each new Tokyo basho they take down the oldest 2 paintings I think (because every other basho is elsewhere: Kyushu, Nagoya or Osaka) and put up new paintings for the last two yusho winners. Today was the last day for Takanohana's last yusho poster to be displayed during a honbasho at the kokugikan. I suppose they sell those things to collectors? If so, that one will probably fetch a good price. Also, I wonder if Takanohana will come out with a diet book. I've not seen a former rikishi so skinny. Anyone able to post a recent picture of him? I saw him on the ol' tellie and his hair is now shorter than it had been recently. He looks really healthy. Something about him just seems weird though. Maybe that's why he has such self-discipline.
  11. Araiguma_Rascal

    Tochiouzan and Goueidou - Career watch

    Impressive bashos for both young rikishi. I suppose that it is important to be cautious at the tachiai if opponents are always trying for the henka or hatakikomi. I think it is impressive to never win by going backwards, but OTOH, could that be a weakness because he is too predictable? Eventually, most rikishi will resort to the henka once in a while, if just to keep their opponents guessing. Like in baseball, a pitcher who always throws strikes would not be a good pitcher because the batter does not have to guess.
  12. Araiguma_Rascal

    Kyushu Banzuke prediction

    He had the 2nd-worst record among the Ozeki, that's reason enough. Yes, Ozeki is different. It's not really a 'demotion' because he is still Ozeki. I believe that among returning Ozeki the one with the best record in the previous basho gets the O1E spot. I don't know what the tiebreaker is. Head-to-head? If so, that would favor Kotooshu. You can't really demote any sanyaku so I bet they will add some sanyaku. Is there any precedent for 4 komusubis? Or, maybe The Kid gets promoted to Sekiwake?
  13. Araiguma_Rascal

    Leaderboard Day 15 Aki 2006

    Anyone want to venture a guess about how many demotions from / promotions to Juryo there will be?
  14. Araiguma_Rascal


    Sounds like a smart choice to me. A loss for sumo, but if I was Asashoryu, I think that I would be thinking the same thing. It is his home, and also his riches would be much higher in Mongolia. Its hard to be a gaijin in Japan, frankly. I do not say that because I don't like it here or because I resent the Japanese. Its just hard to be different in this society. I am fluent in Japanese, but not like a native speaker. I am a permanant resident, Japanese wife, house and mortgage and (half) kids (who can't speak English), but I increasingly feel psychologically alienated. I suppose its my own fault for choosing this life, but I have too many commitments to do anything about it now. Even my own children actually have called me a gaijin. :'-(
  15. Araiguma_Rascal

    Baruto out

    Tough luck, but yes he needs to be going forward, and poor sumo is a cause of this injury. Next basho he should presumably fall down the banzuke far enough to have a "tune up" basho in the relatively easier lower ranks before returning to Joi.
  16. Araiguma_Rascal

    Tochiouzan and Goueidou - Career watch

    Tochiozan's bout was a long one in which he managed to get a right-hand grip on the larger Daimanazuru's mawashi, but was unable to do anything with it. He kept trying various attempts of pushing or throwing, but was unable to move Daimanazuru, who waited for Tochiozan to get tired and then pushed him out.
  17. Araiguma_Rascal

    Tochiouzan and Goueidou - Career watch

    I tuned in early today to catch Sawai's bout. He won quite handily going forward with a quick yorikiri. I will be watching tochiozan's bout, too.
  18. Araiguma_Rascal

    Aminishiki, Roho, Kisenosato

    My wife mentioned the other day when Aminishiki was being interviewed that he looks like he came straight out of an ukiyo-e. I agree. Is this because his persistant knee troubles are finally behind him? Kisenosato is showing some stuff, certainly with his shocking win yesterday, stunning the yokozuna. And Roho has been on fire ever since coming back from his suspension in the previous tourney. (Blushing...)
  19. Araiguma_Rascal

    Hakuho's non-promotion

    I thought 10-5 was considered "par" for an ozeki. What is "par" for a yokozuna?
  20. Araiguma_Rascal

    Aminishiki, Roho, Kisenosato

    True. Although one could also argue that he is merely performing how an ozeki is expected to perform, which is better than he has performed recently. Kotomitsuki has also been quite genki.
  21. Araiguma_Rascal

    Hakuho's non-promotion

    If it is not Hakuho, then I think Baruto will be the next candidate.
  22. Araiguma_Rascal

    Hakuho's non-promotion

    Seriously? Why would he do any better because he is Yokozuna? If anything he would probaly do worse because he have a letdown. He does not seem to have the determination or concentration to be consistant enough. If they had promoted him he would still be the same person. If he was truly yokozuna material, he would be proving it now by winning the matches he is supposed to win. However, I disagree that Asashouryuu is the one stopping him. It is losing to lower-ranked rikishis that is stopping him.
  23. Araiguma_Rascal

    Asashoryu vs. Baruto

    No suprise here. The yokozuna remains by far the most explosive rikishi when he is serious. He is so hard to beat because he does not give his opponent any time or chance to do his own sumo.
  24. Araiguma_Rascal

    Were Hakuho and Miyabiyama robbed?

    So, what do you think?
  25. Araiguma_Rascal

    Were Hakuho and Miyabiyama robbed?

    Thanks for the links, I wouldn't know what to search for (or have the time or motivation anyway). But, those 2 threads don't say that "NSK said" that 13 wins would be enough. IIRC, first the shinpan-bu (judges committee) has to recommend a candidate to the YDC, and in this case it appears that the shinpan-bu had set the bar a little higher than some members of the YDC. Actually the YDC is, I believe, not really part of the NSK exactly, but a committee of outsiders who serve a limited term. In any case, pre-basho hearsay is not binding.