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  1. Man, some losing streaks have really surprised me this basho.

    My man Aoiyama just seems to be out of ideas, and is dropping down the board fast. I'm even more surprised for Takayasu - a couple of basho agos he looked like he would be aiming for ozeki, gave the top guys some really great matches, but now....and Shohozan at 0-12. O.o He's always reminded me a bit of Goeido, shows good fighting spirit every bout, but nothing is working for him.

    Speaking of Goeido, great bout he gave Haramafuji, who just barely hanged on. Contrast that to Hakuho, who swapped a tough as nail opponent as Kotoshogiku like a fly...he's out of this world.

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  2. Man, Aoiyama is just not competing this basho. :/ But I'm glad Goeido is doing good at home.

    Hakuho seems unstoppable as ever. Interesting what Terunofuji is doing, but I doubt he will measure up against the higher ranked guys. Ichi and Kotosho are providing some pretty entertaining bouts though, like watching these two.

  3. Man, is Harumafuji in superman mode or what? Yesterday with Kaisei, and today the way he just blasted out Kotoshogiku like he was a bag of feathers...crazy stuff. Gonna be one of the most interesting bouts vs Hakuho in a while.

    My man Aoiyama has just had a flat tire this basho. I have no idea why he quit using his slapping and pushing attack, which is why he got this high in the first place. Whoever told him to change was wrong.

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  4. Hakuho is champion of champions. A true master of his art if there ever was one. It is a privilege to watch him wrestling.

    Glad Aoiyama made that 8th win. He did well alongside Ichni at sekiwake. Let's see if either of these two guys can start pushing for ozeki, given that I think at least one will of the ozeki will lose his status next basho.

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  5. Harumafuji's side-stepping tachiai failed today. I think he may have been stunned momentarily when his head thudded against Aoiyama's right arm.

    Yes, lucky but very welcome win for Aoiyama. He needs to work a little but on expecting these kind of tachiai's though, as they're one of the few ways to effectively beat him.

    Great, great bout between Kakuryu and Kise - I'd love for the latter to really challenge for the cup this time, but with Hakuho tomorrow...

  6. If any yokozuna deserves to be on the receiving end of a henka it's Kakuryu. Didn't he pull at least one during his yusho run?

    I'm not a fan of henka, but it's Kakuryu's fault for falling for it.

    Then you shouldn't have any problem with it if/when someone tries one on Hakuho.

    I can't see it working. Hakuho starts back very far, is usually the second to touch at the start and also pulls his body a bit to the side. He'd be one of the last people I'd want to try it on for that alone.

    Yep, Hakuho won't fall for it. He's always one step ahead of his opponent.

  7. **yep I meant Kisenosato, was looking at the following day and had two thoughts at the same time

    But speaking of Kise - another loss today, so he's effectively out of the running. None of the Ozekis are impressing all that much this basho. Hakuho seems to have this in the bag, but let's see if anyone can pull an upset.

  8. -Icninojo continues to be impressive. The way he stops and comes back in the match is impressive.

    - What a match between Goeido and Kotoshogiku, two of my favourite. Goeido showed that spirit that has gotten him this far.

    - Happy for my man Aoiyama to win, though I will be surprised if he gets past Ikioi tomorrow.

    - Happy for Toyonoshima to win, he deserves it having to battle so much this tourney.

    - Yet the most impressive so far for me are Yoshikaze and Hakuho. Real determined and fighting well.

    Admittedly I am always surprised that Osunaarashi's strikes are allowed. I mean with some of these blows to the head he practically knocks down opponents. And if it is allowed, how come no one else seems to be using the strategy ? (Have only watched sumo for 1.5-2 years)