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  1. 100% daylight robbery. I have no idea what's going on there. Aoiyama clearly won that, it wasn't even close. Credit to him for taking it without complaining, I would have been tempted to pull a Hakuho. Like it's one thing to be unlucky in a disputed decision, but that was straight out his win.


  2. 7 hours ago, Yatagarasu said:

    Looks like Aoiyama got to be flagbearer in the end.



    And here's one of them in the car for the parade...



    I am delighted to see this. Wish the roles were reversed, but still, much joy all around here. Tochinoshin has long had amazing raw strength, this basho he utilized it to perfection. Hopefully it inspires Aoyiama too to focus and sharpen his raw gifts. 

    Only thing disappointing this basho was again, yokuzunas drop out and it's been forever since a full line-up or even mostly full-line up of top guys have finished a basho. On the other hand, Tochi's example should be taken up by others - if you have a serious injury that definitely needs time to heal, much rather to drop out and drop down for as long as it takes and then fight your way back up, then suffer through a slow degeneration into nothingness. 

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  3. My man Aoiyama....needs a big change in strategy/consistency if he is to continue his good form. He's shown that he can't handle really tough opposition. I suppose that's true for most, but he hasn't looked to have potential against the top guns for a while now. Hopefully this will change this basho.

  4. Echoing the thoughts of others, I too think rematches need to be employed much more often rather than highly subjective "dead body" decisions. I get that they have a schedule and can't spend too much time on extra matches, but perhaps they can speed some proceedings up. Especially for matches that could have yusho implications, rematches would be much preferred.

  5. delighted for Kisenosato. Fully deserved after all this time. Hakuho's tournament, including this match, was a weird one though. He never looked weak, he always looked in control, most of these 4 losses were some weird self-defeating momentary slip ups. Not too sure what's up, I guess sometimes that's just the way the ball bounces.

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  6. - Has Osunaarashi lost a fair bit of mojo due to his weight loss? Doesn't have nearly as much confidence or aggression as he had before.

    - Yeah, Kaisei and Aoiyama have found their level more or less. Will overwhelm you if you're not ready for them, but are pretty helpless against some intelligent sumo.

    - I really hope Kisenosato has pull this basho off. The path is paved for him, many times in the past too yeah, but every dog needs to have his day eventually.

    - Giku's last stand tomorrow? Though I can see him beating Kakury, the latter isn't in form either. Hope Giku can power up that train again.