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  1. 2 hours ago, dada78641 said:

    Am I the only one who's just not bothered one bit by a yokozuna taking multiple basho off? Let them do it. I wish there was a better solution for wrestlers without the privilege of doing so since a lot are being forced into destroying their bodies and shortening their careers.

    The last three basho Kakuryu fought to a finish, he came in second twice and won once. He's still a true yokozuna if his body is in decent shape. If we can get some more good tournaments from him in exchange for him taking some time off, I say that's fine!

    My problem with it is that in the minds of some it may cast a shadow over the basho, and whoever wins it will get a "good job on winning, but it's not quite as impressive as there were no yokozuna involved" - which is absurdly unfair to the winner and all others who do well this basho. I'm not necessarily going to 'blame' injured wrestlers for being out, but at the same time keeping yourself injury-free is indeed part of one's overall performance and legacy. Again, everyone can suffer an injury here and there, and I'm not saying wrestlers should rush coming back in, but at the end of the day those that do participate and do well deserve total and complete 100% laudations for their success, because they answered the challenge while others did not. Simple as. 

    So Kakuryu....he always deserves respect for making yokozuna of course, but unfortunately there should always be a heavy asterisk next to his name noting that he did not perform well as a yokozuna. If your body is too often injured, it is not that different from a case of always showing up but performing poorly. You are not being successful, and that's that.

    Hakuho obviously is the exception to everything because of just how legendary his success to date is....but honestly if you are only completing one or to basho per year and there is no explicit reason to believe you will get much better, maybe it's best to retire.


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  2. Congrats to Shodai, well deserved. Again I think his composure this basho has really been improved, he withstood some big charges where he could have been in trouble. 

    What an effort though by Tobizaru, as everyone says, he will be a name to remember.

    No Yokozuna, maybe the sunset is setting on some legendary careers, but once again we have an exciting ozeki collection.

  3. I'm sorry but how in the world was that not a win for Aoiyama? Yes he technically stepped out first, but Takayasu was flying down dead body defeated a good time before that. If that was not dead body I am a pelican. Aoiyama was on his feet, perfectly balanced, in control, while Takayasu was falling flat on his stomach with no attempt to do anything about it. We've seen the dead body rule used plenty of times in recent basho regardless of who stepped out first, but suddenly for this bout it didn't count? Really confused here.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Seiyashi said:

    On watching Chris Sumo's footage today, it's just occurred to me - if Takakeisho continues his form and wins this, with chances good that neither yokozuna will appear in November in top form, future Wikipedia editors are going to say of him that "he came alive these two bashos to post strong results and earn promotion to yokozuna". His motivation seems strong too, especially after his engagement - and having your own private dohyo can't hurt!

    Yep, I'd eat my hat if Takakeisho doesn't make yokozuna. Whether that's in the immediate future or a year or two, barring injury he has everything it takes. 

  5. Mouth-watering prospects for tomorrow, who knows what is going to happen. 

    But actually my gut feeling is Terunofuji will get the win vs Mitakeumi and settle it there. Asanoyama has really dropped the ball the past couple of days.

    Now if there is a 3-way playoff, and if the victor of Asanoyama and Shodai has to fight the first two rounds...that means he will have had 3 consecutive bouts one after the other. That's gonna be tough.

  6. If the Olympics are gone, surely that means no sumo until at least September? No sumo with fans at least - maybe two more closed door basho   ? Though IDK if it's not best just to cancel everything until September.

    Sadness, just deep, deep, profound sadness abounds. 

  7. Hakuho is a master at mind games no two ways about it, Aoiyama seemed to be carrying some confidence but that was neutralized fast.

    Very tough the Asanoyama-Kakuryu bout. At first I thought for sure that was Aso's win or at least a do-over, as he swung Kakuryu out, but the replays do show that Kak kept himself excellently in the air and Aso's arm hit first. 

  8. For real. He has no chance now - not that many do against Hakuho, but he knows exactly how to beat Aoiyama every time and executes it flawlessly. 

    10 hours ago, RPedro44 said:

    Hakuho - Aoiyama

    Kak - Asa

    Mita - Takanosho


    Nice matches for tomorrow. They could have been nicer with Aoiy


  9. WOW Aoiyama sole lead 3 days remaining. Looked very good today against Mitakeumi. One difference this basho is that he is going forward and pushing more often, not always going back and going for a slap down as he usually does. It really will be crucial who he faces the final days - I don't think he can handle a yokozuna or someone with much better technique than him, but with just 3 days to go and given that he can afford a loss, he has to be flowing with confidence.

    Really looking forward to Asanoyama-Hak tomorrow too, that one's massive.

  10. 15 hours ago, Wasabeefu said:

    I like Aoiyama as an unlikely dark horse, but I don't know if I could handle another basho with a rank-and-filer racking up two weeks of beating lowly opponents and lucking out at the end while the top guys cancel out. Tokushoryu's results this time unfortunately speak for themselves. I have not been around long enough to understand the fine art of NSK scheduling, but why don't they start pairing off low-ranked contenders against sanyaku earlier?

    For me Tokushoryu is earning a lot of respect for refusing to pull out and fighting on despite his very bad record. Too often high rankers pull out with sudden injuries when results start looking really poor. 

  11. 5 hours ago, Kintamayama said:

    Day 10 Rikishi talk:

    Aoiyama, ninth win and now tied for the lead: "I was able to do it without hesitation. I was going about it calmly. I'm just doing things as usual. The empty stands are a sad sight, but my fighting spirit isn't too high. I want to concentrate on one bout at a time."



    Spirit isn't too low, is what it's meant to say perhaps?

    Brilliant sumo from Onosho to get a well deserved win, looks like Hakuho will have a battle in his hands to win the basho. Turning out to be an exciting one - hope Aoiyama can keep it up.

  12. I'm sorry but that's kind of silly and not...correct. I'd understand if the basho was already on its way and they had to finish up the last few days with no fans, but deciding to hold the whole thing from the start with no live audience? Fans are the lifeblood of every sport, it won't be just "strange" without them, it will change the dynamic of the whole thing. Postponing it is still the right choice if concerns are that high. 

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  13. So I'm going to Japan and Tokyo for first time in September, have been a fan of sumo for years. I only have a short time there though and am with other people. I really want to go to one of the tournament days, but would only have the final hour or hour and a half to stay at most. Ideally I'd stay longer but not an option. So would is still be a good idea to go for that short amount of time? I don't want to come off as a clueless tourist, but that's kind of what I will be. Very unlikely I'll get to visit Japan again anytime soon.

    Any advice? Thanks,


  14. Lol this was epic in some ways. No one can say anything against Tochi pulling a henka, after the FIFA-level referring yesterday the sumo elders can't complain. Plus a yokozuna should be ready for anything.

    Congrats to Asanoyama, what can you say. Imagine if a month ago someone told him he would be basho champion and getting a cup by Donald Trump.