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  1. Is this true?? That is massive if so.

    But....please don't tell me we were deprived from seeing Hakuho one last time in the ring because of Covid, or more specifically Covid restrictions? Surely that is not how the most legendary career of all time will go out? If he is injured again I understand, but if not surely he deserves to go out with a bang in November?

  2. Wow, what can you say about tomorrow. It is as epic as it gets. If this was pro wrestling this would be our Rock vs Hogan.

    I think what Hakuho was going for against Shodai was to show how he can win in any way however he pleases. And whether he is 100% healthy or a bit less, it's still remarkable he can do this to Ozeki opponents. 

    Terunofuji has been impeccable this basho, but can he beat Hakuho? I do think that as Hakuho demonstrated today, he has too many tools in the arsenal, he knows how to find a way. I'm still going for the current yokozuna, though whatever happens - obviously very well deserved and welcome to our next yokozuna.

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  3. WOW epic bout between Endo and Terunofuji, what an effort by both. Best match of Endo's career? What a terrific finish to the basho this sets up.

    Terunofuji vs Takakeisho is fast becoming the sumo rivalry of this new decade. Well it already is, isn't it. Once again we have a basho decider between the two of them tomorrow. 

    And the thing is...I don't necessarily have a favorite, and it will be very fun to see a three-way playoff, but you can't blame Terunofuji if he is feeling a bit hard done by...he has dominated all his opponents from beginning to end pretty much, super unlucky to have a win stripped for the hair pull, and today a 50/50 finish that was so close....it's still in his hands tomorrow, but he will be haunted by major what-ifs if it somehow slips away. 

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  4. On 22/07/2020 at 15:59, Gaijingai said:


    What is socially acceptable in Japan but would not be okay in the U.S.?

    Lots of things. Slurping noodles while you eat, or picking up your ramen bowl to drink out of it.


    Lol, is that very true? Having lived most my life in western countries, I haven't encountered strict noodle eating etiquettes...unless you are doing something extremely over the top, no one is gonna notice or care how you eat your bowl of ramen. 

  5. 18 hours ago, dada78641 said:


    And now he's thinking "Wait, what? Another one? Are they just gonna give me a new one every basho? Do these people even know how small Japanese houses are?"


    That's actually a good question, do they give these out for each and every basho winner no matter how many times they've won the past? If so Hakuho must have hired a warehouse...

  6. Big congrats to Terunofuji, well deserved, he is the man to beat in sumo right now. He must feel top of the world with the journey he has had.

    The three Japanese ozeki have their work cut out for them, but I'm also excited to see where Takanosho will go, I think he has massive potential to go further. I think the sanyaku for May looks super strong.

    Very proud of Aoiyama, he often struggles big time when facing top ranking opponents, but great win today and he can be super proud with second place and a fighting spirit award. 

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  7. Absolutely fantastic basho, one of the best in recent memory I can remember. Full of twists and turns. My man Aoiyama has quietly maneuvered himself into playoff contention, though he has it all to do vs Takayasu. And I feel quite bad for the latter, what a great, great bout vs Tobizaru.

    For my money Terunofuji vs Takakeisho tomorrow is one of the biggest bouts we've had recently. The basho is on the line and it feels it will determine who is the top rikishi in sumo right now. Fuji deserves to be an ozeki again but beating all 3 ozeki and winning the basho will make him the top dog for sure I think. While of Takakeisho pulls out two wins tomorrow I think that despite recent setbacks he will prove he is still the most likely prospect for next yokozuna.

    All on the line!

  8. Honestly the last year has felt like one drawn-out retirement ceremony for the yokozuna, gracing us with brief special appearances before departing again. 

    The three ozeki are decent sometimes but all to inconsistent at the moment. I still have hope that Takakeisho will take it to the next level.

    Terunofuji - if he can also keep himself injury free - could obviously challenge for a yokozuna place as well. 

  9. What an opening day clash we have for tomorrow, the return of king Hakuho vs the defending champion Daieisho. Given Hakuho's length of absence perhaps it is safe to say Daiesho is the favorite? 

  10. My man Aoiyama makekoshi, seemed inevitable. I think he has lost strength. Every bout is the same. He pushes, but increasingly it is ineffective, then tries to pull, but again no strength to pull his opponent down. Is it age starting to knock on the door, or some other issue? If he has another bad tournament next basho he might be dropping out.

    rooting for Daieisho to take it away. Shodai is doing well (luckily well) but I am more entertained by the former's sumo.


  11. Is there any chance then to show flexibility, as inconvenient as it is for planning and the wrestler's schedules, and just postpone it until cases are more stabilized? Aka not all the way until March, but maybe later on in January or the latest early February? When strict lockdowns are imposed cases usually go down significantly within 2-3 weeks. 

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  12. 18 minutes ago, Asashosakari said:

    Uh, which sport does that anymore outside of the actual event/tournament dates? Leaving aside government-mandated quarantine periods which the sports orgs don't have a hand in. As far as I can tell, life goes on more or less as usual during regular training days for pretty much all professional athletes.

    ("Usual" by general society standards during these times, that is.)

    My understanding is that they are/were doing that in the US with basketball and other sports and it seemed to be working for them....I do not know if that has continued. But yeah especially close to tournament dates that would be much needed I think.

  13. I take it sumo wrestlers aren't bubbled away like some other sports? Kept in one place and isolated, no outside contacts at all? If so, I'd like to know why. Because whatever the reasoning for 'well we can't bubble them because...' I'm not sure is going to hold up when the end result is your top yokozuna getting the virus and the basho possibly cancelled along with him. 

  14. Looking at the banzuke here http://www.sumo.or.jp/EnHonbashoBanzuke/index/ for the first time something has made an impression on me - there are only two wrestlers in all of Makuuchi from Tokyo. Is that surprising in any way? I am not Japanese so obviously don't know all the nuances, but Tokyo makes about a 1/4th of the entire population and half the tournaments every year take place there...would there be an expectation that there would be more successful rikishi from the capital?

  15. Fascinating showdown set for tomorrow. The irresistable pushing vs Terunofuji's scary upper body strength and belt game. I am leaning toward Takakeisho however, as he also has the speed to throw Terunofuji off his game. The latter will have to pull of the performance of his career to win twice in a row tomorrow, but we shall see.

    Otherwise, sad to see Enho drop down, he has been this year's sumo showstopper. Convinced he will jump back up though.

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  16. 56 minutes ago, Tsuchinoninjin said:

    If someone puts an asterisk next to kakuryus name I would remove it. All 3 of the yokozuna who ascended during Hakuho's reign deserve special consideration since the task is especially daunting. Kakuryu probably has the most vanilla sumo out of the 3 and often falls into a few bad habits so is an easy target of criticism but has gotten it done in an era where very very few rikishi had more than 1 championship to their name. 

    Granted I admit that is a fair point. Still, I would simply state that knowing when to retire and therefore not having to withdraw from too many tournaments - is an important part of preserving one's legacy.