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    Game 21 Haru Basho 2021

    B B A A B A A A B B B B B A B A B B A A A
  2. inhashi

    21 Hatsu 21, The Results

    A A A A A B A B B A A A A B A A A B A A B
  3. inhashi

    21 November 20, The Results

    B B B A A A A A A A A B A A B A B B A A B
  4. inhashi

    21 Aki 20, The Results

    X A B B A A A A B A B A A A A A B A A A X
  5. inhashi

    21 July 20, The Results

    B A B A B A B B A B B A B B B B B B A B A
  6. inhashi

    21 Har Har 20

    B B A B B A A B B A B B A A B B B A B A B
  7. inhashi

    21 Hatsu 20, The Results

    A A A B B A B B B A B B A A A A B B A B B
  8. inhashi

    21 Kyushu 19, The Results

    A B B B A B A B A B A B A A A A A B A B B
  9. inhashi

    Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Although no longer a rikishi, ex-Yokozyna Asahifuji / Isegahama Oyakata sings a song by Aimyon called "Marigold" with a little struggle at the end. Click onto CC English for subtitles. Video of the program at this topic link.
  10. inhashi

    21 Aki 19, The Results

    B B A B A B A B B A B A A A B A A B B B A
  11. inhashi

    Takakeisho injury update

    He was icing that knee pit in shitakubeya telling press that he was ok, it does not hurt. Yet now Sponichi has released that he is kyujo as of day 5 :( Injured MCL, needing three weeks of treatment.
  12. inhashi

    Narutobeya -- Torakio missing?

    Image circulated on twitter today Retired on April 19 due to personal reasons and has returned home. Danpatsushiki held at the heya among it's members.
  13. inhashi

    21 Natsu 19, The Results

    A A A A B B A B B A B B B B B A A B A B A
  14. inhashi

    Miselet Plus YouTube Videos Removed

    Hi MISELET! Thanks for all your efforts including Kintamayama and Mbovo. It would be a shame to lose all the footage as it seems it is very difficult to maintain a public youtube account lately. I've also had my original channel taken down due to copyright strikes and find that keeping videos and playlists as 'unlisted' has prevented another channel takedown (so far). Any videos that turn up as "blocked" in video manager I delete immediately and move to a different platform like Dailymotion. Dailymotion also removes copyrighted videos, but for some reason the ones that I have uploaded have remained and it has thus far dated back to two years ago. Only those given links to the videos/playlists can view them. It doesn't get as much views since it is not promoted by youtube thus less of a chance into the hands of copyright holders. Here is an example of a link in my About Me section of my forum profile. Both the playlist and videos are kept as 'unlisted'. The channel has survived for a little over a year now. It is still taking a chance, but keeping my views and subscribers down may also play a part in keeping the channel up.
  15. inhashi

    21 Har Har 19, The Results

    A B A B B B B A A A B X X B A X A B B A A
  16. inhashi

    Hakuho cup 2019

    I can see a resemblance with Kisenosato from afar, but undeniably Tamiya is the son of former Ozeki Kotomitsuki. SF link from last year Hakuho's son, 10 y.o. Mahato, at the event on TV today [Viking] Hakuho asking Mahato if he was nervous as the two spoke after the bout. "Yes". Why have you practiced keiko just to be nervous? You can throw your opponent if you remain calm... Well done!
  17. inhashi

    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    TBS followed Sekiwake Takakeishou for a half hour program, Jounetsu Tairiku.
  18. inhashi

    Day 12 Pics Hatsu 2019

    Getting right to it, S1w Tamawashi (10-2) oshidashi Y1w Hakuho (10-2) Major upset of the day and Hakuho's second consecutive loss. We know what all of this flying purple means. . . Hakuho looks back around the tawara as a lonely zabuton photobombs without a care Tamawashi's first victory against mighty Hakuho. Kensho winnings secured! Zabuton continue as Hakuho walks back toward the hanamichi Seen smiling in shitakubeya, the press all over it :) The yokozuna taking in comfort from his supplemental jelly Hakuho responding to reports with, "Tsume ga amai" -- "Slacked off at the end" Tomorrow to meet with Takakeishou O1e Takayasu (7-5) yorikiri M5e Aoiyama (6-6) To the surrounding spectator's delight, Aoiyama lands on Hakuho as misfortunes continue Yobidashi parade the kensho banners O1w Goeido (6-6) hatakikomi M5w Yoshikaze (2-10) Goeido's hand looking highly suspicious for not at this angle S1e Takakeishou (9-3) oshidashi M4e Kotoshogiku (4-8) Parts of Takakeishou defy gravity K1w Mitakeumi (7-2-3) yorikiri M1e Tochiozan (5-7) M2w Hokutofuji (7-5) oshidashi M1w Ichinojo (6-6) M8e Kaisei (9-3) yorikiri M4w Okinoumi (6-6) M12e Kagayaki (4-8) oshidashi M6w Onosho (7-5) M9w Endo (9-3) uwatedashinage M6e Chiyotairyu (6-6) M7w Daieisho (6-6) hikiotoshi M15w Kotoeko (6-6) M7e Ryuden (5-7) yorikiri M16w Daishomaru (1-11) Sorry, only have Ryuden's cheering squad only. M8w Asanoyama (6-6) yorikiri M14w Chiyoshoma (5-7) M10w Abi (8-4) oshidashi M16e Daiamami (3-9) M10e Takarafuji (7-5) shitatenage M13e Yago (7-5) M11w Ikioi (7-5) yorikiri M14e Yutakayama (6-6) M11e Sadanoumi (8-4) sukuinage M12w Meisei (6-6) J1w Daishoho (6-6) yorikiri J6e Hakuyozan (6-6) J8e Enho (6-6) katasukashi J3e Aminishiki (1-11) J4e Tomokaze (7-5) hatakikomi J14e Gagamaru (7-5) J11e Shimanoumi (11-1) okuritaoshi J5w Toyonoshima (8-4) Ms26w Midorifuji (4-2) hatakikomi Ms24w Koba (3-3) Ms51e Sasakiyama (3-1-2) yorikiri Ms46e Genkaiho (2-4) Arrivals: Takakeishou Ounoshou followed by Yuuma Ichinojo Chiyoshouma and Chiyoraizan . . . and of course, a full house
  19. inhashi

    Hello from wintery Indiana

    A warm and sunny welcome to the forum! I was born and raised in Indiana, so as a fellow Hoosier I can very well understand it's crazy winter weather patterns
  20. inhashi

    Day 6 Pics Hatsu 2019

    Manin onrei banners above the tsuriyane roof indicating the audience filled hall Final Kisenosato bento that has been a sell out every day so far. Some contents of his favorite food stuffs: Ibaraki chicken and long onions, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, pickled plums :9 recently retired oyakata on duty - Onogawa (Kitataiki), Sanoyama (Satoyama) left to right: Kasugayama Oyakata (ex-Shotenro), Sanoyama (ex-Satoyama), Kiyomigata (ex-Bushuyama), Mihogaseki (ex-Tochisakae) new goods cleaning cloth for eyewear/glasses Masu cup containing shiroboshi candy Eco bags Illustrated fan Paper with official JSA logo Bouts with Kakuryu kyujo and Mitakeumi sustaining injury :( M2w Hokutofuji (4-2) fusen Y2e Kakuryu (2-4) Y1w Hakuho (6-0) yorikiri M3e Shodai (2-4) O1e Takayasu (3-3) yorikiri M2e Nishikigi (4-2) O1w Goeido (2-4) yorikiri M3w Shohozan (2-4) S1w Tamawashi (4-2) oshidashi M1w Ichinojo (4-2) M1e Tochiozan (2-4) okuridashi S1e Takakeisho (4-2) K1e Myogiryu (2-4) oshidashi K1w Mitakeumi (5-1) Mitakeumi in agony Yobidashi Soichi rushes to aid Yohei also lends a hand The Wheelchair is out "He injured a tendon in his (left knee) and has internal bleeding," Dewanoumi said. "Returning to the ring at this tournament is a possibility. He is probably very frustrated, but I want him to treat the injury." [Mainichi] M6w Onosho (6-0) oshidashi M4w Okinoumi (3-3) M4e Kotoshogiku (4-2) yorikiri M6e Chiyotairyu (2-4) M5e Aoiyama (5-1) hatakikomi M7w Daieisho (2-4) M8w Asanoyama (1-5) oshidashi M10w Abi (3-3) M11e Sadanoumi (3-3) yorikiri M8e Kaisei (5-1) M11w Ikioi (3-3) oshidashi M9w Endo (3-3) M10e Takarafuji (3-3) uwatenage M12e Kagayaki (1-5) M13e Yago (5-1) yorikiri M15w Kotoeko (3-3) J3w Ishiura (5-1) shitatehineri M14w Chiyoshoma (3-3) M14e Yutakayama (4-2) oshidashi M16w Daishomaru (0-6) J1w Daishoho (2-4) hatakikomi J3e Aminishiki (1-5) J7e Azumaryu (3-3) yorikiri J5w Toyonoshima (3-3) J8w Hidenoumi (4-2) yorikiri J6e Hakuyozan (4-2) Ms23w Ura (2-1) hatakikomi Ms25e Kitaharima (1-2) Answering reporters' questions Jd91w Zendaisho (1-2) yorikiri Jd92e Isamufuji (0-3)
  21. inhashi

    Kisenosato intai

  22. inhashi

    Sumo related ryokan

    Today there was a 7 minute broadcast on THE Friday 爆報!THE フライデー miomio (video has not been available all day as of yet) Pandora starts at 1:13 Tsurugidake only:
  23. inhashi

    Preparations of the masses Hatsu 2019

    Are Yago fans on the forum looking forward to his first public oichomage and Makuuchi debut? Ex-Kotokaze's training @1:22 in the vid looks intense! I've seen Takamisakari do something similar with his shoulder and an outdoor metal pole. The sound of bone and metal sound waves makes me recoil in the agony they refuse to feel.
  24. inhashi

    Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    I wonder about that too. Unofficially acting as a coach since intai could it be Isegahama O. allows it to continue? At the beginning of the program he is being interviewed at his own apartment in Japan which he lives with his family (wife and 3 kids) making me wonder if he keeps the home to tie up loose ends while there or plans to stay longterm. He states that his plan/dream was to become naturalized Japanese citizen and stay within JSA ultimately as an oyakata. But since the uproar of the assault incident, that ceased to look forward to. Thus, he moves to another dream. That is to build the schools in Mongolia integrating elements of a Japanese school.
  25. inhashi

    Harumafuji scandal thread- part 2

    Miomio starting ~1:18:00 Harumafuji portion w/ CM removed I'm a firm believer in rehabilitation and learning from past mistakes. Harumafuji with his thoughts about the matter says he reflects on how to repay back Mongolia and Japan through education. If his contributions are a way of carrying out atonement it is a good direction in moving forward, positively.