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    New ozeki Tochinoshin pics overview

    Just to further go thru the list Birthplace: Georgia ("Gurujia" as mentioned above) Mtskheta, Parent's home has a vineyard for wine making Born: October 13, 1987 Family members: Wife, half year old daughter Shikona: "Tochi" from the stable's former owner Yokozuna Tochigiyama, "noshin" from heart (日本の心 as in Japanese heart) Signature move: Right yotsu, uwatenage Hobbies: fishing, cooking, muscle training Favorite Japanese food: Natto, grilled eel on rice, Pacific saury (type of mackerel fish) Dislikes: Snakes "I've never touched one, don't want to see it, they're disgusting" note -- Ikioi, who has a deep fear of snakes, should get along quite well with Tochinoshin. Both of whom are coincidentally Kintamayama's #1 and #2. I wonder how he feels about snakes... Grip strength: right 70kg, left 76kg Thigh circumference: 90cm Shimekomi: Silver mouse? color, belonging to his shishou Kasugano Oyakata used during his active days Good at combat sports: Sambo (former European Champion), Judo (former European Junior Champion) Home country qualifications: Dental techinician
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    Tochinoshin Ozeki Promotion News

    A list of evening news video. Sorry no time for subs today, but it is open to community contribution (any language?) Watch9: Nsta: News7: Shibu5: NewsEvery: Following morning Asachan:
  3. inhashi

    Tochinoshin Ozeki Promotion News

    Ceremony that is about to start on NHK live Some screenshots ""I will follow and preserve Oyakata's teachings, be a role model for other rikishi, and train hard with keiko" The leg is numb and Ozeki takes a moment to shake it out
  4. inhashi

    Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    I don't see how rudely knocking Georgian fans has anything to do with your viewership. If anything, your competition will stem from AbemaTV where during Makuuchi, the viewer count has exceeded well over 100K.
  5. inhashi

    Day 11 pics Natsu 2018

    Day 11 full and Terunofuji returns with his left knee injury. According to Isegahama he is suffering from diabetes and kindney stones, serious bad news imo. No wonder he's been looking so terribly bloated lately. Hokutofuji withdraws after experiencing a knock-out on day 10 but with reason being a cervical spinal disc hernia and right quadricep injury. Arriving Takakeishou Takekaze Asanoyama Daishoumaru Y1e Kakuryu (10-1) hatakikomi K1e Mitakeumi (7-4) Some interesting skin distortion on Mitakeumi Y1w Hakuho (10-1) yorikiri M4w Shodai (6-5) Painful impact to his eye socket which Hakuho thought to have ruptured S1e Tochinoshin (11-0) uwatenage M5e Kotoshogiku (6-5) The small circling of press that will become a swarm soon to come M1e Tamawashi (4-7) tsukidashi K1w Endo (3-6-2) Abi (5-6) lost to Shohozan (5-6) tsukidashi M3w Yutakayama (2-9) yoritaoshi M7e Ryuden (2-9) M5w Ikioi (8-3) oshidashi M9e Daishomaru (7-4) M6e Chiyoshoma (3-8) shitatenage M10e Okinoumi (5-6) M10w Takakeisho (6-5) tsukiotoshi M6w Takarafuji (6-5) M7w Chiyomaru (5-6) oshidashi M12w Asanoyama (6-5) M15w Kyokutaisei (8-3) shitatenage J2w Gagamaru (2-9) Kachikoshi in his Makuuchi debut J4e Meisei (9-2) yoritaoshi J7e Seiro (6-5) J12w Asabenkei (3-8) oshidashi J8e Terunofuji (0-5-6) J10e Tokushoryu (8-3) kakenage J12e Yago (8-3) J14e Tsurugisho (9-2) oshidashi J10w Homarefuji (2-9) J11w Takanoiwa (8-3) uwatenage J14w Wakatakakage (5-6) Ms7e Murata (5-1) uwatedashinage Ms1w Chiyonoumi (4-2) Jd42w Hoshoryu (6-0) oshidashi Jd17e Rikito (5-1) Sd85e Satoyama (6-0) yoritaoshi Jd11e Naya (5-1) Naya's first defeat after a 12 win streak Still trying to understand and make sense of the match Today's photo frame card has Ikioi baby seats in place at the baby rest TV room KONISHIKI aka Konichan models the 'in' tote bag at the goods shop Abi 's trademark pose new in the sumo goods The sumo market As with the feet, a table set to compare hand size and shape with two Yokozuna, Tanikaze (left) and Musashimaru (right) --- earlier from Day 10 --- k.o.'d by Ryuden, Hokutofuji struggles on the dohyo and hanamichi with a concussion while left to fend for himself Endo returned and met with Hakuho Ichinojo's first actual win after 4 consecutive losing streak, here against Shodai Yokozuna Kakuryu henkas the former Ozeki, Kotoshogiku
  6. inhashi

    Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play extra of Toyonoshima imitating Kisenosato in the hanamichi after losing, "... Ah shit! *mumble mumble*" During the sumo cruise in 2014 was it?
  7. inhashi

    Day 4 pics Natsu 2018

    The fourth consecutive full day, manin onrei banners unfurled. Juryo Terunofuji is kyujo with left knee injury. Starting at the top, Y1w Hakuho (4-0) uwatedashinage M1w Kaisei (0-4) M2e Shohozan (1-3) oshitaoshi Y1e Kakuryu (3-1) Shohozan's kinboshi #5 which dedicated to his shisho who is recovering. Nice face! Shohozan drives and Kakuryu pulls to end it Yokozuna's first kuroboshi loss of this basho M1e Tamawashi (1-3) oshidashi O1w Goeido (2-2) Just like Haru 2018 again, Tamawashi repeats his victory over Ozeki S1w Ichinojo (4-0) yorikiri M3w Yutakayama (0-4) First torikumi/meeting between these two. S1e Tochinoshin (4-0) yorikiri K1e Mitakeumi (2-2) M2w Abi (1-3) tsukidashi K1w Endo (2-2) Another first time meeting between these two. M4w Shodai (4-0) yorikiri M5w Ikioi (3-1) M8e Yoshikaze (2-2) yorikiri M7e Ryuden (0-4) Monoii resulting in a torinaoshi with a little less spectacular re-do in the end. ...right into Takanohana, ouch. M11w Chiyonokuni (3-1) hatakikomi M10w Takakeisho (1-3) M14e Sadanoumi (3-1) tsukiotoshi M12w Asanoyama (3-1) M15w Kyokutaisei (3-1) oshitaoshi M17e Nishikigi (2-2) M15e Tochiozan (2-2) oshitaoshi M16w Aminishiki (0-4) J10w Homarefuji (1-3) oshidashi J13w Tobizaru (1-3) J14w Wakatakakage (1-3) yoritaoshi J12w Asabenkei (0-4) J12e Yago (4-0) hatakikomi J13e Terutsuyoshi (2-2) Jd11e Naya (2-0) yoritaoshi Jd9w Iko (1-1) Jd89w Asahanshin (1-1) (sukuinage Jd90w Kaitoma (0-2) Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM summit) took some time to watch the action [video news] Outdoor sumo market and Hiyonoyama mascot at the lottery Oita prefecture shiitake trophy Compare shapes and sizes of Yokozuna foot prints (left: Mushimaru, right: Tanikaze) 100yen soft drinks for the warm weather Hiyonoyama is scheduled to be out and about around 11:30 daily Goods and food in the Kokugikan Postcards Mini towels Cloak room service Rikishi bentos of Ozeki and Yokozuna favorite food items for sale Senbei rice cracker and savory snacks to accompany your beer Chocolate crunch snack Salt chanko flavor potato snack The Draft beer kiosk
  8. inhashi

    21 Natsu 18, The Results

    A A B B B A B A A A A B B B A A A B A A B
  9. inhashi

    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    Naruto beya on NHK's second variety program "Judai" ジューダイ NHK (April 26, 2018). If anyone has the first part to this broadcast from April 24 to post that would be great!
  10. inhashi

    Haru jungyo 2018

    Today's News Shibu5 sumo edition and Nohmachi, Michiko guides viewers through the ongoing jungyo
  11. inhashi

    Sumo Wrestlers Featured in Movies

    Here's a link to Off Topic Films/Movies with a few others.
  12. inhashi

    New recruits for Haru 2017

    There are the Omura brothers in Sadogatake, all still active too. Kotoomura Kotodairyu Kototora
  13. inhashi

    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    By chance I bumped into this After the annoying 45sec ads the program focuses on rikishi 'of the new era' broadcast earlier this month. Mitakeumi, Oguruma beya, and Asanoyama BS-TBS Program info (in Japanese) youtube link
  14. inhashi

    Pre-match/bout routines of certain sumo wrestlers

    Very often I see among many is an open mouth jaw stretch.
  15. inhashi

    Rock bands...

    If your into heavy metal, maybe something a little different? I've always found A Place to Bury Strangers cathartic with lots of reverb and FX-peddling. But mind the speaker volume and your eardrums
  16. inhashi

    Day 12 pics Haru 2018

    Weekday full house S1w Tochinoshin (8-4) yorikiri Y1e Kakuryu (11-1) O1w Goeido (9-3) yorikiri K1e Ichinojo (8-4) M5e Chiyomaru (6-6) tsukiotoshi O1e Takayasu (9-3) Awesome tachai by Chiyomaru Younger brother, Chiyootori, shows his support in shitakubeya Expressionless game face Ozeki M4w Shodai (6-6) shitatenage S1e Mitakeumi (5-7) K1w Chiyotairyu (3-9) oshidashi M4e Shohozan (6-6) M1e Endo (7-5) hikiotoshi M6e Kaisei (10-2) Kaisei holds the eye whacked by Endo Retreat M6w Hokutofuji (6-6) oshidashi M16e Daiamami (7-5) M7w Yoshikaze (4-8) yorikiri M11e Tochiozan (4-8) M8w Daieisho (7-5) oshitaoshi M13w Asanoyama (7-5) M14w Nishikigi (5-7) tsukiotoshi M8e Kagayaki (5-7) M14e Ikioi (9-3) hikiotoshi M9e Okinoumi (6-6) M10e Chiyoshoma (6-6) hatakikomi M15w Myogiryu (4-8) M12e Ishiura (7-5) oshidashi M17e Aoiyama (8-4) J8w Homarefuji (5-7) amiuchi (網打ち) J4w Tokushoryu (3-9) Twist down throw with both arms pulling on the opponent's arm, causing the opponent to fall over forward (the fisherman's throw). It is so named because it resembles the traditional Japanese technique for casting fishing nets. J7w Tsurugisho (3-9) tsukiotoshi J11e Yago (5-7) J7e Amakaze (3-9) uwatedashinage J12w Takanoiwa (5-7) J14w Enho (4-8) ashitori J10e Takagenji (5-7) Enho fanservice Jk21e Sakabayashi (4-2) hatakikomi Jk23w Nakano (2-4)
  17. inhashi

    Day 9 pics Haru Basho 2018

    I agree with you on the state of Terunofuji's appearance as he is arriving in the photos. Mostly noticeably the swollen and bloated face. With the diabetes it's worrying to think he may have a more serious endocrine problem
  18. inhashi

    AA birthday today.......

    Congratulations! Wish you all the best!
  19. inhashi

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Interesting tweet circulating where an explanation is that the force of the foot hitting the tawara caused the sand to be pushed against it without the toe actually touching out. With the above tweet removed, editing in the "original" tweet. This one explaining that the sand from the inner dohyo was pushed out by the sole of the foot. Poor quality visual, single angle view and all.
  20. inhashi

    Day 5 pics Haru 2018

    Day 5 full house Y1e Kakuryu (5-0) oshidashi M2w Takarafuji (0-5) after the torinaoshi O1e Takayasu (3-2) sukuinage M3e Kotoshogiku (1-4) O1w Goeido (3-2) oshidashi M3w Takakeisho (2-3) Abema youtube clip S1e Mitakeumi (4-1) oshidashi M1w Tamawashi (2-3) S1w Tochinoshin (3-2) okuridashi K1w Chiyotairyu (1-4) K1e Ichinojo (4-1) yorikiri M1e Endo (3-2) M4e Shohozan (5-0) yorikiri M2e Arawashi (0-5) M6e Kaisei (5-0) yorikiri M5e Chiyomaru (1-4) M8e Kagayaki (3-2) tsukiotoshi M7e Abi (3-2) M11e Tochiozan (3-2) harimanage M9w Ryuden (1-4) M13e Daishomaru (4-1) tsukiotoshi M11w Yutakayama (3-2) M13w Asanoyama (3-2) sukuinage M14w Nishikigi (2-3) M16e Daiamami (4-1) hatakikomi M14e Ikioi (4-1) M15w Myogiryu (2-3) oshidashi M17e Aoiyama (4-1) J8w Homarefuji (2-3) uwatenage J10e Takagenji (2-3) J11e Yago (1-4) oshidashi J11w Shimanoumi (1-4) J12w Takanoiwa (3-2) yorikiri J14w Enho (1-4) Jk18e Naya (3-0) yoritaoshi Jk19w Hoshoryu (2-1) "It was regrettable. I will definitely win next time." The rival showdown between the two is now at three consecutive wins for Naya since their amateur high days. Jd65e Yukiumi (2-1) oshitaoshi Jd67e Yamato (1-2) ichiban shusse Naruto-beya's Anzai with a kesho mawashi of the oyakata Kasugaryu performs yumitorishiki Takanohana comes into the office for a little over 2.5 minutes staying within the venue for about 10 minutes before leaving. Arrival shots tweeted by NSK Takakeisho, Kotoshogiku, Takarafuji Hokutofuji, Shohozan, Chiyotairyu, Mitakeumi Yoshikaze, Kagayaki, Chiyomaru, Kaisei
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    Baruto activities

    First episode below. Hopefully more to come from the channel. Aw.. I miss the big guy, but very glad to see he's staying so busy with an acting career :)
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    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    link to the program:
  23. inhashi

    21 Har Har 18 - The Results

    B A B A A B X A A B B B A A A B B A A A B
  24. inhashi

    New Juyro for Haru 2018

    Video clips of Takayoshitoshi and Enho. More video found of the Taka twin for some reason. Still waiting on Nstar which always seems to have better and more footage but a hit or miss to find. --Editing in Nstar coverage
  25. Thanks to Akinomaki for gathering them together in one spot! The Emperor's cup photos are soon to come for Day 15 senshuraku :)