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  1. inhashi

    Myougiryuu kyujo

    Toyohibiki as well, detatched retina. Had to sit out sometime in 2008. Not too uncommon injury.
  2. inhashi

    Kotooshu Intai links to the actual event should you be in Tokyo. tickets look to be be handled via pia or jtb through an application process. can of course read this site with an automatic translator in your language settings. sorry, forgot about that.
  3. inhashi

    From twitter-the "Who am I" quiz!

    Ya Toyohibiki - can see a skin tag on his back behind his ear
  4. inhashi

    I am looking for a match

    Here is a youtube link. Tachiai starts at 36:30 -- Musashimaru was nice enough to help him up from the spectators (Consoling...)
  5. inhashi

    From twitter-the "Who am I" quiz!

    Hey that's Kyokutenho! (Heart...)