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    New recruits for Aki 2018

    Sadly, it's blocked on YT. Clip from the program of Amarusanaa. I thought it was funny that the camera man did not recognize Hoshoryu's name. Amarusanaa: "You don't know much about sumo ne? Why are you interviewing? . . . Please study/research it!"
  2. inhashi

    Preparations of the Y/O- Aki 2018

    That abnormal bulge of his pectoral could have some scar tissue present which would be more of a hindrance. The risk of re injury increases if he has not allowed enough time to heal. From 5 days ago, Aug 28, during keiko:
  3. inhashi

    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    BS日テレ (Fuji TVLive Channel 017) aired the second part of a program of a 'private/personal sumo heya story' that featured Naruto and Tokitsukaze beya. The next episode of the series will be broadcast on the same channel next week (Sept.8 19:00 JST) with Tomozuna beya's story. Plenty of Kyokutaisei from what I've seen in the preview. Today's showed a lot of past degeiko footage mostly of Yutakayama, some Toyonoshima, Torakio, and ex-Kotooshu as they interact with each other/local supporters. Also addressed hardships of dealing with injuries - Yukatayama's right knee and Toyonoshima's ruptured left Achilles as well as his right calf muscle. Naruto understanding injury of his deshi, Torakio's right elbow. Updated link with commercials edited out: It is pretty easy to download videos from Fuji TV Live. Once it is available as VOD replay, while on full screen, I simply right clicked onto it and then clicked 'download'.
  4. inhashi

    Preparations of the Y/O- Aki 2018

    Soken - NHK with details on the link (Japanese)
  5. inhashi

    21 Aki 18, The Results

    A A B A A A B A A A A A B B B B A A A B A
  6. inhashi

    Aurora breaks the record and Aki weigh-in

    Evening Nsta clip of medical check. Thankfully, Orora is still somewhat mobile.
  7. inhashi

    Natsu jungyo 2018

    Although the news coverage has been scarce compared to the last few years, I've been able to pull several clips from news sources and created a playlist of the jungyo and a few training camp footage. Mostly dl'd from MioMio or online news, the clips are short and summarized. However, most of the videos' resolution is mediocre. Natsu Jungyo / Training Camp 2018 News
  8. inhashi

    Takanohana transported to hospital

    Although the reason for falling ill was not disclosed, some elements put together on News Every were Takanohana's demotion after Takayoshitoshi assault scandal Working as shimpan during the very long scheduled Natsu jungyo (26 days scheduled. He collapsed on the 21st day in Akita) The heat spikes during this year's unprecedented summer heat wave. At the time of the accident it was around 10am with temperatures already at 28.9 C. For his birthday he was pictured on a koenkai blog enjoying a champagne birthday celebration saying that it was a deeply emotional night for him at the time.
  9. inhashi

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I guess it would be best to put these in this thread to avoid spoiling the results for anyone. Just some quick clips of after Day14 events mostly of Mitakeumi, Mom Margarita-san, and supporters' reactions in Nagano.
  10. inhashi

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I recall that she is the owner of a famous/prosperous toriniku-ten poultry shop in Nagoya and yes! a Very stylish sumo fan. Maybe a koenkai member? I've always found it very satisfying to see her cheering among the crowd
  11. inhashi

    Videos Nagoya 2018 - Promo + Days 1-15

    I too have no issue with the videos and all come out fine on Win10 Chrome via pc and iOS YT app.
  12. inhashi

    Day 5 pics Nagoya 2018

    Manin onrei displayed and today is another full house M3e Abi (2-3) tsukidashi Y1e Kakuryu (3-2) Kakuryu's second kinboshi of the basho, delighted spectators enthusiastically toss zabuton Abi's second career kinboshi after the previous tournament defeating Hakuho As former tsukebito to Kakuryu, Abi said that he cried with feelings of gratitude while in the hanamichi Kakuryu Time to go home A heavy look while leaving the venue O1w Takayasu (4-1) hatakikomi M2e Ikioi (1-4) O2w Tochinoshin (5-0) yorikiri M1w Kotoshogiku (1-4) 5th consecutive win O1e Goeido (3-2) yorikiri M2w Chiyonokuni (3-2) S1e Ichinojo (2-3) oshidashi M1e Shodai (1-4) S1w Mitakeumi (5-0) oshidashi K1w Shohozan (1-4) M4e Kaisei (4-1) okuridashi M5w Yoshikaze (0-5) M6e Endo (4-1) yorikiri M4w Kagayaki (2-3) M6w Chiyotairyu (4-1) tsukidashi M7w Daieisho (3-2) M9w Yutakayama (3-2) tsukidashi M8e Chiyoshoma (1-4) M9e Myogiryu (4-1) shitatedashinageM10w Nishikigi (3-2) M13w Asanoyama (4-1) uwatenage M12e Sadanoumi (2-3) M14e Kotoeko (2-3) sukuinage M16w Meisei (1-4) J4w Aminishiki (4-1) shitatenage J2e Daiamami (2-3) J12e Wakatakakage (3-2) oshidashi J14e Homarefuji (2-3) Ms49w Takayoshitoshi (3-0) yorikiri Ms51w Hamayutaka (2-1) Ms60w Saidaiji (2-1) oshidashi Sd2e Shoji (1-2) Worried expression with thoughts of his hometown in Okayama pref. inundated with heavy rain as he talks to reporters Sd42e Hoshoryu (2-1) kubinage Sd44w Shoketsu (1-2) Sd50w Naya (3-0) kotenage Sd49e Kotofukujuno (2-1) Arriving Akiseyama Takanosho Tobizaru Myogiryu Chiyonoo Takekaze Daishoho Wakatakakage Takanoiwa Gagamaru oyakata on duty: Shikoroyama and deshi Tatsutagawa Lonely Chiyonokuni on day 4 with a fusen win (Hakuho)
  13. inhashi

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    The Kyokai just released a pic of Hattorizakura from yesterday and it looks like Asakayama oyakata was not prepared for the result
  14. inhashi

    Live Streaming - Nagoya 18

    That's strange. I'm viewing other news channels with times showing and the exact time corresponds with the current time. Edit: Now I am indeed getting about a 1-2 minute lag after several minutes online
  15. inhashi

    Live Streaming - Nagoya 18

    Correct, one day trial. After that you can subscribe or just make another free trial account with a different temporary e-mail address. But a subscription is not necessary. I've only used this for the first two days of the basho. Since the trial ends daily, I just obtained a new temporary e-mail address at for day 2. The old temp email I can just delete since TempMail provides disposable temporary address.
  16. inhashi

    Live Streaming - Nagoya 18

    Another live streaming option available for now (Mbovo source?) -- FujiTV It's free, realtime, can start watching at around 13:00 JST (get most of Makushita joi on) The catch is registration is required with a valid e-mail address. I use the following link to obtain a temporary e-mail address. Once confirming verification via the temp e-mail one can start watching channel 017 NHK BS1 from 13:00 - 15:18 then switch to channel 001 NHK from 15:18 - the end of the day. The stream is solid with no to very little interruption if any. Once the trial viewing runs out, it's just a matter of obtaining a different temp email at the link above. The old email address can be deleted or will expire after one day.
  17. inhashi

    New Juryo for Nagoya 2018

    A news feature on Okinawan, Churanoumi (Kizaki). If anyone can let me know which news program this is please PM me!
  18. inhashi

    Preparations of the Y/O- July 2018

    Degeiko @ Kokonoe, sadly a short clip and of only the two Yoks via Nsta: News23:
  19. inhashi

    Preparations of the masses- July 2018

    Mind, technique, physique
  20. inhashi

    Ikioi marries pro golfer Mamiko Higa when?

    Wow such ambition. It is wonderful news and here's to a happiness with the engagment/future marriage ♥ I know that okamisan of Ounomatsu beya (Okumura, Hisako) was also once a professional golfer and has adapted with heya life and management. Such a 180 turn in career certainly could not have been an easy one.
  21. inhashi

    Preparations of the Y/O- July 2018

    Yesterday's morning keiko vids of Kintamayama's reports posted above ↑↑↑ Tochinoshin: Kisenosato:
  22. inhashi

    21 Nagoya 18, The Results

    B A B A A B A B A B A A B B A A A X A A B
  23. inhashi

    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    Two vid links to the now 7th? Hakuho series. TBS will rebroadcast on the 23rd.
  24. News started to filter in during the past 24 hours. Here is a link to News7 and first time attempt with English subs. Asked if he would also be using a four character idiom phrase as others have in the past for their Ozeki acceptance speech, he has said that it would be a bit difficult and will try to keep it simple.
  25. inhashi

    Nagoya 2018 "Poster" (leaflet )

    Nagoya 2017 Day 10 torikumi It all adds up with East Shodai about to receive power water from winner Yoshikaze, and West Mitakeumi receiving from next to go-go-Goeido who lost that day btw.