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  1. 8 - Kotoshogik´╗┐u´╗┐ Back-up Terunofuji
  2. Andrasoyamawaka02

    2019 Aki Yoso-Kumi

    Hi Guys! Yes, the rules are clear... ..go immediately back up to Ozeki. Andrew
  3. Andrasoyamawaka02

    2017 Hatsu Basho Yoso-Kumi

    It's sorry---It's hard to come with the Banzuke... Ghost in the machine...
  4. Andrasoyamawaka02

    Bout Time Haru 16

    day 2: 4s Andrasoyamawaka2
  5. Andrasoyamawaka02

    FAWL - Hatsu basho 2016

    Hello The form is NOT OK...where is the current banzuke?? Middle group M3e Toyonoshima? Now is M7e. ect. ect. Thanks A.
  6. Andrasoyamawaka02

    2015 Aki Basho Yoso-Kumi

    Thanks for the good competition, I enjoyed it. :) Well, yes, it seems all the three sansho will go to you, but I still have to check it and have it checked. Official results sometime next week. As soon as possible. OK. That was FUN for me to play. Should I be a sanyaku next basho? Dear teo_heel! ---very nice chance promotion.... :-) Andrasoyamawaka
  7. Andrasoyamawaka02

    2014 Kyushu Basho Yoso-Kumi

    Dear chishafuwaku! sekiwake rank on the recent two tournaments----NO kachi-koshi result on the recent four tournaments---YES at least one yusho or jun-yusho (by kekka, not points) on the recent four tournaments--YES at least 33 kekka points on the recent three basho--YES Ozeki promotion: 9 wins on the next tournament! Good Luck! Andrew