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  1. Monnodo

    Miyagino/Hakuho extra activities

    Now all I can think of is Myiagino beya as a Mob Family. "Woke Up this morning, got myself a Mawashi..."
  2. Monnodo

    Grand Sumo Breakdown - John Gunning Interview

    I think that is a part of it and another aspect would be that you can just happen to get into sumo by "accident" via reddit and youtube for example because of some cross post or recommendation etc. so the fans tend to be newer. If you found the sumo forum you have at least some further interest in sumo.
  3. Monnodo

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Wow, I have not logged on in so long, I am kinda surprised I still knew my password :D But there is one thing I want to bring forward to all the "Hakuho is behaving like Asashoryu" folks: The circumstances are very much different. Asa always behaved badly, Hakuho did not for a very long time. And (this is is just speculation on my part) it may also have to do with how little respect he was treated from the press and the Kyokai on many ocassions. Also Asashoryu always did nonesense outside of the doyho as well, which Hakuho doesn't, as far as we know at least. I am not saying that excuses everything. But after a long career which was recieved by sumo watchers and press with takes like "Man, it is so boring with Hakuho, when will there be a japanese Yokozuna?" and major criticism of every last minor thing he ever did wrong, and be it just clapping with fans, I feel like I get a bit why you may lose some of that Yokozuna dignity. At this point in his career he is in it for himself, he is old, broken up, critiziced either way, so he might as well just go for the wins. Again, much of this is speculation and it does not excuse all the bad behaviour. But putting things into context makes me say that a) he is not the same as Asa and b) I kind of get where he might be coming from. Either way, when he retires, I think all of this will be forgotten anyways by history (probably not by the Oyakatas though, this might be a tough battle ahead of him) and only his achievments will stand since they far outshine his flaws.
  4. Monnodo

    Sumo back to 3rd most popular

    That's rather interesting. So "pan" from Portuguese was originally written with Kanji, presumably using an ad-hoc reading, for the long time since it was borrowed which had to be hundreds of years ago? Since it is always noted as having been borrowed from Portuguese as opposed to French, from which they would have gotten exactly the same word for that concept, that implies it was borrowed sometime well before any modernization happened in Japan and the Portuguese were their only European contact, as French was a much more widely used international language in the time between contact with the Portuguese and the 20th century. Now I am no expert and I am not familiar with the example but people of different eras and people of different standings used different writing systems. So quite possibly. I know for example that nations like England, Germany etc. had Kanji versions of their names before they were "Katakanaed" (Now i know how Kinta feels inventing words. It's awesome!). One thing I would like to know is why Japan uses Katakana for Mongolia. I can't imaginine them not having a Kanji for them, maybe they even had a different name back in the day for Mongolia? Or were they just "Katakanaed" like other nations?
  5. Monnodo

    Sumo back to 3rd most popular

    I don't think he invented the word for baseball itself but i know that Masaoka Shiki, a poet of the Meiji era, invented a lot of words for baseball. So maybe Baseball was very beloved by the literature circles of Japan at the time. Also I assume most Japanese people had not much knowledge of the english language, so inventing japanese words makes sense. And most importantly, using Katakana for foreign words is a concept younger than Baseball as Mainstream Sport but older than soccer as main stream sport.
  6. Monnodo

    Nagoya 2016 Videos- Promo and Days 1-15

    When Araibira stopped uploading I was relatively new to sumo (I guess I still am, but I shall gambarize and take everything on a day by day basis and will try to do my own brand of posting) and it was, besides wrestling and manga, the only thing that kept me kinda sane far away from my home, since I lived in Berlin at the time. I just moved back home and was super sad to see that my new found hobby vanished. But then I found out about your channel. Or I realited that I still could watch your stuff, now that I think about it I read the forum at the time so I was most likely aware of your channel :D Point is, thank you so much for providing us with your videos, sumo really grew on me on the last 2 1/2 years and you were a big contribution to that fact. A heartfelt thank you from Germany to Israel :)
  7. I don't even think it is only that. I mean a part of it is for sure, but there is more to this I think. I think there are 2 other major factors: 1. He has some sort of mental blockade. He seems sometimes frightened to go forward. He has an opponent going and then stops. Now one could only speculate for the reasons ( maybe hurting Azumaryu and Chiyoootori plays into that, just speculation, though) but he definetly is not in the right mental place for sumo right now. 2. He is at least 20 kg too heavy. He used to move a lot on the Doyho (for a big man) stepping aside, pulling (often in wrong situations, he still does that...), throwing etc. And he doesn't do that anymore. And the way he lost against Kise and Goeido is another proof that he just can't be faster. And I suppose (of course that is also only speculation) that it has to do with him being way too heavy for the way he does sumo. And all of these three things together seem to prevent him from being more sucessfull.
  8. Monnodo

    New Juryo for Natsu 2016

    I can not really imagine Sato not getting a shikona of sorts at some point (I am going to make a wild guess and say it will start with Taka). But Ura might just stick to the name he is already somewhat known for. I love his name anyway
  9. Monnodo

    Ample men saying stuff- Haru 2016

    To bad he did not talk about the size of Mainoumis hand otherwise I would have sworn he was trying to become Donald Trumps VP.
  10. What an ending to this basho... Here are my two cents: Hakuho has developed a bad attitude in the last 2 years or so. He does stuff not worthy of his status, he says stuff not worthy of his status etc. However every time Hakuho does something great nobody gives a damn apperantly. I remember someone brought up a voting from some newspaper where people had to vote for biggest stuff happening in sports and Hakuho critizising the Oyakata was ranked higher than his 33rd Yusho. When you search for Hakuho in japanese on Youtube, the most viewed stuff is Asashoryus extra shoff back in the day, Hakuhos nekomedashi, Hakuhos extra shoves, Hakuhos henka etc. Alll the great stuff he did is apparently uninteresting. And I can only imagine how that feels if you reached so much as Hakuho did. Is Hakuho behaving badly? Yes. This tournament it was actually very badly. Inexcusable badly, if I may say so. However I feel like he has a really tough time these days with the crowd. When he wins they are disappointed, when he loses everybody is speculating right away if he retires. Since he stopped being "The Hero" who beat Asashoryu on a regular basis, the people turned on him, media blows everything he does out of proportion until we reached the point where he really gave them reason to write about him and actually became "The Asashoryu" himself this tournament. That does not excuse his behavior, but the perspective is a different one for me when I consider all this. So to sum things up: I hope those were honest tears. Because I love seeing Hakuho wrestle and I rather see him lose in grace than winning disgracefully. But I think this will be a turning point, I feel that with this experience Hakuho will return to more appropriate ways. I am always willing to forgive a man who sincerely apologizes and I give him the benefit of the doubt that he was actually sorry.
  11. Hakuho Press conference: "You know they say all men are created equal. But you look at me and you look at Kisenosato and you can see that statement is not true. See, normally if you compete with another rikishi for the Yusho, you got a 50-50 chance of winning. But I'm the greatest Yokozuna of all time and I'm not normal. So you got a 25 per cent - AT BEST - to win the Cup. And then you add Harumafuji and Goeido to the mix, your chances of winning drastically go down. You see, in your matches against Harumafuji and Goeido you got a 33 and 1/3 chance of winning. But I, I got a 66 and 2/3 chance of winning cause Harumafuji KNOWS he can't beat me and he's not even gonna try. So Kisenosato, you take your 33 and 1/3 chance, minus my 25 per cent chance and you got an 8 and 1/3 chance of winning the Yusho. But then you take my 75 per cent chance of winning and then add the 66 and 2/3 per cent chance, I got a 141 and 2/3 chance of winning the Haru Basho . Senior Kise, the numbers don't lie and they spell disaster for you here in Osaka." (Sadly this makes not really much sense or not as much as Prof. Steiners math, should have done this before Kisenosato and Hakuho fought) Or maybe he would just use an alternative Scott Steiner qoute "Who the f*ck is better than me?!"
  12. Mankind deserves this to happen! It truly would be one of the greatest moments in the history of our sport!
  13. Today I yelled louder than I have in the whole year of 2015 :D He one it at the Tachi-ai. I really wonder what Hakuhos plan was, it seems mostly like he kinda panicked when kotoshogiku got right the position he wanted, and during Kotoshogikus charge he could not get an outside grip and then it was all over. Now I hope he is prepared for tomorrow, I feel like there is a Harumafuji Henka incoming. The way he rolls over his opponents suggest that at least, this tournament going chest to chest with Kotoshogiku seems deadly.
  14. Monnodo

    Japan Sumo Derby

    Who the hell thought of this :D Ingenious :D
  15. You either die a Hakuho or live long enough to see yourself become the Asashoryu. Allthough to be fair Asashoryu usually was more agressive-not sportsman like than this Hakuho tongue in cheek style. It was very weird. Flawless in execution, no doubt... but it is so unlike him. I mean, he gave extra shoves before, he complained about the shinpan but these were fluke of the moment things, this by no means was... It was very weird. Maybe he was pissed that people thought he completly henkaed Yoshikaze and was like "I am gonna show what it looks like when I do something like that". Very weird. And on a personal note a bit sad. What ever he wanted to prove here did not make him look good. Whatever he will do, he will go down in history as the greatest Yokozuna no matter what people here argue about other Yokozuna having tougher opponents etc. Doing schoolyard catch moves is unworthy of his own accomplishments.