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  1. kosomo

    Controversial Non-Promotions

    okay - after some digging through the other posts seems like the requirement is 2 wins AT Ozeki. so if somehow he gets the promo this time it'd be an exception. and my other hypotheticals are "no's" no matter how impressive.
  2. kosomo

    Controversial Non-Promotions

    Not sure if this is covered in another thread, but is it likely/unlikely/certain that Terunofuji is promoted to Yokozuna if he wins the yusho this time? That's 2 yusho in a row, but does it matter if the first yusho was not while he was an ozeki? Is that a "requirement"? If he's not promoted with a yusho win, I assume that it would just take a JY in july right? what about the scenario that a rank/file wins consuective yusho, or something crazy like a 3 in a row yusho win from m16, that isn't even an ozeki by the time the 3rd win comes around? Fun hypotheticals :)
  3. kosomo

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Aki 2016

    x2. thanks Asashosakari!
  4. If Takayasu wins, I expect Kisenosato to retire JK but, man, what a blow if your kohai wins before you do, after being so close for so long
  5. kosomo

    Nishikido situation; split from kyujo thread

    Porcelain or glass? (Laughing...) (Laughing...) (Laughing...) (Laughing...) (Laughing...) (Laughing...)
  6. kosomo

    Nishikido situation; split from kyujo thread

    i Weight loss seems not to be uncommon with beginners. The training is harder than any training they had before and they literally have to learn to eat enough. not to mention the fact that he's eating dishes he's probably never eaten before
  7. kosomo

    Preparations of the Y/O - July 2016

    so has there been any set criteria communicated on what would get Kisenosato the promotion to yokozuna? (e.g., yusho of at least 14 wins? 13? etc...)
  8. kosomo

    Oosunaarashi podcast

    loved the podcast, getting to hear from one of my favorite rikishi, and in english no less! (I was definitely impressed with his English) makes me very happy to hear how humble and down to earth he is. I loved his confidence on getting to Ozeki! Looking forward to it! And I'm always excited for what Nishinoshima has for us next! :D
  9. kosomo

    Preparations of the masses-July 2016

    the endou gaining weight point, got me thinking. I know that there are some Sekitori that are under the average weight, they seem split into 2 camps, (1) those that are intentionally staying small for mobility (2) those that want to get bigger but have issues putting on weight Question (1) I'm wondering, in which camp do the following folks fall into? Amuru Ikioi Kitaharima Also Question (2). Are there any folks that are actively trying to lose weight? (I believe Aoiyama is in this boat, and I wish Ichinojo would be)
  10. kosomo

    Nishikido situation; split from kyujo thread

    haha yeah, I noticed that as well. While I am consistently amazed by the level of knowledge on this forum, both of sumo in general and insider knowledge, by it's GREAT members, is quoting a forum really OK as journalism? (pardon my ignorance)
  11. kosomo

    Nishikido situation; split from kyujo thread

    I know that the dust hasn't even settled yet after the honbasho, but anything come to light yet? I still hoping for a happy ending and more cheering for Homarenishiki next basho!!!
  12. haters gonna gate. long live hakuho! btw, anyone else see that extra shove from Kotoshogiku on Goeido on day 15! Into the shimpan no less! I call for his suspension! (FYI: this is a joke) http://www.youtube.com/embed/K6_11xyg0ug?start=592&autoplay=1
  13. Nothing has shown we were wrong yet. Endō is still far from his pre-injury ability, which was easily san’yaku material with ōzeki prospects. Tochinoshin has proven that sitting out a few tournaments to let yourself heal is a much better idea, too. So I don’t know how you came to that conclusion.Edit: Can we get a gif of the Hakuhō–Gōeidō sandwich? which endo were you watching? the endo I saw never had a kachi-koshi above M5. While I agree that this endo is remarkably improved from the Endo of 6 months ago, and I also agree that I'm waiting to see how he does against the big boys, I never thought he was a steady sanyaku. Good in the joi, but no Ozeki prospects yet.
  14. I know there's something of a correlation between size and success in Sumo, but there are notable exceptions - and I think Ura could be one of them. I don't recall seeing anyone else quite so slippery and acrobatic. He'll be up and down for sure, but I reckon we'll see him in Sanyaku one day and it wouldn't surprise me if he goes one better than his idol Mainoumi and gets a KK there. wow wow wow, again!. first you guys introduce me to Chiyotaikai and now Mainoumi! These guys are crazy! I just went the DB and found this golden nugget: Love it! I am very excited to see what Ura will show us :D
  15. kosomo

    Natsu 2016 Videos- Days 1-15

    You're crazy Kintamayama :P we are the ones that should be thanking YOU! appreciate all the work that goes into this!