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  1. Domichi

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    I have been casually following the sport for awhile, checking the banzuke every basho and reading articles. Figured this was a good time to get back into watching and playing the games. That way I can be around as Hakuho starts to wrap his career up and get familiar with the bunch of new and unknown (to me) guys filling up the top division. Added bonus, was watching Tochinoshin regain his Ozeki rank live. The twitch live-streams are a welcome addition to the experience.
  2. Domichi

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    I've been out of the game for about four years now, but I was a part of the STI forums back then. I came out of retirement this past base and I'd love to be a part of the ichimon again if you'll all have me. That being said, it was a rough re-introduction to the sumo gaming for me. I only played 1 daily game, but both of my pre-basho games went horribly. GTB: 4-11 Fantasy Sumo: 190/191 (Had the dream team of Hakuho, Takakeisho, and Ichinojo) SG: 9-6 (only 86 points, so I was very fortunate in my match-ups)
  3. Domichi

    Aki 2015 Masters / World Championship Standings

    I'm not a contender for winning anything yet I'm very pleased to surpass my total points from last year. Thanks for the quick update.
  4. Domichi

    Basho Talk - Aki 2015 +++ Spoiler alert! +++

    He should receive one, just for his efforts giving Okinoumi the Rock Bottom.
  5. Domichi

    Happy Birthday Pandaazuma

    Happy Birthday Simon!
  6. Domichi

    Makushita Game Nagoya 2015

    Happy to walk away with a kachi-koshi. I joined this game to give me a reason to become familiar with some Makushita wrestlers. Looking forward to next basho.
  7. Domichi

    Fantasy Metasumo 2015

    Thanks for the update Randomitsuki. My goal is to finish the year in the top 8 for this game.
  8. Domichi

    US National Sumo Championships 2015

    Good luck! If I was closer I would definitely make the trip to check it out.
  9. Domichi

    Fantasy Metasumo 2015

    1. Pandaazuma - Worst case scenario is a 3rd place finish, honestly can't see a better pick at any level. 2. Norizo - Solid top 10 finisher, excellent at daily games, very active. 3. Oskanohana - Usual top performer, scores in many games. Seems like a source of solid points. 4. Mariohana - Active player, has finished in this area last year as well. 5. Kitakachiyama - Finished 7th last year, hoping that this year was an outlier and that another great performance is just around the corner. 6. Sebunshu - Scored in the most games compared to other players in his range. 7. Toonoryu - Seems like the strongest participant in the range. 8. Nagayama - If I was ranked 6 positions lower I would have selected myself. Since I was not, Naga gets the nod.
  10. Domichi

    New Bench Sumo Banzuke for November 2014

    First time getting out of Makushita in any sumo game, can't wait for the Kyushu Basho!
  11. Domichi

    Sumo Video Game

    You have probably already come across this list, but here the the wikipedia article for Sumo related video games. The game below seems to be the best bet as far as a simulator (Finding ROMs for this game was surprisingly easy, I won't post a link here because I haven't read the TOS for the forums)
  12. Domichi

    Bench World Cup 2014

    Thanks Jejima and all the refiojis for making this happen. This was very fun and I'm very excited about winning the bench world cup. Hopefully I can translate this success over to the sumo games for this basho!
  13. Domichi

    Bench World Cup 2014

    Rumours has it that Cristiano Ronaldo might not be playing for Portugal in the match against the USA, (due to a career threatening injury) - so I think an upset might be possible... ...because 1 out of 11 players is not fit for action? I know he is Portugal best individual asset - and most hyped by the media. I go out on a limb and say that Portugal might be even better as a team with CR7 on the bench. From my (very tired - it was 3 am here in Hong Kong) eyes, Uruguay only defeated England because of a 75% fit Suarez. Sometimes that 'star' player makes all the difference. To add to this, Pepe, Almeida and Coentrao will be missing the match against the United States. That's three defenders out, two of which were starters against Germany. The United States is missing Altidore which is a huge deal for our attack, but the injuries for Portugal more than balance that out. The USA managed to beat a much better Portugal team in 2002 with a worse squad so a win on Sunday is very much a possibility.
  14. Domichi

    Bench World Cup 2014

    Thanks for this!