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  1. I generally do best when I have a bad feeling about it. At least, whenever I feel very confident, I'm usually way off, and I'm right enough of the time that I must do well when I'm not feeling too confident.
  2. Gurowake

    Magic: The Gathering and Sumo Crossover?

    "Up to one hundred target creatures". Sorry infinite combo decks, you can't protect all those tokens.
  3. Gurowake

    Preparations of the Y/O - Haru 2022

    From what Shodai is saying, it sounds like he didn't lose his sense of taste at all, only the sense of smell, and I have to wonder whether that's the way covid tends to work. When most people talk about taste, most of what they mean is the smell component. Taste is strictly the 3 things Shodai mentioned plus sour and umami.
  4. Gurowake

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite - March 2022 edition

    It's going to be a March kosho for me.
  5. Once again I go from first in the rankings to out of the top 10. Hilarious. Netsuzakura who was top 10 after 5 basho and doesn't disappoint to grab 1st place after their 6th. They are dropping a 7-8 too.
  6. Gurowake

    Banzuke for Haru 2022

    That's probably Yamana based on both the kanji and the kana.
  7. I have 48. For how many things I'm frustrated at the Kyokai for doing, that seems like a pretty good score. I'm pretty sure there are people who got the joi spot on, and they're going to have some nice scores.
  8. Gurowake

    Banzuke for Haru 2022

    So the debacle with Tochimaru must have been someone without absolute authority telling the press who was going to be promoted, and that person made assumptions that weren't warranted. They may have even been on the committee and was fairly sure what they were going to decide, but things shook out differently than they imagined. My best guess is that they were not seeing that not demoting Kotoyusho was a possibility.
  9. Gurowake

    Trivia bits

    Depends on how you count time spent as Kyokai-gai.
  10. Not giving this topic its more proper name because it more accurately represents the content that I will be presenting in it. Sanyaku: All positions still technically open as Mitakeumi could feasibly be promoted, but it's looking reasonable to say the Sekiwake slots will have their incumbents while we look for Komusubi among the incumbents and maegashira who do well in the final stretch. Top contending Maegashira are in order: Tamawashi, Abi, Takarafuji, Ura, Ichinojo Maegashira in trouble, with numbers of wins to avoid being demotable by-the-numbers: Oho - 1 Kaisei - 3 Kotoeko - safe, but borderline Tsurugisho - 3 Aoiyama - 2 Tochinoshin - 2 Wakamotoharu - 1 Ichiyamamoto - 2 Yutakayama - 2 Chiyotairyu - 2 Terutsuyoshi - 1 Akua - 2 Chiyonokuni - 3 Hidenoumi will presumably be demoted unless there is a serious lack of candidates to take his spot. Takayasu should stay put as he's out due to Covid. No one in serious trouble here, with the worst three only needing winning records over the last 5 days. Juryo candidates, with wins needed for promotion by-the-numbers; Kagayaki - 2 Nishikigi - 4 Kotoshoho - 1 Daiamami - 4 Kotokuzan - 4 Kaisho - 4 Azumaryu - 5 Asanowaka - 4 Tohakuryu - 4 Not very many serious candidates to go up to go along with few people in danger of demotion, so we'll likely not have all that many exchanges. Juryo rikishi in trouble, with wins needed: Hiradoumi - 2 Chiyoarashi - 5 Kotoyusho - 1 Shiden - will be demoted Chiyonoo - will be demoted Hakuyozan - 2 Enho - 2 Tokushoryu - 1 Churanoumi - 2 Asanoyama is in a similar boat to Hidenoumi, but is slightly more likely to survive on a first pass, though as I've mentioned earlier they'll likely find someone to replace him if needed. So there's likely going to be at least 4 spots plus retirements, with outside chances at a couple more. Makushita candidates: Atamifuji had his 6th match early and won to bring him level for the tournament. He will be promoted with a win, while he'll try again from a few ranks lower with a loss. Ryuden probably has done enough already at 5-0 Ms5e given how many people will likely be demoted, but there's Shimazuumi, Takakento, and Tochimaru at 3-2 who might still finish with as good of a record ranked higher, and Atamifuji is ahead of him with a win, so it's not case closed on Ryuden being promoted yet. Outside of those 5 who have the best shot there's also Kairyu who might finish with a KK. I'll not speculate on where in the queue he might finish. In Day 11 action in makushita we have Takakento vs. Tochimaru, so one will get a KK this round. Shimazuumi is up in Juryo against Kotoyusho. Kairyu faces Ms7 Hokaho and Ryuden faces Ms30 Akiseyama in the Makushita semifinal (kinda).
  11. Gurowake

    Sumo Reference Updates

    I was wondering if it was just me. It goes back quite a few years, starting with Aki 2018 and continuing from there to the last one available. All the larger images are from a different source than the older ones. I think the issue is that they're higher resolution, and that causes them to take up more space on the page. I'm not familiar with this kind of coding, but it seems as though the image on the banzuke page is being forced to display at a certain resolution, and that was fine when they were all the same size, coming from the same source, but with this new source of images it's causing them to display much larger since there's more total pixels in the image.
  12. Shimanoumi deserves to be ahead of Aoiyama. Myogiryu maybe should be behind Aoiyama, but should get the same treatment as Shimanoumi. They've shown relatively recently that they don't care how lenient the demotions are, as long as they're demotions and they deserve to be ahead of the alternative, it's fine. Yes, Tobizaru was at least a full rank, but once they've decided that a 5-10 can be demoted only one rank, what's stopping them from making it only a half rank?
  13. Usually just a couple hours after the deadline no one's spoken yet. I'm not surprised though that people are jumping at showing what solution they came up with for this one. Terunofuji(11-4 Ye) Y Shodai(6-9 Ow) O Takakeisho(1-3 Oe) O Mitakeumi(13-2 Se) Wakatakakage(9-6 M1e) S Abi(12-3 M6w) Onosho(10-5 M5e) K Takanosho(7-8 Sw) Hoshoryu(11-4 M6e) M1 Daieisho(7-8 Kw) Ura(8-7 M2e) M2 Ichinojo(8-7 M2w) Tamawashi(8-7 M3e) M3 Meisei(5-10 Ke) Kiribayama(6-9 M1w) M4 Endo(7-8 M3w) Takarafuji(9-6 M7w) M5 Ishiura(11-4 M12e) Hokutofuji(6-9 M4w) M6 Kotonowaka(11-4 M14e) Takayasu(0-0 M7e) M7 Sadanoumi(8-7 M11e) Okinoumi(4-11 M4e) M8 Wakamotoharu(9-6 M15e) Tobizaru(6-9 M8w) M9 Chiyoshoma(4-11 M5w) Shimanoumi(5-6 M9w) M10 Myogiryu(5-8 M10e) Aoiyama(8-7 M16e) M11 Terutsuyoshi(7-8 M11w) Kotoeko(8-7 M17e) M12 Chiyotairyu(7-8 M12w) Chiyomaru(7-8 M13e) M13 Kotoshoho(11-4 J2w) Chiyonokuni(4-11 M9e) M14 Yutakayama(6-9 M13w) Nishikigi(9-6 J2e) M15 Tochinoshin(7-8 M15w) Kotokuzan(10-5 J4w) M16 Kagayaki(8-7 J1e) Akua(4-11 M10w) M17 Azumaryu(9-6 J5w)
  14. Gurowake

    Metasumo 2022

    I didn't realize that my pre-deadline Yusho in GTB would spark such optimism such that I'd get chosen despite only playing GTB among SB games these days. But as someone pointed out, 15 is more than anyone in that group got last year, so if you didn't have a sense for someone to recover, I guess it makes sense.
  15. Gurowake

    New recruits Hatsu 2022

    That is correct. The rikishi who are in the first match have a greater chance of winning the tomoe-sen because the first to win twice in a row wins, even in situations where the 3-match rounds are just restarting.
  16. Gurowake

    New Juryo for Haru 2022

    What? I don't comprehend this at all. It's not possible for Chiyoarashi to survive and Kotoyusho to be demoted since it breaks the fundamental banzuke rule. I don't know what else you might be trying to say here since there's literally no one else to consider for demotion if you're implying Chiyoarashi managed to keep his place.
  17. Gurowake

    New recruits Hatsu 2022

    I hadn't realized there was an actual case of a seemingly endless tomoe-sen. I wonder what the spectators thought of watching the same three guys do rock-paper scissors for over 2 rounds.
  18. Gurowake

    Hatsu 2022 Promotion & Yusho blather

    This is pretty good evidence actually that Shiden is not getting demoted. I can't think of any other reason why he would be scheduled for promotion and then not be, while the time-table on the Shiden decision makes it a reasonable hypothesis. edit: The Mitoryu hypothesis seems very far-fetched. I don't think they would make such a huge blunder when it comes to sekitori status. They've done similar mistakes in the past like reading a 7-0 D as a 6-1, but those didn't determine who was a sekitori.
  19. Kotoyusho survives is the other option. It's certainly more borderline than not demoting Asanoyama.
  20. Not the way I see it. Oshiogawa should not be seen as the successor but a branch-out. Those not going with him are going to Nishonoseki because the stable is folding. That these two events are happening in close proximity may or may not be a coincidence, but they mechanically are separate things.
  21. Gurowake

    Next Ozeki?

    I personally don't see Abi as an Ozeki for the same reason that I use for practically everyone: he didn't get to the joi early enough in his life, and he had a long enough stretch in Ozumo for that to have been possible. If after his first promotion to Juryo he had continued on to Makuuchi and up to the top of the banzuke by around the end of 2017, that would be a much better sign that he has the ability to make Ozeki. Instead, he fell back to Makushita and languished for over a year, including an MK at Ms21. He seemed to turn it around then, but unless there was some injury that was bugging him during that year that miraculously got better, it looks like he simply doesn't have the talent to make it, and needed more physical development to be able to get further up the banzuke. While he did have some KKs in the joi, he never had double digits (unlike Meisei and Takanosho), and had a 7-8 at M4 right before the suspension, which looks to me like he simply had a good run that finally ended. He hasn't had a full schedule of tough opponents, and a few of the new joi regulars weren't around back in his previous days (Meisei, Takanosho, Hoshoryu). While because of the lack of competition he might be in the top 5 of rikishi today, the next 5 after that are so close in strength it's hard for anyone to push through without a significant advantage.
  22. Gurowake

    New Juryo for Haru 2022

    Yeah, I didn't see any source for that tweet from ISJ. I was waiting for this thread before congratulating Tochimaru.
  23. Gurowake

    Mitakeumi Ozeki Promotion

    You can edit the title of the thread since you created it. It's not a "moderator action". Just edit the first post.
  24. Why did he switch in the first place if he was just going to switch back? Did he just change his mind after 5 years which name he wanted?
  25. Gurowake

    Trivia bits

    It's entirely in whether you're pushing them hard enough so that you lose contact with them afterwards. Tsukidashi requires leaving contact with the opponent because you pushed them so hard, while in oshidashi you maintain contact. It's basically completely arbitrary and somewhat random in the vast majority of bouts won that way, but in the extremes it's easy to tell when someone goes flying away vs. someone slowly getting moved out at arms' length.