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  1. Rusev

    Sumo documentary videos

    I am not sure if this one was posted, its about Ichi :)
  2. Rusev

    Hatsu 2015 Comments

    Here goes the Hakuho hater again :) just give it a rest.... I am not Hakuho fanboy, but lets admit that the guy has it... can we? I dont understand why people started saying that he almost got caught and stuff this basho... he completely owned Teronofuji even though he let himself in bad position, he waited for him to move so he can use the motion and that was obvious. He is close to his decline, but it will not be today, first he will surpass Taiho with 5-6 extra cups, than he will retire. The only bullet that he dodged was the Ikioi bout so lets not pretend that things happened, when they did not. Harumafuji is a monster. So fast, by far he is the one that i enjoy watching the most (when he has his mojo). My prediction - Hakuho and Harumafuji will battle it out for the winner of this basho, everything can happen, but so far it looks that way.
  3. Rusev

    KONISHIKI is coming..

    Wow, what is up with the Hakuho nuthuggers... he is amazingly good (and he will probably go down as the best ever), but can we focus and just hear his stories instead of moving the discussions towards one single comment? Everyone has an opinion... and he has the right to think whatever he pleases... Its really funny how people always like to shove their opinion - No you are not right, my truth is better than yours... just let the guy be. So back to the ORIGINAL topic: Can we ask Konishiki how long they were training back than?
  4. Rusev

    Purchase of Mawashi

    Can i revive this 5 years old topic by asking if someone from Europe did actually managed to order from e-sanpuku? I have no issue with the price and the delivery tax, what i want is the good quality of the mawashi. I checked the polish company, but to me their mawashi looks soft, we have allot of mawashis like this in the gym and i prefer the thicker and tougher one. Our trainer and few other guys that were in Japan several times have different mawashi, thicker, heavier and from different material. On their website they have only FAX and Phone, why they wont put emails its my amusement, but i am 100% sure they wont speak english too, do i need to learn japanesse to buy a nice mawashi from Japan :D
  5. Hello Sumo fans, From some time i am looking around for good keiko videos, i actually enjoy them more than the real bouts. I`ve watched probably everything in youtube and vimeo last 6 months. Can you share some videos, if you have the desire off course. Another thing, i am trying to collect most bouts of Assashoryu, but i can find CDs, or anything. I would like to buy some collection of his, cause there is nothing i the torents and as you might figure out, everything that was in youtube, vimeo etc i already watched them many times. If some has any suggestions i will be really greatfull. OS!
  6. Rusev

    Aki 2014 Basho Comments

    Teronofuji is one of my favourite rikishi and to be honest i did not expect this from him... on the level that he is at the moment and the talent that he has, he doesnt need henka to win matches. Lets see if he keeps doing this kind of BS ahead...
  7. Rusev

    Nagoya 2014 Discussion Thread

    I really dont get all the talks about extra shove. This is competitive contact competition, dominance is displayed. I am much more interested in seeing this kind of emotions, than just plain faces ( i have no idea why its required ). Thats why i miss Asashoryu, he had life inside him.
  8. Rusev

    Training schedule for beginner

    Well yeah, you know that people tend to like themselvs :D so i like my initial squat, but again i feel that when we hit eachother in keiko my head always goes above the other guy, i try to go lower so i can sort of dive below, but i could not do it until now. Thats why i thought that due to my lack of flexibility i cannot charge lower than now, i hit the point where even my weight cannot get me lower than this and i am 286 pounds on 173cm. I guess its all about time.
  9. Rusev

    Training schedule for beginner

    Hello Pica, Thank you for the advice, i am actually trying that from time to time (not the exact way you mentioned though) and to be honest i am not expecting to have Endo`s split, for me its more important to go down with my body, recently i was watching a video of one rikishi and he did not had such a great split, but he went down all the way with his stomach. At the moment, the most that i can bring my legs appart is 100 degrees, i am extremely stiff :( and my body i cant even put my elbows on the ground (big belly) :D but i will start with this routine for sure to see how far i can go, thanks for the asnwer.
  10. Rusev

    Training schedule for beginner

    Hello Guys, What about matawari? I`ve trying to strech myself for a while now and i am not flexible at all, i am able to do a good squat in the initial charge, but i still feel that i am too upwards. I was looking a bunch of websites and i am confused of all the information about flexibility and streching. Does any of you have any list of excercises that i can perform every day to achieve splits at least for the next 2 years? I know its really slow process so i dont care much about the time i just dont want to waste it ;) I was searching for something more sumo related, but there isnt much in the web. How strange is that? If someone has suggestions, i will be happy to apply them and let you know the results when the time comes.
  11. Rusev

    Rikishi Career Income

    Well i think out of the top 10 in the list, other guys will not have as much money. I am from Bulgaria, so when i look at Aoyama numbers, he can easily surpass this salary working as a bouncer in night club for example, but we still need to consider other things. I dont know if they pay for food, they dont pay for accomodation (which will be necessary if he works here in Bulgaria as he is from small town where he wont be able to make more than 300E). So if he has no expences eg clothes, food, flat, if this is the clean amount that he can put aside, its pretty good number. Also you need to consider that people who do sumo are not there for the money, they are competitors, they want success.
  12. Awesome, keep them coming mate i really appreciate all you are doing!
  13. Well i think we should just agree that if people which are experts in making athletes fat are unable to get him fat, chances are he can't get fat. And why he needs to? Its always entertaining to see small guys battle with the giants. Also his metabolism is not fad, but exactly the oposite. Fast metabolism means that you absorb the calories fast, therefore you put weight, slow metabolism is not absorbing all the calories, instead you visit the toilet more often.
  14. Rusev

    Yokozuna Ozeki Preparations Natsu 2014

    Hello guys, I found a few videos in youtuve at this channel: I really enjoy watching this training sessions, where can i find videos from similar sessions (maybe even the one that you listed above in the pictures?).
  15. Rusev

    Training schedule for beginner

    Hey guys, Thank you for all your answers, from all the information that i got until now i believe i`ve shaped a decent regime. Its obvious that due to my lack of training i really need to stick to shiko and suriashi for the most part. As i noticed in sparring i tend to leave my center pretty up because i am heavy and my legs are not trained so i get tired really fast, so thats a big hole in my game. When i watched it on TV, shiko was looking like a peace of cake to me, but it suprised me how hard is to make even 10 shiko per leg.... for sure if you do it long enough it will benefit allot. Matawari is also good, my flexibility is 0, but i try to keep my legs apart in any ocasion that i have (even when playing with my sons lego on the ground for example). I need to stick to the basis, but all those videos and materials above are really usefull. I also watch as much keiko as i can find in the web, to see how much they train and wow.... those guys are amazing. Its really tough, i like it.