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  1. furanohana

    Shodai, a possible Ozeki ?

    I don't know if this has been discuted already. I'm wondering if Shodai could be considered for Ozeki promotion after this basho, if he achieves 10+ wins (or 12+ wins) ? I know he wasn't komusubi or sekiwake for the last 2 bashos, but he has a record of 24 wins and 6 defeats for november-january, at M10 and M4. As the Kyokai needs badly a new Ozeki, I'm really wondering if 10/11/12+ wins at Sekiwake could make him an Ozeki... 10 wins this basho would result in a 34-wins record, and 12 wins a 36-wins records. But only one basho holding a sanyaku rank.... And he never was really successul at joi-jin ranks (except a 11-4 basho in november 2016 at M3).
  2. furanohana

    TORCHBEARER 2019: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Tsukahara J11E
  3. furanohana

    Bench World Cup 2018

    Congratulation to Krisachiyama !!! I'm very happy of my tournament, as I didn't think I could finish si high.
  4. furanohana

    Bench World Cup 2018

    Aaaarrrghhhh.... You can be surprised, as I made a mistake while sending my lineup, and this is not exactly the lineup I wanted to use. If I lose this match, that will learn me to be more careful...
  5. furanohana

    Bench World Cup 2018

    Done :)
  6. furanohana

    Bench World Cup 2018

    I'd like to play this game ;)
  7. furanohana

    Bench World Cup 2014

    Congratulation to Domichi !!! At least I'll have 3 teams left for the Bench Plate match...
  8. furanohana

    Bench World Cup 2014

    If I'm not wrong, Costa Rica did not win against England : 0-0. So Chabonowaka scores a goal, making it 3-0...
  9. furanohana

    Bench World Cup 2014

    Hold on, that's not right (Shaking head...) I want a mono-ii ;-) . (Mono-ii...) BRA and NED are both N teams, and since BRA had a draw and NED won, I score a goal, making it 1-1, with both chains unbroken.... Mind you, I do need a loss or draw by Portugal (unlikely, in my opinion) against the USA today or Furanohana will still win by 2-1 because of his CRO win and my BIH loss, which would break my chain.... Go USA! (Nodding yes...) (Please!?...) (Praying...) I agree with Chijanofuji : NED makes him score au goal, making it 1-1. But a draw by Portugal would not break my chain, and I have to putative goals waiting after that (Croatia and Ecuador). If I'm not wrong : - USA wins : Chijanofuji wins 2-1 - Draw : Furanohana wins 3-2 - Portugal wins : Furanohana wins 3-1 Go Portugal !!!!!!!!
  10. furanohana

    So, how much would *you* pay to watch sumo?

    60 to 120 Euros per year for HD quality + comments etc. + all bouts on archive seems to me something that would be a fair price. Higher would be ridiculous, compared to all sports providing video services !
  11. furanohana

    Natsu game bugs

    Thanks a lot !
  12. furanohana

    Natsu game bugs

    I confirm that. I can't enter a pick for day 3 (CG tells me I'm out of the basho), because my default pick (necessary for day 2 - win by Takanoyana) has not be counted in...
  13. furanohana

    sumogames.com offline?

    And Odd Sumo, but at least that is something Doitsuyama won't have to do anything about it. Wrong ;-P I am waiting for Doitsuyama to grant me access to my site, so that I could upload banzuke for all my 3 games. Without it the results pages don't work properly. Considering Odd-Sumo, I tried to enter picks for the last two days, but it seems that no Ante was counted as played. (I don't know if it's normal considering the state of the server of not...)
  14. furanohana

    RotoSumo Update Aki 2008

    Thanks !
  15. furanohana

    RotoSumo Update Aki 2008

    Due to the fact that I was asleep when the server came back to life, I couldn't send an entry in the website (and with all the mess, I didn't see the emails proposing to send them by mail). Could I get kosho status ? (the problem is that I don't remember if I didn't already get kosho in july...). If I can't get kosho, please make me intai then (I won't have the courage to try to come back up the banzuke, mostly due to lack of time to play sumo games).