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  1. nahhan

    Please help identify this poster

    Does anyone have a varied opinion to this, or any other input that can be offered about this illustration?
  2. nahhan

    Please help identify this poster

    Thank you for you help, very much appreciated! My ignorance had led me to believe there was more than yokozuna depicted. And further confused by all the different keshō-mawashi worn Now I see it is all Shiranui Nagiemon, and the other characters around him are sword bearers and dew sweepers. I guess the talk at the time of being given this was when Akebono was rising, and so i made an assumption he was featured.
  3. nahhan

    Please help identify this poster

    Thank you for your response, Kuroimori. Sorry for so many questions! Do you think it is a ring entry ceremony being depicted here? What are the opinions of others I wonder? Who are the other Yokozuna, and who is the central character? Is it Akebono Tarō?
  4. I was given this poster as I was about to depart Japan in August 1998. I think it shows Akebono besides others What is it all about? I think someone said that they are grand champions. Why was this made? Who is the artist? What is written on it? It is hand drawn/painted on what appears to be hand made paper/cloth and is quite large at about 25 x 38 inches. I would love to know all I can about this, and any help would be greatly appreciated.