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  1. The coming of the Pharoah is nigh.
  2. Why are you 'bustin' our boalls', Tony? Simply because, ive been there done it , bought the shirt and dvd.....ive wrestled at the highest level and placed, coached at the ultimate international sumo level ...........i know what im talking about.....Osunaarashinis the real deal..only 2 people on tjis forum know what he has had to endure to get where he him or like him i really do not give a damn..this kid is going to make it with or without synical comments from SFM members......
  3. What do you want?????? He got the nod , so shut up and stop talking semantics.
  4. Thank you so much....For the few who know me , I really only go for the number 1 spot.....Thanks for the vote of confidence
  5. As you all know im the biggest fan of Osunaarashi, im sick of all the negative shit many of you vomit on the forum with regard to this kid...Ramadam, ! Egyptian politics, etc etc....He has acheived more in the last 2 years tha most of you in your life times.Endo went through the "Tanaka, old boys system"Boody stuffed him with less than 18 months Ozumo experience, dumping a Japanese Ama Yokozuna?....Many of you will have to eat humble pie in the coming years...It is my opinion that there are few on this forum, with an unbiased opinion ..I can think of a handful of forum members from Germany, Israel and Ireland who agree with me.....Watch this and weep....Oh yes for those of you who complain about little news of Baruto........"The king us dead.......Long live the Pharoah".All replies welcome........above 1.55cm
  6. kenzo

    Day 9 lower division results

    As knowing Osunaarashi since 2008 inside and out , I agree with Nishinoshima's comments 100%.He really is an exceptional and talented youngman and his doing his best everyday...Of course there will always be people who will say he should do it so or he should be more so...etc etc . But I have been brought up in a culture where people who can it and those who cant just talk about it.....The best with this youngman is still to come...The most possitive points will be when he reaches Sekitori he will receieve the rest in his life that will enable him to concentrate on Sumo and give his body time to rest from the daily work at the behya....Watch this space.....
  7. kenzo

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 7 Natsu Basho 2013

    Well the "the kid" flipped the "real deal".Must admit it was a great match...good show by both Rikishi.
  8. kenzo

    Lower-division Torikumi Day 7 Natsu Basho 2013

    Although the favourite normally wins, the under dog can sometimes surprise.Just because you are born with a slver spoon in your mouth does not always mean that the big Dog gets the bone.Blood sweat and tears can sometimes win..'..well atleast in the "Rocky" movies.,,even ik the "kid" doesnt make sekitori this basho , he' ll get there in the end...
  9. kenzo

    University championships

    Good to see my friend Naranbat the current World Champion in the open weight category taking a medal.I hope he can keep this form going up until the World Games in July.
  10. kenzo


    [quote name="Vikanohara" post="206973" timestamp="1310604711" ?- why did EuroSport actually drop their sumo broadcasts (apart from some amasumo occasionally) ?- Having worked for Europsport i'll answer this one.The basho's were extremely popular ang got fantastic ratings.The deal was that the NSK gave the basho' free to ES..After a couple of years the NSk for whatever reason decided they needed to receive payment for future basho's......thus end of story. Europsport loved having the free footage and made a bundle from tv advertisers but at ES HQ in Paris they refused to cough up one red/white or blue centieme for the project thereafter. I think this all kicked in around 97/98
  11. kenzo

    Austrian Open

    Here they are sorry for the delay... Mens Open WINNERS 1 Vroon Pieter NED 2 Epiro Andrea ITA 3 van Stenwick Tim NED 3 Frühwirth Mario AUT Men 85kg 1. Hijzen Tobi NED 2. Schnöll Josef AUT 3. Vroon Steven NED 3. Matic Tomislav AUT Men 115 kg Endergebnis 1. Vroon Pieter NED 2. Frühwirth Mario AUT 3. Okic Danijel AUT 3. Van Steenwick Tim NED Men Heavy 1.Muktoroov Foteh TJK 2.Laszo Erno AUT 3. Saffarov Muhammed TJK
  12. kenzo

    Austrian Open

    This event will take place in Graz on 16-09-2012, results to follow (Sign of approval...)
  13. kenzo

    New Egyptian recruit- Oosunaarashi

    Oosunaarashi is a star in the is no more a question of if..... but when......He will surely make all those doubting Thomas's eat their words..I for one would not like to be standing behind the Shikirisen when he launches off from his line next week....It will not be a question of the Eagle has landed but the Egyptian Eagle has taken off......